Alexa Bliss comments on “hiatus” report

Mar 10, 2023 - by Staff

Alexa Bliss says she is not on a hiatus.

Bliss took to Twitter this afternoon and issued a message to fans about her WWE status.

“Tired of seeing these tweets. I am not on a hiatus. They know where to find me,” she wrote. “also need to remember – you only see what parts of life I want you to see.”

Bliss’ tweets come after the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer included a brief note that said Bliss is on a brief hiatus. The Observer is a bit late, but their item seemingly refers to a PWInsider report from early February, which said Bliss is on a brief hiatus from the WWE storylines. It was noted in early February that going into the Royal Rumble loss to RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair, it was known that Bliss would be taking some time off. It was described as a planned temporary exit, but there was no word on how long the break will be for.

It was also reported in February that the Bliss vs. Belair match was designed for Belair to look strong, in part due to the planned break for Bliss.

Word is that Bliss is not currently injured, but the February report noted how it remains to be seen if this break is something she requested, or something storyline-dictated. Regardless, WWE reportedly knew Bliss would be away from the storylines coming out of the Royal Rumble.

Today’s tweets from Bliss, where she said WWE knows where to find her, could be seen as a dismissal of the February hiatus report.

It was confirmed today by PWInsider that Bliss has not been on the road for WWE since The Rumble, and there is no word yet on when she may be returning.

There’s also been no word on what might be planned for Bliss at WrestleMania 39, or if they are moving forward with Bliss’ storyline with Bray Wyatt and Uncle Howdy. After Bliss’ loss to Belair at The Rumble, she sat in the ring as a video of highlights from her recent run and times with Wyatt played on the big screen, along with scenes of a playground. Howdy could then be heard saying, “Do you feel in charge?”

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  1. Kenny Koolaid says:

    We interrupt our regularly scheduled reporting of backstage narratives we invented for a reporting that shows we don’t actually understand the actual storylines going on the actual shows.

  2. What? says:

    Technically, even if it isn’t a hiatus of her choosing, that doesn’t make it any less of a hiatus.

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