ROH Supercard of Honor Results

Mar 31, 2023 - by Atlee Greene

-ROH Supercard of Honor (3/301/23)

Galen Center at the University of Southern California – Los Angeles

Commentary: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman & Nigel McGuinness


-AAA Mega Championship: El Hijo del Vikingo (c) vs.  Komander

Vikingo has been the champ for 482 days, and both men adhere to the Code of Honor. Komander catches Vkingo off the leapfrog and goes for a surfboard. Vikingo reverses it and applies a surfboard, but Komander escapes right away, and Vikingo takes him down with a double leg. Some nice ground wrestling to start things off.

Vikingo hits a dive over the top rope, and the two exchange holds on the floor. Komander hits a missile drop kick followed by a suicide dive. Komander gets a table from under the ring. He leaves the table and hits a 450 splash off the stage to the floor on Vikingo. Komander misses a shooting start but lands on his feet. Vikingo catches him in the corner and hits a backflip into a hurricanrana out of the corner. 

Vikingo hits a running meteora that sends Komander out of the ring. Vikingo goes for a shooting star off the apron, but Komander gets his knees up. Komander goes for a shooting star in the ring, and Vikingo gets his feet up. Vikingo climbs to the ring post and jumps off the ropes to go for a springboard drop kick, but Komander catches him for a sitdown powerbomb.

Komander climbs to the top but gets shoved to the floor. Vikingo climbs to the top of the post and hits a backward 630 onto the floor. Vikingo follows up with a springboard corkscrew 450 from the apron inside the ring. Komander and Vikingo fight on the apron. Vikingo goes for a powerbomb, but Komander counters with a Candian destroyer.

Komander gets back in the ring, climbs to the top, WALKS THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE ROPES, AND SPRINGBOARD SOMERSAULT DIVES TO THE FLOOR!!! Incredible sight. Komander hits a shooting star press for two. Vikingo shakes Komander off the ropes and hits a destroyer. Vikingo puts Komander on the table from earlier ad hits a running 630 dive through the table.

Vikingo misses a 630 dive in the ring, and Komander climbs to the top, pulls out a hidden ace playing card, hits a twisting phoenix splash, and Vikingo barely grabs the bottom rope to break up the pin. Komander brings Vikingo to the top but gets reversed and receives a spin-out slam. Vikingo measures Komander and hits a running meteora in the corner, and hits the 630 splash for the pin.

Winner #AndStill AAA Mega Champion: El Hijo del Vikingo


-ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship: The Embassy (c) (Brian Cage, Kaun & Toa Liona)  w/ Prince Nana vs. AR Fox, Metalik, and Blake Christian 

Blake Christian throws the first punch immediately following the Code of Honor. The champs get sent to the floor and taken out with triple suicide dives from Fox, Christian, and Matalik. Once things get back in the ring, Brian and Cage Metalik go at it. Cage catches Metalik coming off the ropes, but Metalik slips out and hits a back handspring elbow and tags in AR Fox. Cage blocks a cutter’s attempt but can’t block the second one or the third one, either.

Fox hits a pair of suicide dives on Kaun and Cage.  Cage catches Fox coming off the ropes and hits an F5. Liona tags in but fox tags in Christian, who enters the ring via Phenomenal Forearm to Liona, which sends him to the floor. Christian follows up with a Fosberry flop. Brian Cage powerbombs Metalik, and Christian catches him with a Spanish fly and a springboard moonsault. Kaun takes out Christian, and Metalik hits a spinning DDT. All six men are down as the ref administers the count.

Cage goes for a powerbomb on Metalik but Christian makes the save by walking the ropes and hitting Cage with a destroyer. Kaun and Liona sneak up from behind Christian and deliver a double-team belly-to-back facebuster. Cage goes after Metalik but misses a clothesline and gets a code red for his troubles. Cage misses a spinning clothesline but drills him with a regular clothesline. Cage quickly hits a jackhammer for the 1-2-3.

