Davey Richards accused of domestic abuse, Richards says he’s retiring

Mar 17, 2023 - by Staff

Veteran pro wrestler Davey Richards has issued a statement on allegations of domestic violence against him, and announced his retirement.

Several promotions and schools have parted ways with Richards this week, including the Team Ambition wrestling school in St. Louis, which Richards had a significant role as Head Trainer.

“The decision has been made for Team Ambition to formally and permanently part ways with Davey Richards. In the coming months Team Ambition, including the Professional Wrestling Academy, will be undergoing some changes and rebranding. We remain dedicated to making the St. Louis Professional Wrestling scene, as well as Professional Wrestling as a whole, better and stronger. We want to thank everyone sincerely for their ongoing support,” Ambition tweeted.

Prestige Wrestling in New Jersey also announced that they have cut ties with Richards.

“Effective immediately Prestige Wrestling has cut ties with Davey Richards. We will have updates soon on any matches/plans that involved Davey Richards. Thank you,” Prestige tweeted.

St. Louis Anarchy announced on Thursday that Richards is off their April 14 show, where he was scheduled to challenge Gateway Heritage Champion Derek Neal in the main event.

“Davey Richards is off our April 14th event. A new main event will be announced at 2pm CT,” they tweeted.

It was reported today by PWInsider that Richards is no longer with MLW. He finished up with the company at their February 4 tapings in Philadelphia, where he was defeated by Lio Rush. Richards is no longer under contract to MLW.

Richards, who is currently working overseas, deleted his Facebook and Twitter accounts today, but as of this writing his Instagram account is still active.

It was noted by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful that STL Anarchy fired Richards for violating their code of conduct. Richards reportedly privately denied any allegations of domestic abuse to several people he’d been in touch with. It should be noted that a few divorce documents making the rounds on social media are from a previous divorce, nothing recent.

Richards later issued a statement this evening, denying the allegations, but also announcing his retirement from pro wrestling. His statement reads like this:

“Hello everyone –

Wow, what a couple of days.

There are allegations of Domestic Violence against me.

The allegations I adamantly deny and if you look on casenet in MO under my name Wesley David Richards you’ll see there are no charges filed against me.

However, I do understand the industry’s stance on this matter.

Everyone should feel safe at shows and I do not want to be the person whom damages that.

The pic being posted of my wife’s eye is from training and we regulatory train in martial arts as many of the students have have got black eyes and such.

Again, no charges were filed and I deny these allegations but I must do what is right and not what I want.

So I am canceling myself.

This great sport is far too wonderful for anyone, including myself to tarnish it.

I will wrap up my shows this weekend and I will be retiring from professional wrestling.

Please continue to support Team Ambition and this sport.


Richards is scheduled to wrestle Big Damo in Dublin on Saturday at OTT ScrapperMania 7, as a replacement for Eddie Kingston, who has COVID-19. Richards is also booked to wrestle Jon Moxley at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 9 later this month.

Richards has been wrestling since 2004, and has had success around the world, for numerous promotions.

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  1. Luke says:

    Wait. So the moral here is “Facts don’t matter”? I don’t get it.

  2. DB says:

    The problem with today is many will assume a person is guilty of an accusation without an official case being lodged against him. Davey sacrificed his career to ensure others wouldn’t lose paychecks over being associated with him. I hope this is only temporary as he is a talented wrestler and deserves a fair outcome.

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