NXT Stand And Deliver

Apr 1, 2023 - by Staff

– The WWE NXT Stand & Deliver Kickoff pre-show opens live from the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, California as Peter Rosenberg welcomes us. He’s joined on the stage by Busted Open’s David LaGreca. We see Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams arriving earlier today. We also see NXT Champion Bron Breakker arriving to the arena. Rosenberg and LaGreca go over today’s card. The Schism vs. Tyler Bate and Chase U will take place on the Kickoff. We go to a promo for Grayson Waller vs. Johnny Gargano in the Unsanctioned Match.

Rosenberg predicts Gargano to win, while Dave goes with Waller. We get a look at some of the Women’s Ladder Match participants, including Zoey Stark and Tiffany Stratton. We see Gallus, The Creed Brothers, and Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo out & about in Los Angeles to prepare for the Triple Threat. The Ringer’s David Shoemaker and Kazeem Famuyide join Rosenberg. Kazeem predicts The Creeds to win, while Shoemaker goes with Tony and Stacks. Rosenberg also goes with The Family. Back from the break and we see NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez out in Los Angeles hyping herself up earlier. We see Perez handing over her title to a referee backstage now. The Ladder Match will open the main show. We get a video package on the NXT North American Title match now. Rosenberg predicts this will be the match of the night, and Lee will retain. Shoemaker goes with Dragon and Kaz also goes with Wes.

We get a video for tonight’s main event now. Kazeem goes with Carmelo Hayes but the other two go with NXT Champion Bron Breakker. The music hits and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Booker T for commentary. We go to another quick break.

The Schism (Joe Gacy, Ava, Rip Fowler, Jagger Reid) vs. Tyler Bate and Chase U (Andre Chase, Thea Hail, Duke Hudson)

We go back to the ring and Alicia Taylor does the introductions as Chase University comes out first – Tyler Bate, Andre Chase, Duke Hudson and Thea Hail. The Chase U student section is also with them, and they stop on the ramp. Out next comes The Schism – Joe Gacy, Ava, Rip Fowler, and Jagger Reid. The winners of this match will control Chase U. The Schism enters the ring and removes their masks while posing and smiling. Vic Joseph welcomes us to the show, and he’s on commentary with Booker T now.

Chase starts off with Fowler and he unloads. Reid comes in but Bate unloads on him. Chase and Duke argue over the tag with Bate now, but Hail runs in and starts screaming. Ava comes in to make her debut as fans pop, but they don’t get the chance as Gacy and Chase go at it after Gacy drops Chase with a shot to the back of the head.

Gacy stomps on Chase and mocks him. Bate and Chase run wild on Gacy now. Bate with a standing moonsault for 2. Hail comes back in, so does Ava. They shove each other and lock up. Ava drops Hail. Ava with more light offense and a 2 count. Ava keeps control until Hail rocks her and nails a running corner uppercut. Hail keeps control and hits a senton, then a splash for a 1 count as Reid breaks it up.

Bate comes in to take over on Reid. Fowler comes back in and levels Bate with Reid into the top rope, then talks trash. Bate manages to get Fowler up for a big suplex. Chase an Gacy tag in now. Chase runs wild and knocks Reid off the apron, then delivers signature offense o Gacy. Chase with a flying knee to Gacy. Bate takes Duke’s tag, then double teams Gacy with Chase. The Dyad ends up taking Bate out, then double teaming Chase. Duke is frustrated butt finally comes in to help for a pop.

Duke runs wild on Reid and Fowler. Hail comes in with offense but Ava wants none of her. Hail with a corner moonsault to Fowler for a pop. Bate rocks Gacy but can’t hit the Tyler Driver 97. Duke ends up hitting Bate with a big boot when Gacy moves out of the way. Gacy looks at Duke, and Duke goes to the floor. Gacy with the springboard lariat to Bate for 2 as Chase runs in to break it up. Gacy fights Chase off, then The Dyad comes in for the double team Codebreaker. The Schism stands tall now. Ava with a sloppy slam to Hail. Gacy faces off with Duke now and offers him a Schism t-shirt. Duke is conflicted, but he removes the Chase U shirt to boos, then puts on the Schism shirt. Chase and Bate can’t believe it. Fans boo and chant “you sold out!” now.

