Konnan on Daga: “He’s got a fractured fibula”

Mar 14, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

AAA wrestler Daga is currently sidelined due to injury, and AAA booker Konnan has provided an update.

Daga shared the ring with NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tyrus during the NWA vs. AAA: World Is A Vampire event, which took place on March 4, where Tyrus won, while Daga had to be escorted to the back.

Konnan explained what went wrong during the match on an episode of his “K100” podcast.

“He’s got a fractured fibula,” Konnan said. “That was the weirdest thing. So, Tyrus is on the f***ing thing, ’cause I’m on the gorilla position looking. Tyrus was like on his back, and I think he had his leg on the rope, and he’s [Daga] working his leg, grabbing the ropes, and stomping on his knee to cut the big man down. All of a sudden, in one of them, he just twisted his knee and he just stayed there, and I knew he was done.”

Konnan revealed that the AAA star also suffered a torn meniscus, and said that the Mexican star is expected to be out of action for two months.

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