Rumor on Cena vs. Paul for WWE SummerSlam

Mar 15, 2023 - by Staff

Photo Credit: WWE

John Cena vs. Logan Paul may end up happening later this year.

As noted back in late 2022, Cena vs. Paul was planned for WrestleMania 39 after Paul pitched the match to WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H. WWE ended up going with Paul vs. Seth Rollins and Cena vs. WWE United States Champion Austin Theory for WrestleMania.

In an update, a new report from Wrestlevotes notes that Cena vs. Paul could end up happening at WWE SummerSlam on August 5 at Ford Field in Detroit.

It was noted that Paul and Cena are both “massively on board” with working with each other, believing that a lot of money could be made off their star power.

“Logan loved the idea and Cena was totally down it. They’d have made mega money and it’s just a matter of when. They want to tell a good story because they’re megastars, so there’s got to be a reason. The matches is very much on the table, even at a SummerSlam. All parties involved want to do it,” the report stated.

However, a new report from Ringside News notes that while Cena vs. Paul was penciled in for WrestleMania 39 at one point, it is no longer being discussed. A WWE source responded to the match possibly happening at SummerSlam and said, “nothing has been discussed yet.”

Cena’s busy schedule would determine if he can make it back in time for SummerSlam following the WrestleMania match with Theory. It was noted that a lot of options are “on the table” for the future, but that doesn’t mean they will happen as many factors are at play when it comes to Cena’s involvement.

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  1. What? says:

    Please can we have a match between a part-timer and an even more part-timer, said no one but the most casual of wrestling “fans” whose sole criterion for a “good match” is name recognition. I get that they’re hoping it gets more eyes on the show, but it gets nothing but an eye roll from me.

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