John Cena on the allegations against Vince McMahon

Mar 14, 2023 - by Staff

Photo Credit: WWE

Veteran WWE Superstar John Cena recently spoke with Dan Gelston of The Associated Press to promote the new WWE 2K23 video game. Cena was asked if it’s tough to reconcile the feelings he has towards WWE Chairman Vince McMahon with the sexual misconduct allegations made against him.

“No. I mean, everyone has the right to have their perspective. I have the right to have mine,” Cena said. “When you love somebody, you take them as imperfectly perfect as they are. We all make mistakes, we all have poor decisions. Lord knows I’ve made my collection of poor choices. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to love somebody. There’s no way I can go on record and say I don’t love Vince McMahon.”

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