Winners #AndStill ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship: The Embassy


-ROH Women’s World Championship: Athena (c) vs. Yuka Sakazaki

Athena pulls Sakazaki’s hair and sends her to the canvas. Sakazaki comes back with two dropkicks and a hurricanrana sending Athena to the floor. Sakazaki hits a running suicide dive to the floor. Sakazaki throws Athena in the ring and goes for a missile dropkick but Athena moves out of the way. Athena catches Sakazaki coming in with a Boss Man slam, gets the mount, and throws a few punches until the ref pulls her off. they tease that the match might be stopped as Sakazaki might have fully recovered from the dive.

Athena targets the head and neck area of Sakazaki with no mercy. Sakazaki comes back with a basement kick and clothesline for a two-count. Sakazaki can’t suplex Athena but sends her into the corner and hits an enziguri. Sakazaki goes for a hurricanrana, but Athena blocks hit two high stack powerbombs followed by a sitdown powerbomb for a nearfall.

Athena hits a Stormbreaker, and Sakazaki barely kicks out. Athena hits Sakazaki with a baseball slide dropkick to knock her out of the ring. Sakazaki tries to fight back, but Athena catches her and hits a wheel barrel suplex to the floor. Sakazaki moves out of the way of a running drop kick that sends Athena into the barricade. Sakazaki, with all her might, body slams Athena and sends her into the steel steps.

Sakazaki runs up the ramp and hits a running dive off the stage. Sakazaki throws Athena back in the ring and hits a springboard splash for a nearfall. Sakazaki delivers some stiff forearms and drops Athena spinning forearm. Sakazaki picks up Athena but gets dropped with a stiff forearm. Athena falls on Sakazaki for a two-count.

Athena climbs to the top, but Sakazaki breaks it up and hits a superplex. Sakazaki picks up Athena, hammerlocks the arm, and hits a spinning face plant for a two count. Sakazaki goes for a springboard splash, but Athena pushes the ref into Sakazaki; however, Sakazaki does not lose her balance. It did provide enough of a distraction for Athena to hit the Eclipse off the second turnbuckle for the win.

Winner #AndStill ROH World Women’s Champion – Athena


-ROH Television Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Mark Briscoe

Dueling chants of  “Joe, Joe, Joe” and “Dem Boys” as the two stare down each other from across the ring. They lock up, and Joe misses a right hook as Mark backs up. They lock up again, and Joe powers him to the corner, but Mark reverses and chops Joe. Joe runs into a boot from Mark but catches him with a chop coming off the ropes.

Mark and Joe trade thunderous chops in the center of the ring. Mark plants Joe with a DVD, but Joe rolls out of the ring as Mark climbs to the top. Mark charges in, but Joe hits a belly-to-belly suplex on the floor. Joe pummeled away Mark in the corner with repeated jabs. Mark tries to fight back, but Joe shut him down with a sudden back elbow.

Joe gets Mark grounded with a headbutt and kicks to the chest. Joe hits a vertical suplex for a two-count. Mark fights back with some redneck king fu but Joe sends Mark into the corner and hits an enziguri that sends Mark out of the ring. Joe continues with those stiff jabs. Joe throws Mark out of the ring and hits a tope sucida.

Joe grabs a chair and places it in the ring but doesn’t see that Mark got back in the ring. Mark nails joe with a running drop kick and steps off the chair to hit a somersault dive to the floor. Mark pulls out a table and delivers a blockbuster off the apron through the table. Mark gets Joe back in the ring, hits a chop off the top, and the two start trading chops, but Joe gets the better of the exchange. Mark crumbles in the corner but gets right back up and hits a running forearm smash that sends both men down.

Both men beat the standing ten count, Mark goes to the corner and tries to make a tag, but angrily he’s not in a tag team match. Joe takes advantage of the emotional error with a snap power slam, hits a powerbomb for a two count, and transitions into an STF. Mark fights and eventually makes it to the ropes for the break.

Joe picks up Mark but receives some blistering chops. Mark comes off the ropes, but Joe catches him and delivers a Saito suplex. Mark screams, and he gets right to his feet and comes off the ropes but gets turned inside out with a Joe clothesline. Joe sets up Mark in the corner for the Muscle Buster. Mark punches away at Joe, hangs him out to dry, and drills the champ with a big boot. Joe is laid out in the center of the ring. Mark hits the froggy bow elbow drop for a super close nearfall.

