Barrett says Smackdown gig now permanent, McAfee vows dream isn’t done

Mar 17, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

It looks like Pat McAfee is not returning to his Smackdown commentary duties after all.

Current Smackdown commentator Wade Barrett told The Daily Star in the United Kingdom that he’s sticking with Michael Cole for the foreseeable future.

“It’s as permanent as you can ever be in a role in WWE,” Barrett said when asked about his position on Smackdown. Barrett replaced McAfee at the start of college football season but McAfee had to return in January.

Things did not go as planned and McAfee, while he returned as a surprise at the Rumble, did not resume his weekly duties with WWE despite still being under contract.

“Pat McAfee is always going to be a friend of WWE,” Barrett continued. “He’s an incredibly talented guy and we’re all fans of his, too, but he has a lot on his plate.”

McAfee’s future with WWE remains unknown and a recent tweet said that while he loves WWE, he wants to see who’s going to buy them and if he wants to work and make money for “those people.”

Meanwhile, last night McAfee addressed all the rumors with another post on social media.

“A lot of wrestling chatter about me right now.. I think about wrestling everyday..that dream isn’t done,” McAfee said. “My business is currently rather active and exigent…+ baby on the way…timing is everything I still have MASSIVE plans for my journey to the WWE HOF someday. Believe that.”

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