Notes on Raven and Kenny Omega

Mar 15, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

MLW has announced:

(PHILADELPHIA) — Major League Wrestling today announced Raven as a participant in the 40-wrestler Battle RIOT V when MLW returns to Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena on Saturday, April 8.

🎟 Grab tickets at and the 2300 Arena box office. Tickets start at $15.

For the first time in 20 years Raven enters an MLW ring April 8th as he joins 39 other combatants battling it out for the golden ticket: a title shot anytime, anywhere.

Returning to the hardcore hallowed grounds of the 2300 Arena where he spilled blood and conjured up some of the most iconic and extreme moments in pro wrestling, Raven relishes the opportunity of obtaining a title shot.

Known for an uncanny high threshold for pain, Raven is as cerebral as he is sinister.

With a blood-splattered resume of violent feuds in MLW, including against the likes of Vampiro and CM Punk, among others, Raven is a dangerous and unrelenting force.

Emerging as a part of The Calling, alongside Rickey Shane Page, AKIRA and numerous still unknown gas mask cloaked individuals, The Calling are responsible for countless attacks on the roster. Leaving an ominous calling card in their wake, the enigmatic Calling have cast a dark, smokey shadow over the league.

With The Calling now having officially entered a member of their flock in the Battle Riot, trust in Raven that carnage and chaos are guaranteed come April 8 in South Philadelphia.

40 wrestlers will riot in Philly as one combatant looks to outlast 39 others and earn a world title shot anytime, anywhere against Alex Hammerstone.

Battle RIOT entrants:
John Hennigan

Willie Mack
Shigehiro Irie
Mr. Thomas
Jimmy Lloyd

More entrants and matches will be announced in the coming weeks ahead at

A mash-up of a battle royal, royal rumble and anything goes street fight, this super-sized main event will feature 40 wrestlers with new participants entering the ring every 60 seconds.

There will be surprises! There will be legends! There will be WTF entries… and there will be no disqualifications!

Elimination is by pinfall, submission or by throwing an individual over the top rope.

Anything is possible in a Battle Riot!

The winner gets a World Heavyweight Title Shot anywhere, anytime! It could be that night; it could be in 6 months. The challenger has the key to unlock an instant title shot against whoever the champion is!

More athletes and matches will be announced at

Major League Wrestling returns to Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena on Saturday, April 8. Buy tickets at Tickets will also be available day of show at the box office unless the event sales out in advance.

Major League Wrestling shows are interactive. Fans get to not only experience major league action in the ring but have the opportunity to meet some of their favorites before bell time.

There will be several meet and greet opportunities featuring Major League Wrestling wrestlers and personalities.

The schedule for the event is as follows:

6:00 p.m.: Early entry for front row ticket holders
6:30 p.m.: Doors open for general public (all ticket holders)
7:30 p.m.: Showtime

During an interview with Jayme Poisson on CBC’s Front Burner podcast, Kenny Omega was asked if potentially working for WWE appealed to him. Here was Omega’s response…

“I think at this point anything new appeals to me and challenges also always, always appeal to me. At one point it was one of those, ‘if you say I can’t do it, I really want to do it’. Now it’s not that, I wouldn’t say I’m older and wiser it’s more like, I’m older and I care less about that it’s more about what kinds of people can I reach. What kind of positive thing can I contribute? And, what do I even feel best suited for?”

“It’s all place and time like we haven’t even reached that time yet. And, you know, being able to start this real cool thing with with a lot of my my friends and people that I respect in the in the industry. We started this kool aid thing and here we are in Winnipeg, the place I was born, the place where I spent a chunk of time carving my teeth in professional wrestling. And it’s like, What? What do I do? What would have happened if I had been satisfied with just staying in Winnipeg? What would have happened if if I had sort of bought the the old song and dance of, Hey, you’re nothing until you go to the U.S. or This is what you need to strive to become, or this is where you need to go if you want to be considered anything or to be considered a success or to be taken seriously. I always kind of try to find my own way or at least try to lean in the direction of where my heart is pulling me. And just right now I’m taking things one step at a time. And with this Winnipeg show, it feels like, Yeah, this is cool and this feels right. And what’s next? I don’t know, because nothing is spoken to me. Nothing is told me.”

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