WWE Raw Report – 3/13

Mar 13, 2023 - by Staff

– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens live on the USA Network from the Amica Mutual Pavilion in Providence, Rhode Island as Kevin Patrick welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by Corey Graves as the packed crowd cheers.

– We go right to the ring and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Edge to a big pop and pyro as the announcers hype the show.

Edge thanks Providence and says that feels good, this is why he does this. He says everyone knows why he’s here… he calls Finn Balor out. The music hits and out comes The Judgment Day to the stage – Balor, Rhea Ripley, Damian Priest, and Dominik Mysterio. Balor says for once he agrees with the fans and wants to hear what Edge has to say, so spit it out.

Edge says he didn’t come to talk, he came to end this. He goes on and insults Balor’s stablemates, and then accepts the WrestleMania 39 challenge Balor issued a few weeks back. Balor says this beating will be nothing compared to Extreme Rules. Edge tells him to shut his mouth. He goes on about wasting the past year of his comeback on The Judgement Day, the year before he wrestled in front of a bunch of screens, and time is running out before he can accomplish what he needs to. Edge says Balor did make The Judgment Day better but only because he leaned into them being bitter, immature malcontents, but it’s worked as they keep leaving Edge lay, and made him quit a match.

Edge says Balor has tried to make his life hell for the past year, and some time he has succeeded, so Edge only sees one way this can end – at WrestleMania, inside Hell In a Cell. Balor looks on from the stage as fans pop. Balor says he went to hell and it spit him out because hell can’t handle his demons. Balor says he will see Edge at WrestleMania but until then… The Judgment Day marches to the ring. Edge fights but they beat him down to boos. Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae and Dexter Lumis make the save as we go to commercial.

Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio vs. Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis

Back from the break and Johnny Gargano is working on Dexter Lumis while Candice LeRae and Rhea Ripley look on from ringside. Dominik tangles with Gargano but gets kicked in the head.

Dominik ends up tagging in Damian Priest, who wants Dexter Lumis to come in. Fans pop as Lumis comes in. They trade arm holds now. Priest drops Lumis with a big shoulder, then poses to boos. Priest charges but Lumis stops him in his tracks. Priest unloads into the corner with strikes as the referee warns him.

Lumis gets whipped hard into the turnbuckles as fans chant “you suck!” at Priest. Lumis nails a kick and fights back, dropkicking Priest to the floor. Priest rushes back in but Lumis hits a drop toe hold to turn it round. Gargano takes over but Priest levels him with a big right, then launches him into the corner with Snake Eyes. Dominik tags back in and mounts Gargano with punches as fans boo.

Dominik runs into double knees in the corner. They tangle at the floor and the apron now. Gargano superkicks Dominik from the apron. Lumis uppercuts Priest as he comes over. Gargano nails a cannonball from the apron to Priest and Mysterio as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Priest dominates Gargano to turn it around in the corner. Dominik tags in and stomps away. Priest comes back in and drops Lumis on the apron, then hits a Broken Arrow to Gargano for a close 2 count. Dominik tags in and grounds Gargano as fans rally. Dominik with the Three Amigos suplexes as boos get louder now. Gargano kicks out at 2.

Dominik smacks Gargano around now. Dominik with a dropkick to the back to set Gargano up for 619, but Gargano blocks it and hits a Spear from the apron. LeRae and Ripley scream for the hot tags. Lumis and Priest tag in and unload with big strikes. Lumis with a Spinebuster, then one for Dominik as he runs in. Lumis with corner clotheslines for both opponents, then a Bulldog to Dominik, then a belly-to-back suplex to Priest, and a kip-up for 2.

Lumis sends Priest to the floor but Dominik rolls Lumis up for 2 with his feet on the ropes, but LeRae moves his legs off the ropes. Ripley chases LeRae but LeRae side-steps and sends her into the steel ring steps. Ripley lifts LeRae and slams her face-first into the top of the barrier. Lumis is behind Ripley now. She stares him down.

