Alpha Academy Open Up About WWE’s Progression Within The Last Year

Apr 3, 2023 - by staff


WWE stars The Alpha Academy, Otis, and Chad Gable, spoke with‘s Ari Barkan during WWE’s WrestleMania 39 Press Junket in Los Angeles this past week. During the discussion, the tag team commented on how WWE has progressed over the past 7-8 months.

Otis: “A lot of fun for me. I have been watching this man [Chad Gable], he knows what to do in singles competition, I got the best seat in the house, but what we’re doing, we’re working together in tag team wrestling, I’m right there by the apron watching him. He does everything, he does it all, chain, explosive power, all that. So it for me, it’s just like, I’m the buck that stops there. I go in there and hit them over the head, pick them up, and slam them drop the load, and hopefully, we get the victory baby.”

Chad Gable: “Yeah, I think honestly, like we said that seven, eight months or so the last seven, eight months. Creative, to express myself physically and have these matches that I’ve been able to have with some of our top singles guys, to get that chance from Hunter has been so gratifying and so fulfilling. And also to not only have these physically creative and fulfilling matches, but you do the character stuff on the side whenever they need as well. I feel like I’ve really become a guy that can call upon whenever they whatever they need. So very gratifying, very fulfilling, and just a great period in my career.”

You can see what Alpha Academy said in the video below:

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