Mark goes for a Jay Driller but Joe slips and locks in the rear naked choke. Mark tries to get to the ropes, and Joe cuts him off with a sleeper suplex, gets the hooks in, and locks in the rear naked choke fully. Paul Turner lifts up Mark’s arm, and it drops right away, and that’s all he needed to see to call it. The crowd went silent as the bell rang, and Mark’s kids are in the front row and disappointed with the result. Joe picks up Mark and shakes his hand. Joe leaves, and Mark gets a standing ovation from the audience and hugs his mother with tears in his eyes.

Winner #AndStill ROH Television Champion – Samoa Joe


-Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Daniel Garcia

Some chain wrestling to kick things off as Garcia gets to the ropes for the break, but it’s not clean as Garcia takes a cheap shot at Tanahashi. Garcia grabs a handful of hair and sends Tanahashi to the floor. Tanahashi comes back with a crossbody off the second rope, and we get treated to some air guitar.

Tanahashi follows Garcia out of the ring and knocks him around with some forearms until Garcia drop toe holds Tanahashi into the steel steps. Garcia dropkicks Tanahashi’s knee into the steps (he missed). Garcia gets in the ring and starts dancing around until Tanahashi gets back in the ring. Garcia targets Tanahashi’s knee.

Garcia goes for a surfboard, but it’s a fakeout as he stomps on both of Tanahashi’s knees. Garcia uses the ropes to work over Tanahashi’s knee some more and applies a spinning toe hold, and keeps wrenching on the knee. Garcia stomps away at Tanahashi in the corner and taunts him with Shinsuke Nakamura’s signature pose.

Garcia whips Tanahashi into the ropes, but Tanahashi comes back with a big clothesline. Tanahashi drills Garcia with a body slam and hits a cannonball off the second rope for a two-count. Tanahashi gets caught with a running dropkick to his injured knee, and Garcia follows up with an ax kick to the back of the head.

The crowd rallies behind Tanahashi with “GO ACE” chants. Tanahashi and Garcia trade forearms until Garcia goes low with a kick. Now they are trading kicks until Garcia sweeps the injured knee of Tanahashi. Garcia goes for the sharpshooter, but Tanahashi gets to the ropes before the hold can be applied. Tanahashi with an inside cradle for two and hits a dragon screw leg whip.

Tanahashi locks in a lion tamer style cloverleaf. Garcia fights and gets to the ropes to break the hold. Tanahashi whips Garcia across the ring to the opposite corner, but Garcia’s knee gives out on him. Tanahashi goes after him but picks the injured leg and delivers a stunner to the knee. Both men and now dealing with injured knees.

Tanahashi escapes a piledriver attempt and delivers a spinning neckbreaker. Tanahashi comes off the ropes with a sling blade for a two-count. Tanahashi climbs to the top and hits the High Fly Flow for the 1-2-3. Garcia refuses to engage in the Code of Honor and won’t shake Tanahashi’s hand in defeat.

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi


-ROH Tag Team Championship: Reach for the Sky Ladder Match – Lucha Bros (Penta & Rey Fenix) vs. Top Flight (Dante Martin & Darius Martin)  vs. The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs. Aussie Open (Mark David & Kyle Fletcher) vs. La Facción Ingobernable (Rush & Dralistico) w/ Jose the Assistant 

RUSH and Draglistico set up Top Flight in the corner with the ladder in front of him and hits a running drop kick. Aussie Open confronts RUSH and Draglistico. Fletcher sends Draglistico out of the ring, Davis picks up RUSH over his shoulder, and Fletcher hits a jumping DDT off the second rope.

Aussie Open drills RUSH with the ladder that sends him out of the ring. Lucha Bros work over Aussie Open. They trap Fletcher in the corner and deliver a pair of enziguris. Fenix pins Fletcher against the turnbuckles with the ladder. Taven charges in to break it but smashes right into the ladder.

Davis gets back in the ring, and the Lucha Bros drill him with double superkicks. Aussie Open gets sandwiched between the ladders, and Lucha Bros hit an inverted code red (Fenix to Penta). Darius Martin sends Feniz to the floor and hits a tope sucida. RUSH and Draglistico gets back into the ring. Draglistico hits a somersault plancha to take out Fenix and Martin, while RUSH gets some extra momentum and does the same to Aussie Open and Penta. RUSH stands on top of the commentary table to celebrate his handy work.