Duke is behind The Schism now as he rips the shirt off, then Chase U unloads on The Schism. The Chase U members stomp away on their opponents as fans chant “C-H-A-S-E-U!” now. Bate and Hail with big dives to Gacy and Ava. Duke with a Flatliner to Reid for the pin to win in the middle of the ring.

Winners: Chase U

– After the match, Chase U stands tall as the music hits and fans cheer them on. Duke has saved Chase U from losing control to The Schism.

– Back from the break and we get a Gigi Dolin promo for the opener. Denise Salcedo joins Rosenberg in the crowd now. They talk about tonight’s opener. The music hits and out comes Zoey Stark for the opener.

Ladder Match for the NXT Women’s Title: Zoey Stark vs. Gigi Dolin vs. Lyra Valkyria vs. Tiffany Stratton vs. Indi Hartwell vs. Roxanne Perez

Zoey Stark hits the ring and poses as Alicia Taylor does the introductions. Indi Hartwell is out next. We see the NXT Women’s Title hanging high above the ring as Gigi Dolin makes her way out next. Rosenberg wraps up the Kickoff pre-show as Dolin heads to the ring. We come back to the NXT Stand & Deliver Premium Live Event kicking off with the cold open narrated by hosts Pretty Deadly. We go back to the ring as Tiffany Stratton comes out while Booker T and Vic Joseph welcome us. Lyra Valkyria is out next. NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez is out last.

The bell rings and they all go at it. Lyra and Indi collide with ladders at ringside. Dolin works on Stark. Tiffany works on Perez. Lyra levels Indi at ringside. Perez blocks Tiffany and Stark levels Tiffany. Perez unloads on Stark and Stratton now, and she’s fired up.

Perez goes on and hits a suicide dive to Indi. Tiffany kicks a ladder into Perez and she goes down. Dolin drops Stark, then Stratton in the ring to a pop. Stark fights back and takes over. Tiffany and Stark trade shots until Indi drops them. Lyra ends up taking out opponents with a ladder move for a big “NXT!” chant. Lyra and Perez struggle for a ladder and Perez gets smashed in the corner, then rocked. Lyra unloads on Dolin with kicks now, then she slams Dolin onto the ladder leaning against Perez in the corner.

Indi rams Stark into the barrier with a ladder. Stratton bridges a ladder from the apron to the floor but Indi attacks her. Tiffany drops her and slingshots her into the bridge, and into Stark as she charges. Lyra climbs up for the title but Stark stops her. Lyra and Tiffany fight up on the ladder now but Indi drops them. Indi sends Stark out and looks to climb but Tiffany meets her on the ladder. Perez also climbs up after sending Indi off. Indi tips the ladder over with Perez and Tiffany on it. Indi climbs for the title but Dolin stops her. Dolin slams Indi into the steel.

Dolin spins the ladder around and starts taking people out. Dolin slams Lyra on a ladder bridge in the corner. Dolin turns Lyra upside down on the ladder bridge. Stark superkicks Dolin then goes for a flying shoulder but Dolin moves and Stark lands on Lyra placed on the ladder. Fans chant “this is awesome!” now. Dolin stands a ladder up to climb as fans cheer. Tiffany pulls her off, then nails a rolling senton on top of a ladder. Perez attacks but Tiffany fights her off. Perez jumps up the ladder to grab the title but Tiffany knocks her off, and also falls to the mat herself. Tiffany climbs up but Indi pulls her of. Indi with a Spinebuster to Tiffany on top of a ladder.