Priest charges and clotheslines Lumis as he turns around. Priest rolls Luis back in and drops him face-first into the mat. Dominik tags in and hits the Frogsplash from the top for 2 as Gargano breaks it up just in time. Gargano superkicks Priest to the floor, then nails a big suicide dive to send Priest into the announce table.

Dominik flies out and drops Gargano from behind. Dominik and Lumis tangle now but Lumis locks in The Silence. Priest tags in but Lumis doesn’t see it. Priest nails a roundhouse kick and South of Heaven to Lumis for the pin to win.

Winners: The Judgment Day

– After the match, The Judgment Day stands tall as we go to replays.

– We see footage from earlier today of Cathy Kelley catching up with The Miz backstage. Chad Gable immediately interrupts and asks if they saw Otis. Miz says he just got there, and tells Gable to put some flyers up. Gable runs away. Kelley asks Miz if he’d be interested in a WrestleMania co-host. He laughs at the idea as the camera suddenly cuts to Damage CTRL beating up WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. Officials try and restore order.

– We go back to the ring and out comes Omos with MVP. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and MVP has the mic. He says Brock Lesnar is an incredible athlete but a horrible tactician for putting his hands on him last week. MVP says Lesnar’s biggest mistake of his career was accepting a WrestleMania match with Omos. Fans boo. MVP goes on but the music interrupts and out comes Lesnar to a big pop as Omos looks on.

Lesnar marches to the ring as the pyro goes off. Lesnar is all smiles as he circles the ring, staring back at Omos. Fans chant “holy shit!” as Omos and Lesnar face off in the middle of the ring now. Omos raises his fist and puts it in Lesnar’s face. Lesnar nods and smirks. Omos offers his hand for a shake now as a “Suplex City!” chant starts up.

Lesnar shakes while laughing. Omos won’t let go so Lesnar stomps his foot to break him away. They tangle and Omos man-handles Lesnar over the top rope to the floor. Lesnar looks back at Omos and motions to referees, who are rushing down now, that he won’t do anything. Lesnar just wants his cowboy hat back. Omos tells him to get his ass back in the ring. Lesnar puts his hat back on, then turns to leave as Omos’ music starts up.

– We see how Cody Rhodes saved Sami Zayn from The Bloodline last Monday, and again on SmackDown before they fought with The Usos in the crowd to end the show.

LA Knight vs. Cody Rhodes

We go back to the ring and out comes Cody Rhodes to a pop and pyro. Rhodes poses to more pyro as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes LA Knight. They lock up and LA takes it to the corner as fans chant for Cody. LA backs off but rocks Cody with a right. LA keeps control but Cody takes him down by his arm. LA comes back and works on the arm but Cody blocks it and drops him with a right.

Cody with a headlock now. LA takes it to the corner and breaks with some trash talking. Cody fights out of the corner as the back & forth continues. Cody drops LA and nails a running knee to the face for 2. Cody goes for a dive to the floor but LA meets him with a big right hand at the ropes, then sends him into the barrier. LA sends Rhodes’ arm into the ring post but this angers Cody.

LA talks trash to the crowd but Cody takes advantage and attacks, sending him into the post. Cody brings it back in and goes to the top but LA leaps up from out of nowhere, then hits a big superplex. They’re down with LA looking to recover as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Knight slams Cody in the middle of the ring for a close 2 count. Cody fights back with big right hands now, then a powerslam for a big pop. Cody with a Disaster Kick for a close 2 count.

Rhodes looks up at the WrestleMania 39 sign. Knight blocks another kick, then hits a back suplex for 2. Knight shows some frustration now. Rhodes blocks Blunt Force Trauma. Rhodes nails the Cody Cutter and yells out to the crowd for a big pop. Knight gets up and stumbles around, but Cody catches him with a CrossRhodes for the pin to win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