Bennett gets Martin on his shoulders while on the floor, and Taven dives out of the ring for a Doomsday Device. Awesome visual. The Kingdom and Maria stack tables as the rest of the teams’ brawl around the ring. Aussie Open and The Kingdom fight to the top of the stage. Aussie Open delivers stereo piledrivers to Bennett and Taven on the stage. Bennett is busted open.

Davis grabs the much larger ladder from the stage, sends it into the ring but gets cut off by the Lucha Bros. LFI remove the Lucha Bros but The Kingdom get back in the ring after it looked like they might be out of the match. Both teams fight to climb the ladder. Eventually RUSH and Bennett get into a chop battle. RUSH wiped Bennett’s blood on his chest after winning the exchange. Taven blindside RUSH and Draglistico suplexed Taven into a ladder set up in the corner.

Darius Martin catapulted Dante Martin to the top rope. Top Flight catch RUSH with a dropkick into a chair; Aussie Open cut off Top Flight, sending them into a ladder. Dante Martin dropkicks Fletcher’s knee as it sent him into the ladder. Darius delivers a Spanish Fly off the ladder to Taven. Dante hits Bennett with a sunset flip powerbomb. Aussie Open immediately takes out Dante with a double team onto a ladder bridge to the floor.

Dralistico knocked Fletcher off the apron into the commentary table with a hurricanrana. The Kingdom took advantage of the moment and double-teamed Dralistico. A ladder bridge is set up on the floor between the ring apron and the barricade. Taven delivers a frog splash off the top sending Draglistico through the ladder brdige.

Jose the Assistant gets on the apron to distract Aussie Open from making the climb and Alex Abrahantes takes him out of the picture. Dante tried to fend off both Lucha Bros but got caught, and then the most amazing moment of the match occurred. Penta delivers a Canadian Destroyer to Dante off a ladder through a stack of four tables to the floor. Taven and Bennett try to take advantage of the opening, but Fenix fends them off, makes the climb, and grabs the belts to score the win.

Mark Briscoe and FTR come out after the match and give props to the new champs as Briscoe embraces his ROH brethren.

Winners #AndNew ROH Tag Team Champions: Lucha Bros


-ROH Pure Championship:  Wheeler Yuta w/ Jon Moxley (c) vs. Katsuyori Shibata




JUDGES: Pat Buck, Madison Rayne, and Christopher Daniels

It’s scary watching Shibata wrestling, considering the head injury he suffered. Jon Moxley came out with Yuta but left shortly after the match began. Shibata almost hit a PK Kick early on and maintained control. Shibata gets the figure four leg lock. Yuta tries to fight it but uses his first rope break.

Shibata traps Yuta and delivers several downward elbow strikes. Yuta get ahold of Shibata’s arm and tries to apply some damage but gets to his feet and delivers a well-placed stomp to the chest. Yuta comes back with some chops but it did not phase Shibata, who sends Yuta to the corner with a palm strike.

Yuta went for a vertical suplex, but Shibata blocks it. Shibata gets the waist lock. Yuta takes advantage of the ref’s blindspot and hit Shibata low. The referee didn’t see it, but he did see the close fist Yuta drilled Shibata with and issued him a warning. A cocky Yuta has emerged as he kicked Shinate with his own taunting boots. Yuta chops away at Shibata, but he just keeps coming and ends up hitting a big elbow.

Yuta ends up using his second rope break.

Shibata repeatedly booted Yuta in the chest, but Yuta spat in his face. Yuta went for a suplex, but Shibata landed a big open-hand strike to the face and locked in the sleeper choke. Yuta fades to the canvas, giving Shibata the opening for the PK Kick to score the pin. After the match, Yuta refuses to shake Shibata’s hand to a course of boos from the crowd.

Winner #AndNew ROH Pure Champion – Katsuyori Shibata


The commentary team has been hyping  UPTony Khan’s big announcement scheduled for Wednesday on AEW Dynamite throughout the show.


