Update on MLW’s amended lawsuit against WWE

Mar 15, 2023 - by James Walsh

WWE has asked for a time extension for their deadline to respond to MLW’s amended lawsuit against them. As reported last week, MLW filed an amended version of their previous lawsuit against WWE alleging that the latter company has violated of the Sherman Act regarding anti-trust practices and more.

According to PWInsider, WWE filed their motion yesterday asking for more time to respond, which likely means they will be filing a motion to dismiss the lawsuit once again. They were original required to respond by March 20th but are asking to get an ext5ension to April 7th. If the extension is approved, MLW would have until May 8th to respond to WWE’s response, and then WWE would get until May 29th to file support for their motion.

The original lawsuit was dismissed in February, with the judge ruling that the court only had “original subject matter jurisdiction” over the allegation that WWE violated Section 2 of the Sherman Act, and dismissed that claim ““based on the insufficiency of the relevant market allegations.” MLW’s amended lawsuit added more details and alleged that WWE tampered with talent contracts, as well as arguing that WWE has attempted to block venue bookings and more.

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