Indi climbs but here comes Stark to stop her. Stark bridges a ladder on the middle rope and rams it into Indi a few times, leaving the ladder bridged into the standing ladder. Stark fights Indi off from the apron, then springboards in with a corkscrew plancha. Stark with her GTS finisher to Indi. Stark climbs up but Perez cuts her off, grabbing her leg and hanging from it. They hit the mat and fight it out now. Perez blocks the GTS and then hits Pop Rocks for a big pop. Tiffany attacks but Perez fights her and misses Pop Rocks. Tiffany goes to powerbomb Perez to the floor but Perez hangs on and sends Tiffany to the floor. Perez climbs up but Dolin pulls her back down, then swings her head-first into the ladder a few times.

Dolin with her Crucifix finisher to Perez. Dolin climbs up for the title but Lyra pulls her down and they go at it. Lyra drops her and then dropkicks Stark off the apron to Indi against a ladder at ringside. Lyra climbs and touches the title but Dolin stops her. Dolin hangs Lyra upside down from the ladder now and she’s stuck. Dolin climbs up for the title but Lyra pulls herself up and they fight it out up top now. Dolin sends Lyra flying down to the mat from up top. Dolin grabs the title but Jacy Jayne appears on top of the ladder from out of nowhere, then knocks Dolin to the ladder bridge down below. Fans boo as Jayne taunts Dolin. Referees enter the ring and order Jayne out. Fans chant “you suck!” as she leaves.

Tiffany climbs up but Indi tips the ladder over to send Tiffany flying to the floor, taking out Stark, Perez, Dolin and Lyra on the floor. Tiffany screams out as fans go wild and officials tend to her. Indi tries to position the ladder now. Indi climbs up but she’s slow to take advantage. Dexter Lumis appears from out of nowhere to a big pop. He helps Indi climb as fans go wild. Indi then grabs the title for the win.

Winner and New NXT Women’s Champion: Indi Hartwell

– After the match, the music hits as Lumis climbs up with Indi. We go to replays as the other competitors look up from the floor. Lumis blows a kiss to Indi as she sits up high with the title.

– Back from a break and we see footage of Bron Breakker arriving earlier today, as well as Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams.

Triple Threat for the NXT Tag Team Titles: The Creed Brothers vs. Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo vs. Gallus

We go back to the ring and out first comes The Creed Brothers – Julius Creed and Brutus Creed with Ivy Nile. Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo are out next. They bring a bunch of mobsters to the stage for their entrance. We cut to a local bar and see NXT Tag Team Champions Wolfgang and Mark Coffey of Gallus. They’re ready to go defend. Gallus now heads to the ring. UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier is shown in the front row.

The match starts hot with quick tags for the first few minutes. Tony D drops Julius on his head, then Tony launches Stacks into Brutus in the corner. Stacks takes out Julius again. The Creeds turn it around at ringside after dropping the straps. The Creeds with a big double team to Gallus on the floor, then they share a moment with Cormier.

Brutus comes in dominating Tony but Coffey grabs him from behind. Brutus slams Coffey off the counter. Brutus goes up top but lands on his feet as Tony charges. Coffey drops Brutus with a knee. Gallus takes control and double teams Brutus now. Wolfgang slams Tony for a 1 count. Tony and Wolfgang go toe-to-toe now. Julius comes in and launches Wolfgang with a suplex, then one for Tony, then one for Coffey, and Tony again, and Coffey again.

Julius kips-up for a big pop. Stacks tags in and levels Julius, then hits a flying clothesline and also takes out Wolfgang. Stacks keeps running wild and taking opponents out. Stacks goes back in and nails Julius off the top with a crossbody for 2. Julius gets Coffey on his shoulders while Coffey has Stacks on his shoulders. Brutus knocks the Double Doomsday tower over with a Brutus Bomb that barely connects on the floor. Julius drops opponents at ringside, then rolls Stacks back in. Tony ends up making the save and dropping Coffey, then placing Stacks on Coffey for 2.

