Wrestling legend Steve Keirn’s autobiography is available for purchase

Mar 12, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck


Keirn Chronicles Volume One: The Fabulous Wrestling Life of Steve Keirn went on sale Wednesday. The book is published under the Darkstream Press imprint of WOHW Publishers.

In his first outing as an author, Steve Keirn collaborates with experienced professional wrestling coauthor Ian Douglass to fill more than 400 pages with stories from the beginning of his life through 1987, capturing the entirety of Keirn’s heyday as a main-event wrestler in Florida, along his record-breaking run in the Memphis-based territory of Jerry Jarrett as a member of The Fabulous Ones with his tag team partner Stan Lane.

Joining Lane in penning a foreword to the book is none other than wrestling superstar CM Punk. The longest-tenured women’s wrestler in WWE history, Natalya Neidhart, provides the book’s afterword.

Although Keirn is known for his prominent contributions in other professional wrestling endeavors, including his time wrestling as Skinner in the early ‘90s WWF, his years at the helm of the PWF promotion in Florida, his tenure as an agent in World Wrestling Entertainment, and his lengthy stint overseeing the FCW developmental system of WWE, Keirn opted to focus on the early portion of his wrestling career in his first book, while also teasing that a second book might be forthcoming.

“If I went into painstaking detail to tell every worthwhile story that unfolded throughout my career in one book, we’d be talking about a book that was 700 to 800 pages in length,” explained Keirn. “I wanted to keep things as manageable as possible, and to provide readers with detailed accounts of the time I spent in Georgia, the Carolinas, the 1970s WWWF, and Verne Gagne’s AWA. I also included stories about my experiences wrestling in Guatemala and Japan, and what it was like growing up as a close family friend of the Graham family, which owned and operated the Florida territory for decades.”

The most recent book project of Keirn’s coauthor Ian Douglass was his September 2022 release Bahamian Rhapsody: The Unofficial History of Pro Wrestling’s Unofficial Territory, 1960-2020, which explored 60 years of professional wrestling history in the Bahamas. Prior to that, Douglass – who writes for both Men’s Health Magazine and The Ringer – contributed to the autobiographies of pro wrestlers Dan Severn, Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl, Michael “Buggsy McGraw” Davis, and Brian Blair.

“Working with Steve on this book was an unequaled treat,” stated Douglass. “Steve is unmatched as a storyteller, and he offers valuable insights into the inner workings of some of professional wrestling’s most memorable territories, characters, and eras. I was entertained simply by getting to listen to his stories week after week, and now everyone else will get to share in that joy when they read his book.”

To purchase The Fabulous Wrestling Life of Steve Keirn, please visit Amazon.com.

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