More major announcements coming from Tony Khan

Mar 4, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

Photo Credit: AEW

Following last week’s big announcement, AEW President Tony Khan has already mentioned that he has more of those in store, coincidentally again following a slight drop in the Dynamite rating this week.

It certainly feels like that whenever AEW is down a bit, Khan hypes up major announcements which will add some curiosity to the show, adding extra eyeballs to the show.

In a tweet yesterday, Khan mentioned that 2023 will be the biggest year yet for AEW. “I have major announcements coming soon that are important to AEW & our fans,” Khan said.

The tweet was met with some snarky responses from fans who swiftly pointed out to him that these major announcements are always done for the sake of a temporary ratings boost.

5 Responses

  1. HereForTheLawls says:

    “Major Announcement! AEW to have a show next Wednesday!” -Tony Kahn

  2. Mike Oxmaul says:

    no one cares

  3. TrollBuster says:

    Well, at least YOU care. Somebody who wouldn’t care, would simply ignore the topic instead of commenting. At least if you aren’t an attention wh0r3 that wants a cheap pop.

    Back to topic: Khans “big announcements” are a joke. I’ll never talk trash about Nuthouse Wrestling again when Dixie was still around and had her “big announcements”…

  4. What? says:

    Yes, the announcements are often a joke and “done for the sake of a temporary ratings boost.” No argument there. But the announcements almost always do result in a temporary ratings boost, which they could easily not if people read recaps to see what they were instead of actually watching the shows. So who’s the real sucker here?

  5. dooman says:

    well good thing is you guys do not have to watch

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