Shane McMahon update

Apr 3, 2023 - by Staff

Shane McMahon suffered a torn quadriceps during his surprise WWE return at Night 2 of WrestleMania 39.

As noted, WrestleMania Sunday featured a segment where hosts The Miz and Snoop Dogg came to announce attendance, but Miz lashed out at the rapper over what happened on Night 1 when Snoop put Miz into a match with Pat McAfee, who won after an assist by NFL star George Kittle. Snoop then introduced Shane to come take care of Miz, from one O.G. to another. An emotional Shane thanked the crowd and said they don’t know how much the reaction means to him. Shane then faced Miz in an impromptu match, and started out in control, but at one point his knee/leg buckled and he went down. The Miz paced around the ring while WWE kept the camera off Shane as officials tended to him. Snoop then entered the ring and laid Miz out with a right hand. Snoop checked on Shane, hit Miz with another right hand, then finished him off with The People’s Elbow for the pin to win. Shane had been taken away before the finish.

In an update, WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H briefly addressed the injury during tonight’s post-show press conference, and announced that Shane tore his quad. No other details were provided by Triple H, but he did say Shane was the only injury tonight, aside from Finn Balor bleeding.

A fan in the front row at SoFi Stadium noted how a referee yelled at Snoop several times, “Snoop, People’s Elbow!” Snoop then went into the ring and improvised, hitting the punches and The People’s Elbow. After the elbow, Miz yelled at Snoop to “cover!” him and that was the pin.

Another fan noted that Shane was not stretchered out but he did walk out with the support of other people. He was taken to the back through the crowd with several people helping him.

Shane could be on the shelf for 4-12 months, if not longer. There’s no word yet on if WWE had plans to use Shane past tonight’s return, which was his first appearance since the 2022 Royal Rumble, where he picked up backstage heat that caused WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to send him home, despite creative plans in the works.

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  1. art123guy says:

    I hope he’s ok, but I’m reminded of a line from the 1973 Dirty Harry movie Magnum Force:

    “A Man’s Got to Know His Limitations”

    Clearly Shane doesn’t know his.

  2. Luke says:

    I like Shane, but he came off like the biggest dumbass ever here.

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