– After the match, Cody stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Rhodes takes the mic as fans chant his name. He says he keeps hearing warnings from Paul Heyman, that he should stay out of Bloodline business but Cody wants to reiterate – he does not work for The Bloodline or Mr. Heyman, so if he wants to come and stand side-by-side with Sami Zayn, he can do that, if he wants to come fight alongside Kevin Owens, he can do that. Rhodes also heard Heyman say don’t make this personal. What a joke, it’s been personal since he first appeared on this show at age 21 in front of the same camera-men, when he’s choked back with emotions every week, when he wears a coat and armor such as his suit, and he wears it not because he thinks he is somebody, but because he wants to be somebody. Heyman talks about acknowledging Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Romana Reigns and Cody does, but they need to acknowledge him also. Rhodes says he is not perfect but his time since he came back to WWE has been perfect as he’s undefeated. Rhodes grew up thinking he was a prince in this industry but he has no crown, no chip, no master sword, no Undisputed WWE Universal Title, and on April 2… he looks up at the WrestleMania sign, and says when the sun goes down on Hollywood, it’s going down on Reigns’ generational run, it’s not just for those who have the Rhodes and Runnels blood flowing through them, it’s for all of those who have followed Rhodes to the end. On April 2, Cody has waited his whole life, and he will wait no more, Reigns will be pinned and stuck in this ring on April 2, and Cody will become the first Rhodes to say he is the first Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Cody finishes his promo standing in the corner. The music starts up as the announcers hype Rhodes vs. Reigns at WrestleMania. Rhodes bows to the crowd to end the segment, then he goes to ringside to greet fans in the front row.

– We see what happened last week with Seth Rollins, The Miz and Logan Paul. Byron Saxton is backstage with Rollins now, asking his reaction to Paul knocking him out with a sucker punch last week. Rollins says Paul acted like he won the lottery because he did when he landed the shot of a lifetime on Rollins’ chin and knocked him out. Rollins goes on and says if we’ve learned anything as of late, it’s that you cannot keep Rollins down. So… The Miz interrupts and says Rollins needs to face it – he’s lost control of the narrative. Miz says as the WrestleMania 39 host, he gets privileged information and he’s learned that Paul will host a special WWE edition of his “IMPAULSIVE” podcast in the ring next week and Miz is expected to be invited as a guest. Baron Corbin interrupts. Corbin says his schedule just cleared up so he is available. Miz says Paul is all booked up. Corbin wants to co-host with Miz. Miz says he has a lot of pull for WrestleMania but not that much. Corbin offers to teach Rollins how to box. Rollins appreciates it and knows Corbin is just going through hard times, but he’d rather take boxing lessons from his baby daughter. Corbin is furious now. He says Rollins’ daughter is just 2.5 and knows nothing. Corbin says Rollins is lucky he’s not in the ring with Rollins because he’d knock him out and take his WrestleMania spot. Rollins says that sounds like a challenge, and he’s in a fighting mood tonight, so let’s make it official – he will see Corbin out there. Rollins laughs and walks off. Miz says if Corbin takes out Rollins tonight, he will put in a good word with Paul. Miz walks off.

– Still to come, Bronson Reed vs. Elias. Back to commercial.

Elias vs. Bronson Reed

Back from the break and out comes Elias with Rick Boogs. Bronson Reed is out next.

The bell rings and Reed runs right over Elias, then drops a huge elbow. Reed runs and rolls right over Elias while he’s down. Reed with strikes and a headbutt now as Boogs takes notes from ringside.

Elias fights back but Reed splashes him in the corner with a clothesline. Reed levels Elias to the mat again and covers for 2. Reed grounds Elias by his neck now with a knee to the spine as fans rally. Elias fights back and Reed runs into boots in the corner.

Reed catches a high crossbody in mid-air but Elias slides out and hits a big knee. Elias charges but Reed nails a big lariat, then a powerslam in the middle of the ring. Reed goes to the top and hits the Tsunami Splash for the pin to win.

Winner: Bronson Reed

– After the match, Reed stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Reed poses to end the segment.

– Cathy Kelley is backstage outside of the trainer’s room, hoping for an update on Trish Stratus. Chad Gable interrupts with flyers on his hunt for Otis. Becky Lynch and Lita come walking by, and they go right into the trainer’s room to check on Trish. Cathy asks for comments but they’re not stopping.

