Charlotte Flair comments on a potential reunion with her husband in WWE

Mar 19, 2023 - by James Walsh

Charlotte Flair did an interview with Alfred Konuwa of and here is an excerpt…

AK: “I noticed that in the exchange that you had with Dom [Dominik Mysterio]. In fact, you referenced your husband, Andrade, in that exchange and a lot of buzz came out of that. Is that something you hope to have, a reunion with Andrade and WWE down the road?”

CF: “I hope so, yes. As long as he’s happy. I just wanna be on camera with him at some point.”

AK: “Do you think that there’s a timetable for that?”

CF: “Wherever that ends up? Do I think there’s a timetable? I don’t think you can put a timetable in wrestling. I mean, look at Lita and Trish being back how many years later. I’d like to be with him sooner rather than later, but it’s just whatever, you know, destiny holds for us.”

Andrade has been out of action in AEW since having pectoral surgery in late 2022.

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