-ROH World Championship – Claudio Castagnoli © vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston changes Claudio right at the bell as the two trade chops all around the ring. Claudio sends  Kingston outside the ring to create separation. Kingston tries to bring a chair into the ring, but the ref cuts him off the takes the chair. Claudio hits a belly-to-back suplex, but Kingston gets right back up, chops Claudio and grabs a side headlock. Kingston kicks out Claudio’s leg forcing Claudio to do a split as he fell to the canvas.

Claudio goes to the floor, Kingston goes for a dive, but Claudio cuts him off with a European uppercut. Claudio hammers away on Kingston as his knee is clearly bothering him. Kingston gives him the double bird, and Claudio suplex Kingston out of the ring from the floor. Claudio gets back in the ring, hoping for a count-out, but Kingston gets back in the ring.

Kingston blocks the big swing and gets a double stomp for his troubles. Claudio hits a flying headbutt off the top but hurts his knee even more. Claudio and Kingston start trading slaps to the face, but Claudio gets a double leg and gets the giant swing. However, Kingston punches Claudio’s injured knee before too many rotations can occur.

Claudio stays on Kingston and perches him on the top rope. Claudio hits an impressive dropkick from the canvas to Kingston’s head that sends the challenger to the canvas, but Claudio hurt his knee in the process. Kingston pie faces Claudio to create separation but to no avail and receives a superplex from the champion. It took Claudio a few extra seconds to go for the cover due to his knee.

Claudio kicks and chops away at Kingston. Kingston flips him off again and Claudio hits a double stomp to Kingston’s face. Claudio goes for the cover, but Kingston escapes by raking Claudio’s eyes. Dueling chants from the crowd emerge as Kingston clotheslines Claudio out of the ring and hits a tope sucida.

Kingston delivers a T-bone suplex to Claudio on the floor. Both men get back in the ring as Kingston hits a bulldog off the tope for a nearfall. Both men are on their knees as they trade slaps. Kingston goes for a suplex but gets tripped up as Kingston looks like he’s out. Claudio hammers away with downed elbow strikes as it looks like they might stop it. Kingston gets to his feet and applies a dragon sleeper, but Claudio gets to the rope.

Kingston hits the backdrop driver and hooks the inside leg for a nearfall. Kingston goes for another driver, but Claudio counters and hits a big German suplex. Claudio struggles to get Kingston to his feet. They trade forearm shots on rubber legs. Claudio blocks the back fist from Kingston and drills him with a stiff clothesline for a nearfall.

Claudio goes for a Ricola Bomb, but Kingston escapes and hits the spinning back fist for a 1-2..Claudio kicks out.

Kingston can’t believe it. He’s in shock.

Claudio blocks an exploder suplex attempt off the apron and hits Kingston with a gut wrench suplex to the floor. Kingston lands almost too high on his neck for comfort. Claudio ramps the ringside barricade against Kingston’s head several times. Claudio gets Kingston back in the ring and hits a running European uppercut out of the corner for a two-count.

Now Claudio is shocked.

Claudio tells Kingston, “You will never get my respect,” and Kingston delivers a back fist. Claudio goes into the ropes; Kingston goes for a suplex, but Claudio applies a choke swing followed by a Nutrilizer, but Kingston kicked out at one, which popped the entire crowd. The crowd is now firmly behind Kingston. Claudio hits a big European uppercut, and Kingston kicked out again. Claudio went for the Ricole Bomb but Kingston countered with a hurricanrana pin but Claudio rolled through it and pinned Kingston.

Winner #AndStill ROH World Champion: Claudio Castagnoli

Before we find out if Kingston will adhere to the Code of Honor, Wheeler Yuta comes out to back up Claudio. As it looks like Kingston is going to receive a BCC beatdown,  Katsuyori Shibata came down to the ring, and an intense staredown occurred before Claudio and Yuta left the ring. Kingston grabbed the mic and used every four-letter word he could think of before the show went off the air.

Kingston said MJF gets 30 minutes on TV, so they can give him five minutes. Kingston called Shibata a legend and gave Tanahashi props. Kingston ended it by saying he is not going anywhere, he will beat Claudio and win the title.

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