– Back from the break and Cathy Kelley is with Kevin Owens, asking why he’s turned down Sami Zayn’s help as of late. Owens says he’s needed and asked for help but never got it, and it seems like Sami is the one asking for help lately. Owens says with their history, is it really hard to see why he wouldn’t want to fight alongside Sami. Owens wishes Sami the best but wants no part of what he’s got going on. Owens is fighting on his own and doesn’t need Sami. Owens heard what Cody Rhodes had to say and also doesn’t want his help, he can help Sami if he wants, that’s his problem, but Owens told him last week he doesn’t need or want the help, so tonight when he’s in the Street Fight with Solo Sikoa, don’t come out, stay focused on WrestleMania and Roman Reigns. Owens doesn’t want to be the reason Cody doesn’t beat Reigns. Owens wants to fight Solo tonight, and whoever he has with him, on his own like he’s been doing and will keep doing, and he’s perfectly fine with it.

– We see what happened last week with John Cena and WWE United States Champion Austin Theory. We now see footage from earlier today with Theory walking backstage when The Street Profits mock him over what happened with Cena. Theory predicts they will be jobless in a few months. Theory got what he wanted and always does, which is Cena in the top match at WrestleMania. Theory goes on and wonders who is the toughest in this tag team. He thinks it’s Angelo Dawkins, not Montez Ford. Theory insults Ford for being a bag of jokes who always fails flat on his face. Theory says when it comes to that smoke, all The Profits do is choke. Ford seethes but Dawkins steps up to Theory. Dawkins says Cena will humble Theory at WrestleMania but let’s get started with the humbling tonight. Theory accepts the match and laughs at The Profits for not having a WrestleMania match.

WWE United States Champion Austin Theory vs. Angelo Dawkins

We go back to the ring and out comes WWE United States Champion Austin Theory for this non-title match. Theory hits the corner to pose to mostly boos as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Angelo Dawkins as the red Solo cups fall. Theory tells Dawkins to bring it. They tangle and run the ropes early on but Dawkins nails a dropkick, then a Cutter for a 2 count.

We’re having some technical difficulties but Theory blocks the Sunset Bomb at one point, then gets knocked out of the air with a Pounce. Theory stuns Dawkins over the top rope and rolls in from the apron with the big dropkick for 2. Theory calls his shot at one point but Dawkins counters and cradles him for 2. The finish sees Dawkins go for the jumping corkscrew attack in the corner but Theory knocks him out of the air with a right hand, then covers for the pin to win.

Winner: Austin Theory

– After the match, Theory stands tall over Dawkins with the title. He then applies the STF to Dawkins to boos. Montez Ford runs down to make the save as Theory retreats.

– Back from the break and Paul Heyman is with Cathy Kelley in the back. He says they have a problem – Kevin Owens. He says tonight The Bloodline will show they solve all problems, and Solo Sikoa will be the one to solve the Owens problem. He says then there’s Cody Rhodes, and he has a problem. Heyman goes on about Rhodes making a stupid mistake in making this personal to Roman Reigns. He says Cody is a compelling and riveting challenger but to make this personal to Reigns, and to mockingly acknowledge him on worldwide TV… what a schmuck. Heyman says if Cody wants to acknowledge his Tribal Chief, Reigns will be live on RAW next week, and Cody will have to make the biggest personal and business decision of his life – he will have to decide if he’s a challenger or a problem because Cody sure is a problem that Reigns would like to personally solve.

– The announcers send us to the video package for 2023 WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio. It’s announced that WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair will reveal the next inductee on The Bump this Wednesday at 1pm ET.

– We go back to the ring and out comes 2023 WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio in his street clothes.

Ry thanks fans and a “you deserve it!” chant starts up. Rey says it feels really good to be back on RAW as just last year they were celebrating his 20th anniversary and here we are now celebrating his career. Rey says this isn’t just his award, it goes to the people who helped him make up his career, the fans who connected with him all these years, this award is not for just Rey, it’s for all of us, he says. Rey goes on but the music interrupts and out comes Dominik Mysterio.

