KAIRI Says Shayna Baszler Is Her Favorite Rival

Apr 8, 2023 - by James Walsh

KAIRI returned to STARDOM a year ago, and she recently discussed her return, her favorite rivalry and more in a new interview. The WWE alum and former IWGP Women’s Champion spoke with Fightful and you can see some highlights below:

On how she’s feeling since returning to STARDOM: “Once again, I felt that Japanese professional wrestling and American professional wrestling are similar and different. I think I’m having fun fighting with my own new fight-style while incorporating the professional wrestling style I learned in America.”

On making her return last year at Stardom World Climax: “Both. However, I was very nervous because it was my first match in about two years. I wonder if I could still fly for my Insane Elbow like I used to, haha! (Laughs)”

On a potential match with Giulia: “That’s a special match. I can’t wait to fight against her, too. I’m sure we’ll face each other in the ring at the best time. And it will create a good chemistry. As for Giulia, I think she is very good at making her opponents shine and making the match dramatic, and I think she has a strong power to attract everyone.”

On facing Mayu Iwatani in the main event of Historic X-Over: “It was a very honorable moment. I was as happy as when I was selected for the main event at WWE’s PPV TLC.”

On her favorite rivalry in her career: “It’s hard to decide because everyone loves it, but the biggest rival was Shayna Bayzler. Because of the rivalry story with her, my career at WWE became wonderful.”

On a match she’d like to have before her in-ring career ends: “I love Royal Rumble on PPV, so I want to participate again.”

On her goals moving forward: “I think there are various ways of working for women in this day and age, so I’m thinking about various ways. I want to be a person who can deliver dreams, hopes, and happiness to someone from now on.”

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