Impact Wrestling, 3/16/23

Mar 16, 2023 - by Scott Porter

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Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling.

We start with a highlight package from last week.  Tom Hannifan and Mathew Rewholdt are once again on the call.

Back in the dessert the show starts with PCO standing tall as the sun rises.  He screams out for Eddie Edwards, looking for retribution.

Match 1.  Mike Bailey and Jonathan Gresham VS Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus (Decay)

Steve avoids a quick at an attempt at a Gresham Octopus.  Steve quickly bites Gresham and Jonathan calls to the ref.  Taurus tags in and hits a assisted dropkick off the top rope.  Steve tags back in and Decay work solidly in the corner.  Taurus tags in and Gresham finally get to the corner after a dropkick.  Bailey uses his educated feet and a running shooting star to earn and advantage.  Steve grabs the foot and bites it.  Bailey hits a round house for an advantage.  Taurus tags in and hits a backbreaker and Samoan drop for a two count.  Gresham tags in and hits a moon sault off the middle rope.  Bailey does the same in follow up.  The 4 jump the ring and the ref struggles to gain order.  Bailey hits a tornado kick on Taurus, then a Ultimate Weapon and gets the pin.

Winners.  Bailey and Gresham

Gia Miller interviews Frankie Kazarian, Rich Swann and Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander are interviewed.  They will face Bullet Club members Ace Austin, Chris Bey and Kenta tonight.  Steve Maclin enters just to get in their face for a quick exchange.

Gisele Shaw and her crew are interfered in a interview segment by Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice Jai will face Swinger tonight.

Match 2.  Steve Maclin VS Heath

The two jockey for position to start the match.  Heath is a bit quicker to the punch.  Maclin reverses a corner and lays in some chops.  Heath kicks to the mid section and then they start trading chops.  Maclin connects with a clothesline, neck breaker combo.  Heath recovers and backdrops Maclin to the floor.  Back from break, Heath is kneed to the floor.  Maclin locks in a rear chin lock to slow down the match.  Heath tries to comeback, but eats a back breaker.  Maclin locks on a abdominal stretch.  Heath eventually hip-tosses free.   Maclin misses an elbow.  Heath hits some stiff rights and a high knee and leg lariat.  Heath lands a spinebuster.  Maclin catch a spear with Heath in the tree of woe after recovering.  Maclin hits a K.I.A. and it is over.

Winner by pinfall, Steve Maclin

The Death Dolls cut a promo backstage.  They want Taylor Wilde.  Taya Valkyrie tells Rosemary that Jessica cannot be around magic.  Rosemary tells Taya she wants Havok to come back so she wants Jessica to switch back to Havok.

PCO is shown still looking for Eddie Edwards.

Jonathan Gresham and Mike Bailey have an uneasy tag team.  Gresham pokes fun at beating Bailey backstage at the last PPV.  Bailey challenges his partner for a rematch in return.  Gresham shakes his hand and accepts.

Match 3.  Johnny Swinger (with Zicky Dice) VS Jai Vidal (with Gisele Shaw and Savanah Evans)

The Swingman eats a Vidal dropkick to start the match.  He then slams Johnny.  After a corkscrew elbow, he hits a wicked kick to the face in the corner.  Swinger is yelling at Dice for not scouting this guy.  The fans laugh as usual.  Dice catches Jai on the top rope.  Johnny then starts the ground and pound.  A Swinger chant starts.  Evans pulls Vidal from the ring.  The ref bans them from the ring.  Deonna Purrazzo attacks Shaw on the ramp.  Vidal then meanwhile hits a high knee and gets the pin.

Winner  Jai Vidal

Deaner and The Design have a vignette.  Deaner starts the promo without Sami Callihan.  Sami enters losing it about last weeks loss.  Deaner says Sami will need to take his punishment like a man.  Sami agrees to the pain.

PCO is shown walking to the entrance to a the venue.