Dominik congratulates Rey on the induction and says he actually deserves it as he spent his whole life working to gt it. Dominik says Rey earned the induction at his expense. Fans chant “you suck!” as Dominik enters the ring. Dominik goes on about how Rey chose his career and the fans over his kids. Dominik goes on about how his father was never there. Fans start giving Dominik the “What!?” treatment now. Dominik says Rey is afraid because Domini sees Rey for what he really is – a sad ugly excuse for a father… no, excuse for a man. Rey tells him to take it back.

Dominik is going to let Rey enjoy his Hall of Fame Weekend in Los Angeles but make it a little better… Dominik challenges Rey to a WrestleMania match. Fans chant “yes!” now. Rey says once again he will tell Dominik – he will not fight his own son, whether Dominik believes it or not, he still loves him and always will. Rey says there will be no match at WrestleMania. Rey turns to exit the ring as Dominik taunts him some more. Dominik says the only thing Rey taught him was what not to be. Dominik drops the mic. Rey turns back ahead and keeps walking to the back.

– Cathy is outside of the trainer’s room when Trish Stratus comes walking out with WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Lita and Becky Lynch. Lynch says something about kicking Damage CTRL’s heads in. Lita says if Damage CTRL wanted to play this divide & conquer game, they should’ve finished the job. Trish agrees and says all Damage CTRL managed to do was piss her off. They walk away together.

Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin

We go back to the ring and out comes The Miz for commentary. Back to commentary.

Back from the break and Baron Corbin is out first. Seth Rollins is out next, but Corbin attacks him during his entrance. Corbin unloads on Rollins until there’s some order restored. The referee calls for the bell and Corbin goes to work.

Rollins fights back with punches, then sends Corbin over the top rope to the floor with a clothesline. Rollins nails a suicide dive to send Corbin into the announce table. Rollins with a flying knee from the apron. Rollins stands in front of Miz to taunt him, then he sends Corbin into Miz when he charges.

Rollins keep fighting and brings Corbin back into the ring. Rollin superkicks Corbin, then hits Miz with an enziguri after he ran in. Rollins runs and hits the Stomp to Corbin off the back of The Miz, then covers for the pin to win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

– After the match, Rollins celebrates with the crowd as they sing his song. Rollins looks at the camera and taunts Logan Paul.

– Chad Gable is backstage looking for Otis. Mustafa Ali interrupts with his “Mustafa Motivation” shtick but Gable tells him to shoosh. Gable keeps walking and spots Otis doing a photo shoot with Maximum Male Models. Gable interrupts and Mansoor insults at him. Gable asks Mansoor what happened to their match tonight against Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Mansoor says he broke a nail scrolling Instagram so they are not cosmetically cleared to compete, and the match has been delayed until next week. Mace says tonight they are working on head-shots for Otis to use. Gable gets in the way to try and desperately take Otis’ attention, but he breaks Mansoor’s camera. Maxxine Dupri insults Gable and says he’s grosser than some character on some TV show. Dupri, Mace and Mansoor walk off. Gable tells Otis they missed their morning training session but he thinks they can cram a session in. Dupri calls for O-tis to come, and he does, telling Gable he’s sorry, coach.

RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair vs. Chelsea Green

We go back to the ring and out comes RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair for this non-title match. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Chelsea Green with Carmella by her side. The bell rings and Green unloads. They break and have words, then get aggressive with each other. Green is angry after Belair pushes her by the face.

Green charges but Belair grabs her from behind, then slams her. Belair goes on and drops Green with a kick as Carmella looks on. Belair keeps control and drops Green with ease again. Belair taunts Green from the middle rope. Belair with a backbreaker, then a standing moonsault for a close 2 count in the middle of the ring.

Belair is distracted by Carmella, which allows Green to get the upperhand. Green distracts the referee from the floor, allowing Carmella to hit a stiff kick to Belair while she’s down near the ropes. Green runs back in and covers for a close 2 count. Back to commercial.