Tony and Stacks double team Coffey now but he kicks out as Stacks was slow to cover and Joe Coffey suddenly appears at ringside, yanking Sacks to the floor. Tony sacrifices himself for Stacks as Coffey levels him at ringside. Joe rolls Stacks back in and Gallus nails the big double team, then Wolfgang covers for the pin to retain.

Winners: Gallus

– After the match, Gallus stands tall as the music hits and we go to replays. Joe, Mark and Wolfgang are now reunited as they pose on the apron.

– Back from a break and we see Johnny Gargano backstage in thought.

– Hosts Pretty Deadly are backstage outside of Bron Breakker’s locker room. They talk about happenings so far today but they’re both afraid to go in and interview Breakker. They decide against the interview, then send us back to Booker and Vic.

– We get a promo for the NXT North American Title match.

Fatal 5 Way for the NXT North American Title: Dragon Lee vs. Ilja Dragunov vs. JD McDonagh vs. Axiom vs. Wes Lee

We go back to the ring and out first comes Ilja Dragunov. Axiom is out next, followed by JD McDonagh. Out next comes Dragon Lee for his official NXT in-ring TV debut. Dragon had a cool video for his entrance but production botched it. Out next comes NXT North American Champion Wes Lee. Wes stops at ringside and looks at everyone, then rushes into the ring.

The bell rings and Wes is surrounded but no one is attacking. Wes tells JD and Ilja to go at it. Dragon rocks JD to start from out of nowhere. Axiom drops Ilja and sends him out. Axiom, Wes and Dragon go at it now.

Wes and Axiom are left alone in the ring as they go at it, taking each other down. The others rush back in and Ilja unloads on Axiom with tons of chops in the corner to drop him to the apron as fans applaud. JD and Ilja are alone now. Dragon rushes in and attacks before they can go at it, sending Ilja out. JD and Dragon go at it now. Dragon with a big hurricanrana. Ilja comes back in and rocks Dragon but Dragon nails a corner dropkick. Dragon with corner dropkicks to JD, then Ilja.

Dragon is alone in the ring for a pop. Axiom comes in and faces off with Dragon now to a pop. They go at it and collide but Dragon gets the upperhand. Dragon runs the ring and leaps out, taking down Axiom and Wes on the floor. Dragon waits for Wes to get up in the ring now. Wes blocks a kick and they face off. Dragon ducks Wes and they tangle. Wes with a kick from the apron and more offense, then a dropkick to the back of the head. Ilja comes in but Wes gets the best of him, then taunts him.

Wes stuns Ilja and nails a big flying knee to the jaw. Wes is alone in the ring now. Wes runs and goes to fly out onto JD but JD simply walks away. Wes is still going as he rocks JD and rolls him back in. Wes stops Ilja from coming in but JD drops Wes from behind. Dragon decks JD from behind, then poses and runs the ropes but JD elbows him down. JD kicks Ilja back to the floor. Axiom and JD go at it now but Axiom gets dropped. Wes launches JD into the corner and he lands on his head. JD drops Wes, then hits a springboard moonsault to Axiom and Ilja on the floor. Dragon comes in but JD catches him with a Spanish Fly.

JD drops Wes with The Devil Inside for a close 2 count as Ilja breaks it up just in time. Ilja and JD face off now as Ilja yells. JD is surrounded now by Ilja, Axiom and Dragon. They collide into JD with running dropkicks. Ilja ends up yelling at Wes and Dragon, telling them to bring it. He drops them with knee strikes, and also takes out Axiom. Ilja is fired up as he continues to dominate, nailing a big German to Wes. Ilja takes out Axiom with the Constantine Special.

Ilja continues to dominate his opponents, slamming Wes into Dragon while he’s down in the corner. Ilja climbs up to the top for a big senton to Wes. Ilja goes back up top but JD takes him out. Axiom dropkicks JD from the apron to the floor. Axiom goes to the top and flies to the floor to take out Ilja and JD. Wes takes Dragon to the top but Axiom rocks them and climbs up. Wes sends Axiom to the mat. Dragon rocks Wes to turn him upside down. Dragon re-positions and nails a big double stomp to Wes while he’s upside down, but Dragon lands bad on the edge of the apron and hits the floor.

