Bray Wyatt update

Mar 13, 2023 - by Staff

Bray Wyatt is reportedly sidelined on The Road to WrestleMania 39.

As we’ve noted, Wyatt has missed a handful of recent WWE live events, including last weekend’s show in Toronto and this past Saturday’s show in New York City at Madison Square Garden, and he hasn’t appeared on WWE TV since the February 27 RAW, where he appeared in a pre-taped “Wyatt’s Gym” promo to taunt Bobby Lashley. He hasn’t wrestled since winning a Lights Out Street Fight over LA Knight at the WWE live event in Rockford, IL on February 26.

In an update, a new report from Fightful Select notes that Wyatt is currently sidelined with a “physical issue,” according to WWE sources familiar with the situation who have worked with Wyatt.

It was noted the source is not sure of when Wyatt will be back in action at this point.

There have been unconfirmed rumors on Wyatt being out indefinitely and off the WrestleMania 39 card, perhaps due to creative issues, but it should be stressed that these are unconfirmed rumors. Fightful adds that they were unable to confirm the rumors as well, and have not been told that by anyone within WWE. Furthermore, Ringside News noted how a WWE source did not think the WrestleMania 39 match is in jeopardy.

Wyatt was reportedly pulled from the recent live events and TV shows due to the unknown physical issue.

WWE sends the Wyatt and Uncle Howdy materials/props to SmackDown almost weekly, even if they aren’t announced for the show ahead of time, but those materials were not sent in for the last two episodes. Wyatt reportedly hasn’t been planned for creative on those shows, and wasn’t scheduled for tonight’s RAW. Howdy last appeared on SmackDown for the March 3 episode, with Lashley, but he did not appear this week. Howdy was at one point booked for the March 6 RAW, but he did not appear.

Lashley has continued to build to the WrestleMania 39 match in recent weeks by feuding with Howdy. Lashley was not scheduled for tonight’s RAW as well.

WWE still has not officially announced Wyatt vs. Lashley for WrestleMania 39 as of this writing.

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