Eddie Edwards enters the arena cutting a promo about moving to a new direction, but the fans won’t let him do it.  He shows a PCO exchange from last week in the desert.  Eddie is shown leaving PCO in the desert lifeless.  The room goes dark and PCO’s music hits.  PCO enters, but Kenny King hits PCO with a shovel.  PCO then mounts0 a comeback against both.  King and Eddie bust open PCO, but they can’t keep PCO down.  PCO keeps coming back.  He eventually overpowers King, but eats a kendo stick from Eddie.  King recovers and hits a running kick. King has a chair.  They hit a Boston knee party with an assist with a chair.  They grab a chair and the kendo stick and pound on PCO.  They eventually stand tall.

Match 4.  The Coven, Taylor Wilde and Kylin King VS The Death Dolls, Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie (with Jessica)

King and Taya start the match.  They trade takedowns and reversals to start the match.  Rosemary tags in and hits a t-bone suplex.  Taylor tags in and Rosemary bites her.  All four tag in and the Dolls clothesline them to the floor.  After a quick break, Kylin is in control over Rosemary.  Rosemary elbows the mid section, but King makes a tag holding a side headlock.  Wilde uses the 5 count wisely upon entering.  Wilde throws Rosemary into the corner.  She hits a few elbows in the corner.  Rosemary locks on a upside down.  Kylin tags in as does Taya.  Taya hits a lariat.  King kicks out at two off a blue thunder bomb.   Taya goes to a hip attack for a two count.  Wilde interferes on the outside.  Taya goes on a rampage.  Rosemary and hits a spear.  King suplexes Taya.  Kylin rolls up Taya.  Rosemary makes the save. Taylor interferes.  Kylin kicks Taya and then hits a reverse suplex and gets the pin.

Winners and new champs..  The Coven

Main Event.  Frankie Kazarian, Rich Swann and Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander VS Bullet Club members, Kenta, NJPW Strong Open Champion, and Impact World Tag Team Champions, Ace Austin and Chris Bey

Bey chants ring threw the crowd as he starts with Kaz.  Kaz is a favorite, but Bey is in his hometown.  Bey then scissor Kaz.  Kaz eats a chop and Ace tags in.  Kaz hip tosses Ace.  Swann tags in.  They double team Austin.  Ace hits a top rope spring board dropkick.  The pace is really fast now.  Josh tags in and so does Kenta.  The fans chant for Kenta now.  Kenta hits a axe kick and then they trade strong style blows.  Josh counters to a senton.  Rich tags in and the action breaks down.  After a break, Swann and Bey are in the ring.  Bey kicks Swann to the floor.  Ace tags in and the tag champs hit a series of double team moves.  Ace kicks Swann in their corner and he makes a tag to Bey.  After a double leg drop Swann looks rough.  Bey goes to the ground and pound next.  Swann is a mess.  Kenta tags in.  He lays in some yes kicks.  Swann and Kenta land a clothesline on each other off the ropes.  Kaz and Bey tag in.  Kaz is quicker to the punch and hits a legdrop off a spring board.  Kaz then double DDT’s the tag champs, as Ace tried to enter.  Bey hits a superman forearm.  Josh tags in and lays into Bey.  Josh hits a vicious back breaker.  Swann hits a 450 on Bey.  Ace pulls Bey from the ring.  Kenta and Josh start having a exchange.  Ace helps as does Swann.  They hit some awesome kicks.  Kaz hits a cutter as Bey was diving to the floor on the crowd of wrestlers on the floor.  That was cool.  Swann and Bey beat the count to save the match.  Swann scissors Bey.  Ace helps his partner with a kick.  Kaz DDT’s Ace.  Kenta  makes the save.  Steve Maclin is shown on the stage.  Kenta gains an advantage.  Bey hits an Art of Finesse on Swann.  It is over.

Winner.. Bullet Club.

Bullet Club stand tall as the show ends.



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