Fans chant “this is awesome!” as Axiom, Ilja and JD go at it. Axiom with a big DDT, then a double Northern Lights to Ilja and JD. Axiom kicks Ilja for a close 2 count as they tangle on the mat, trading pin attempts and submissions. JD drops Axiom, then kicks Ilja in the face. Axiom superkicks JD down. Axiom with a Rings of Saturn to Ilja now. Ilja ends up turning that into his own submission on JD. Axiom has a submission on Ilja while Ilja pounds JD and tries to submit him. Dragon jumps on JD’s back with a submission while Ilja and Axiom tangle. Ilja powerbombs Axiom on top of JD and Dragon. Ilja stacks the pin on everyone but Wes comes flying off the top to splash them all, breaking up the pin. They’re all down now.

Wes flips at Axiom but Axiom nails Golden Ratio in mid-air to knock Wes out of the air. JD takes out Axiom but Dragon takes out JD. Ilja with big knees to Dragon, then a Brainbuster. Dragon kicks out as Wes breaks it up just in time. Wes with a big stomp to Ilja for a close 2 count. Dragon with a sitdown powerbomb to Wes for a close 2 count. Fans rally now. JD grabs Dragon but Axiom runs in. JD slams Axiom on top of Dragon, then nails a standing moonsault on both of them for a 2 count on Axiom.

JD and Axiom are down in the ring now. They tangle and Axiom nails a big springboard DDT for a close 2 count. Axiom and the announcers can’t believe it. Fans chant “this is awesome!” again. Axiom kicks JD on the apron. JD fights back. Dragon runs and launches JD off the apron into Wes on the floor with a big flying hurricanrana. Ilja rocks Axiom, then pulls him up top for a big superplex. He nails it, then hits the big diving forearm, lying on top of Axiom for the close 2 count as Dragon and Wes run in to break it up.

Fans chant “fight forever!” now. Wes, Ilja and Dragon trade strikes in the middle of the ring now. Ilja chops away but Wes superkicks him. Wes rocks Ilja then Dragon superkicks Ilja. Ilja drops Wes but Dragon stuns Ilja. Dragon charges but Ilja lays him out for a big pop. Ilja pulls himself up and goes for the Moscow Torpedo to Dragon but Wes intercepts and cuts them off with the Cardiac Kick, laying Ilja out for the pin to win and retain.

Winner: Wes Lee

– After the match, Lee stands tall as the music hits and fans cheer. We go to replays. Lee raises the title in the air as the others look on and try to recover.

– Back from the break and we see a fired up Grayson Waller backstage.

– We go back to hosts Pretty Deadly. They say the NXT North American Title match was barbaric. They’re outside of Carmelo Hayes’ locker room and hoping to get a scoop, but they’re remember how Hayes wasn’t nice to them last time. They hype themselves up and go to open the door but Trick Williams interrupts. Trick says Hollywood, Los Angeles and Bron Breakker are not ready for Carmelo. Trick says they’re about to do something new. He goes on and says today they will show the whole world why Carmelo is him. Trick goes back in. Pretty Deadly says there’s your scoop.

– We get a video package for tonight’s Unsanctioned Match.

Unsanctioned Match: Johnny Gargano vs. Grayson Waller

We see Grayson Waller backstage and he’s streaming live on Instagram. Waller rants and stops at the Gorilla Position to taunt WWE Hall of Famer & Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative Shawn Michaels. Waller calls for his music to be hit, then he heads to the ring. A nice video starts up for Johnny Gargano now, then he heads to the ring for a pop. Gargano stops at ringside to greet his son and his wife Candice LeRae.

