Long time writer leaves WWE and a Mercedes Monè note

Mar 18, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

Fightful Select reports that longtime WWE writer Nick Manfredini has left the company after over a decade of working there. He left earlier this year. It’s unknown if he was fired or left on his own. It’s also unknown what led to the exit. It’s not something that’s been discussed much in the company.

Manfredini joined WWE in the spring of 2010 after previously working on the Howard Stern show. He was said to be “heavily influential” in the creation of the Firefly Funhouse segments as well as the continued writing of them. He would usually downplay credit, but Bray Wyatt often put him over backstage.

It was noted that he left the company long before Wyatt went on the shelf for illness.


Mercedes Monè cames an appearance at the Planet Comic Con…

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