More back and forth after the commercial break. Belair with a along vertical suplex, then a kip-up for a pop. Belair knocks Carmella off the apron to the floor with double knees. Green rolls Belair up for 2. We’re having a few more technical issues with RAW tonight but Green rolls Belair for another 2 count, and another pin attempt. They tangle and Green hits Ripcord and a big strike to the jaw. Belair blocks the Unprettier and ends up hitting the KOD for the pin to win in the middle of the ring.

Winner: Bianca Belair

– After the match, Belair stands tall and blocks an attack by Carmella. Green attacks but Belair fights back. They end up getting the upperhand now, and Carmella pounds on Belair until the music hits and out comes Asuka to a pop. Asuka unloads, then she and Belair take turns on Green, then Belair hits a powerbomb. Asuka picks up the title belt and taunts Belair with it, refusing to hand it over. Fans cheer as Asuka struts around with the strap while Belair watches. Asuka looks to finally hands it over but she smiles and we see the blue mist in her mouth. She laughs around and finally places the title on the mat. Belair is not amused. Asuka finally exits then ring with blue coming out of her mouth as Belair’s music hits and she looks on.

– We see what happened earlier with Omos and Brock Lesnar.

Street Fight: Solo Sikoa vs. Kevin Owens

We go back to the ring for tonight’s Street Fight main event and out first comes Solo Sikoa by himself. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Kevin Owens to a pop. Sikoa exits the ring and meets Owens at ringside as they start brawling. Sikoa brings it in and works over Owens. Owens drops him and nails a senton. Owens charges in the corner but Sikoa rolls to the floor.

Owens follows at ringside but Sikoa decks him, then rams him into the barrier. Fans chant for tables as Owens unloads at ringside. Sikoa whips Owens into the barrier, but Owens comes right back with a clothesline to put Sikoa down. Owens with big chops. Sikoa fights back and slams Owens’ face, then his arm, into the announce table top. Owens blocks a shot and does the same to Sikoa. Owens rolls Sikoa back in and charges but Sikoa catches him with a big Samoan Drop.

Sikoa unloads to keep Owens down, sending him back to the floor. Sikoa follows and brings a steel chair from under the ring, and another, sliding them into the ring to boos. Owens gets up and rocks Sikoa, then sends him into the steel ring steps.

Fans pop as Owens brings a table from under the ring. Sikoa nails a superkick before Owens can stand the table up. Sikoa tosses Owens over the announce table, then dismisses the wooden table, and stands tall to loud boos from the crowd. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Owens keeps Sikoa down on the floor with chair shots to the back. Owens returns to the ring to stand six chairs up, three side-by-side on each side. Sikoa fights in but Owens kicks him onto the chair bridge. Owens climbs up for a splash onto the chair bridge but Sikoa attacks and nails headbutts to climb up.

Sikoa looks for a superplex but Owens fights back and headbutts him. Owens knocks Sikoa back to the mat but he avoids the chair bridge. Sikoa recovers, then launches Owens from the top onto the chair bridge, which smashes. Fans chant “holy shit!” as Owens kicks out at 2.

Sikoa stays on Owens, who rolls to the floor. Sikoa follows but gets rocked, then sent into the steel ring post. Owens with a cannonball against the barrier for a big pop. Owens stays on Sikoa, then dumps him into the crowd. Owens beats Sikoa through the crowd to the stage now. Sikoa goes face-first into the LED boards. They fight into the Gorilla Position but as soon as Owens enters the curtain, he’s met with a double superkick from Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos.

The Usos drag Owens to the ring now and Sikoa follows. The Usos work Owens over and roll him into the ring for another double superkick. Sikoa delivers the Samoan Spike for the pin to win in the middle of the ring.

Winner: Solo Sikoa

– After the match, the music hits as Sikoa stands tall with his brothers. We go to replays. The Bloodline exits the ring and poses together on the entrance-way as Owens tries to recover. Owens is still down in pain as Graves says he needs help. The Usos and Sikoa pose and yell out on the ramp as RAW goes off the air.

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