Waller brings a steel chair in for a sneak attack but Gargano stops his entrance to superkick Waller hard. Gargano takes the fight to ringside and launches Waller over the announce table. Waller gets in some sort of cheap shot to turn it around. Waller bullies Vic but Gargano takes him out. Vic is checking on Booker, but Booker says he’s not alright. Booker is fine now.

Gargano unloads on Waller at ringside and rolls him back in, then tosses in a kendo stick, a trash can and a chair. Gargano with the slingshot Spear, then right hands. Gargano with a trash can shot. He wedges the can in the corner but here comes Waller from behind. Gargano drops him. Gargano goes for a suicide dive to the floor but Waller is waiting with a stiff trash can lid shot to the face. Waller jabs a chair into Gargano to keep him down.

Fans chant for tables now. Waller keeps Gargano down with chair jabs. There’s a bed of standing chairs on the floor now. Waller tries to slam him off the apron but Gargano fights back. They go back & forth in the ring now, and Waller sends Gargano into the corner. Gargano fights back and ends up hitting a suplex from the apron through the bed of standing chairs at ringside. They both land hard and the referee checks on them. Fans chant “holy shit!” now.

Fans pop and chant “Johnny Tables!” as he stands one up at ringside. Gargano tries to slam Waller from the apron through the table but Waller resists and blocks the slingshot Spear with a big knee to the face. Waller cranks up for Sweet Chin Music to boos but it’s blocked. They trade shots and Waller gets the upperhand. Waller goes out with a big right hand but he punches the chair as Gargano puts it up as a shield.

Gargano takes a rough shot to the ribs at ringside as LeRae looks on. Gargano is limping around now. He places Waller on the table at ringside, then goes to the top but has to climb back down as Waller rolls off the table. Gargano approaches but Waller rolls into the big Stunner. Waller goes on and powerbombs Gargano through the table. Waller brings Gargano back in for a close 2 count. Waller stands over Gargano and hits him with chair jabs now, then mounts him with right hands as fans boo. Waller stands the chair up and goes back to working on Gargano, beating him around. Waller scoops Gargano and slams him through the chair with a side-slam. Gargano kicks out at 2.

Waller with stiff kendo stick shots over the back now. Waller is all smiles as he follows Gargano to ringside with more kendo stick shots. Waller taunts LeRae and her son now, then pounds on Gargano right in front of them. Fans boo. Waller makes them watch as he places Gargano’s head on the steel ring steps. Waller goes to smash the head with a chair but Gargano moves. Gargano drops Waller with kendo stick shots, then looks over at his wife and son.

LeRae hands her son to a woman she’s with, then hops over the barrier and unloads on Waller with kendo stick shots as fans go wild. Waller catches the stick and taunts her but Gargano levels him from behind with another kendo stick. Waller stumbles into the ring and Gargano nails One Final Beat but Waller somehow kicks out. Everyone is shocked.

Gargano takes Waller down into the GargaNo Escape as LeRae cheers him from ringside. Waller rakes the eyes to get free. Waller comes back and rolls into Gargano to put him back down. Waller brings another trash can in now. Waller with a knee to put Gargano back down. Waller puts the trash can over Gargano’s head, then goes to the top for a huge Coast 2 Coast, smashing Gargano but he somehow kicks out. Fans chant “this is awesome!” again.

Waller takes apart the announce table now, taunting Vic. He places Gargano on the table, then starts placing chairs on top of him. Waller returns to the ring and goes back to the top. Gargano somehow leaps up and throws a chair at Waller to knock him to the floor, preventing the big flying elbow through the table. Gargano scoops Waller for a big powerbomb through the announce table. Fans chant “holy shit!” now as LeRae looks on and Waller screams out.

Waller with a low blow. Waller puts Gargano back in the ring, and rolls into the big Stunner in the middle of the ring. Gargano still kicks out. Fans do dueling chants now. Waller with chair shots and jabs to keep Gargano down. Waller collapses. Gargano is also down. Waller grabs Gargano’s face and talks some trash but Gargano hits a low blow of his own.

