Catchphrases That Defined Eras In The WWE

Mar 24, 2023 - by staff

Catchphrases are arguably what top pro wrestlers are most known for. Check out this list of the best WWE and WWF catchphrases in the sport’s history.

Most Memorable Catchphrases In WWE History

Ask someone if they can smell what you’re cooking and chances are they’ll burst into laughter. Yes, if anyone is smelling what anyone else is cooking The Rock is town. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had amongst the most memorable catchphrases in history, and the careful choice of words only amplified an already legendary wrestler.

But is his catchphrase the greatest of all time?

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Steve Austin went through a number of phases in his decades long career. He also went through a number of catchphrases, each corresponding with a different era of his evolving image. There was edgy Steve Austin, attitude Steve Austin, and more, though most probably know him from when he simply shouted ‘What?!’ into an opponent’s face.

Not his best. What was his best was ‘Give me a hell yeah,’ prompting the crowd to get in on the show.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

We’ve already mentioned him, and here he is again. Though, in-line with the Mandela Effect often ravenously discussed in conspiracy theory circles, the phrase isn’t actually “Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?” It’s “If you can smell what The Rock is cooking.”

Next time you settle in for some Australian pokies put on a few reruns of The Rock’s greatest hits and see for yourself. Sadly, The Rock doesn’t feature in the WWE Legends pokie, but then he probably doesn’t need the mention now he’s an A list Hollywood celebrity.

John Cena

Although John Cena’s catchphrase may not be as widely remembered as some others on this list, there are still few others that come with an appropriate hand gesture. After all, there aren’t that many that can pull off The Rock’s raised eyebrow.

But everyone can wave a hand in front of their face while screaming ‘You can’t see me!’ There never was a particularly good explanation of why we can’t see a 6-foot-tall muscle-bound man like John Cena, but the phrase is catchy regardless.

The Undertaker

Boasting one of the longest WWF/WWE careers in history we have The Undertaker. As far as pro wrestlers go the Undertaker wasn’t the wordiest, never indulging in the lengthily monologues of some of his counterparts. When he did talk, however, he generally came out with some memorable phrases. The classic ‘Rest in peace’ was popular in the 90s, reaching its climax when Kane entered the scene in 1998.

Hulk Hogan

Catchphrases are arguably far better when they’re short and snappy, and in that regard, Hulk Hogan doesn’t win any awards. After all, ‘What you gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you’ doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

But the phrase is still memorable, proving that there was no area in which Hulk didn’t shine. At least as far as 80s WWF is concerned. It wasn’t long until the 90s rolled around and catchphrases got a whole lot shorter. But by that time Hulk had already transitioned to superhero movies, taking his bulky catchphrase with him.

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