Gargano unloads with chair shots now. Gargano grabs another chair and punishes Waller with it. Gargano places one chair around Waller’s neck, then swings at it hard with another chair, knocking Waller silly. Gargano goes right into the GargaNo Escape for the win as Waller taps out.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

– After the match, the music hits as LeRae joins Gargano in the ring to celebrate. We go to replays. LeRae and Gargano are on the stage posing now when they’re surprised by Dexter Lumis and new NXT Women’s Champion Indi Hartwell. The group reunites and continues celebrating as fans cheer them on.

– Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo are backstage. They’re disappointed over today’s loss. Stacks says he let The Family down but Tony dismisses that talk and says they are a team. Pretty Deadly comes in for comments. Tony admits this was not their night, but Stacks is still down on himself. Tony reassures him this was not his fault. Pretty Deadly ends up insulting Stacks and Tony. A brawl is about to break out but officials run in and keep them separate.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles Match: Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre vs. Fallon Henley and Kiana James

Back from a break and we return to the ring as Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre come out first. NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Fallon Henley and Kiana James are out next with Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs.

Fyre flies out of the ring to take down James during the entrance. Jensen tried to save her. Fallon attacks and now starts with Dawn as the bell rings. Dawn unloads but Fallon slams her for 2. Fyre tags in but Henley doesn’t see it, then gets rocked. Fyre and Dawn dominate Fallon in their corner with quick offense.

Fyre with a big shoulder thrust to Fallon in the corner to keep control. Henley ducks a punch and then lands one but they both go down off the punch. Fyre pulls Fallon away from the tag but James gets it. James runs wild on Fyre and Dawn now. James unloads on Dawn with kicks in the corner. James rocks Fyre and tosses her to the floor, then tosses Dawn right out.

James with a moonsault from the apron to take down both opponents. James brings Fyre back in and goes to the top, but stops to kick Dawn off the apron. James keeps control and hits a belly-to-back suplex to Fyre for 2. James goes on and hits a Spinebuster to Fyre for 2. Fallon comes back in and goes at it with Fyre. Dawn with a cheap shot to Fallon while Fyre has the referee distracted. Dawn tags in and taunts Fallon in the corner. Fyre goes to the top but Fallon shoves Dawn into her, and she lands on the floor. Fallon with a Blockbuster from the middle rope to Dawn for 2. Dawn drops Fallon and knocks James off the apron.

Jensen and Briggs are upset over how the heels are using the referee. They drop Fallon for a close 2 count in the middle of the ring. Fallon is stuck up top as both challengers rock her. They climb up for a double superplex but James sends Dawn to the floor, then picks up Fyre for a powerbomb. Fallon then missile dropkicks Fyre into James’ powerbomb, but Dawn rushes back in to break the pin. Fyre with a Gordbuster to James after a thumb to thee eyes. Dawn with double knees to James, then they hit a double superkick. Dawn covers for 2 but Fallon tackles Fyre into the pin to break it up.

James ends up telling Jensen to hand her the weapon in her bag, but he hesitates and Briggs and Fallon don’t want to cheat. Dawn takes advantage and drops James with a Backstabber, then holds it in place so that Fyre can hit the top rope Swanton for the pin to win the titles as Jensen tries to rush in to break it up but Briggs holds him back.

Winners and New NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions: Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn

– After the match, Dawn and Fyre stand tall as the music hits and we go to replays. There’s more tension between James, Jensen, Briggs and Henley at ringside as they regroup. Fyre and Dawn hit the corners to pose with the titles.

– We get a video package for tonight’s main event. We see the competitors walking backstage now.

NXT Title Match: Carmelo Hayes vs. Bron Breakker

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event and Trick Williams has a mic. He steals Sheamus’ “Banger After Banger” line but goes on with a grand introduction for Carmelo Hayes, who then makes his way out. We now hear dogs barking and see a ferocious dog face inside of a neon dog house on the LED boards. The music then hits and out comes NXT Champion Bron Breakker to a big pop. Bron enters the ring and faces off with Hayes. Alicia Taylor does formal ring introductions.

The bell rings and they stare each other down, snarling. They then step towards each other as a “NXT!” chant breaks out. They finally lock up as fans do dueling chants. Hayes looks to over-power but Bron steps off and tells him no.

Fans bark for Bron as Hayes tries to get him in a submission. Bron tosses Hayes to the mat with ease. Bron keeps testing Hayes, then barks at him from his knees. They run the ropes and Hayes drops Bron. Hayes taunts Bron while he’s in the corner. They go at it and Bron drops Hayes with ease.

Hayes goes to do the springboard back Cutter but he slips and falls. Hayes tries again but this time Bron side-steps it and Hayes goes down. Bron mocks Hayes for a pop. Bron with more offense and a vertical suplex now. Bron kips-up and hits the standing moonsault for 2. Bron rolls Hayes around on the mat now. Hayes looks to fight free but Bron takes him right back down into the headlock.

Bron keeps control and launches Hayes with a suplex. Bron approaches but Hayes rocks him and unloads with stomps in the corner. Hayes with more kicks while Bron is on his knees as the referee warns him. Hayes springboards and levels Bron with a flying forearm, then he grounds Bron with an arm bar. Bron tries to fight free but Hayes keeps tightening the hold. Bron turns it into a 2 count but Hayes comes right back with a kick. Hayes rocks Bron in the corner. They tangle and Hayes nails a chop and kick in the corner. Bron blocks a whip and launches Hayes with a big toss. Bron goes on and grounds Hayes some more.

Hayes yells out as Bron continue to dominate, focusing on the lower back. Bron with a back suplex for 2. Bron goes for a Torture Rack but Trick hits the apron and grabs Hayes’ leg to save him. The referee ejects Trick to the back. Fans boo and Trick throws a fit. Hays isn’t happy. Bron takes advantage and runs the ring, then leaps out to take Hayes and Trick down for a big pop.

Bron brings Hayes back in and hits the top rope bulldog for 2. Bron goes on and tries for a superplex but Hayes resists. Hayes catches Bron in a Facebuster, then a Cutter. Bron kicks out. Hayes goes to the top as fans cheer him on. He flies but has to roll through. Hayes kicks Bron to the apron. Hayes hits a slingshot suplex to bring Bron in from the apron. He kicks out. Hayes goes back to the top but Bron leaps up and launches him to the mat for a big pop.

Hayes and Bron are exhausted now as they sit up and talk some trash as fans cheer. They get up and meet in the middle of the ring. Hayes slaps first. Bron fights back and thy trade big strikes now with Bron easily dropping Hayes. More back and forth now. Hayes blocks the Steiner Recliner but Bron comes back and slams him. Hayes quickly pulls Bron into the Crossface. Bron breaks free and ends up leveling Hayes with a big Spear but the referee was also taken out.

Bron yells out, then applies the Recliner. Hayes taps out but the referee is down. Trick runs back in and decks Bron from behind with belt shot. Trick drags Hayes on top of Bron, then wakes up the referee. Trick runs away as the referee stumbles over to make the count. Bron kicks out just in time and the crowd goes wild. Hayes flies but Bron catches him. Bron looks to press Hayes but Hayes drops him for a big pop. Hayes goes to the top and hits Nothing But Net leg drop for the pin to win the title.

Winner and New NXT Champion: Carmelo Hayes

– After the match, Hayes and Trick celebrate as the music hits. We go to replays. We come back and Bron takes the title from the referee. Bron approaches Hayes and offers his fist for a pound. Hayes grabs the fist in a show of respect, then Bron hands him the title. Bron applauds Hayes and raises his arm in victory as Hayes raises the title and Trick looks on. Bron walks away as Hayes and Trick continue their celebration. Hayes poses in the corner and looks at the title as a “Melo!” chant breaks out. Hayes goes from corner to corner with the title in the air as NXT Stand & Deliver goes off the air.

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