WWE Smackdown Report – 3/3

Mar 3, 2023 - by Staff

– Tonight’s WWE SmackDown on FOX opens live from the Capital One Arena in Washington, DC. Michael Cole welcomes us to a sold out arena. He’s joined at ringside by Wade Barrett.

– We go right to the ring and out first comes The Bloodline – Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso, Solo Sikoa, and Paul Heyman. There is no sign of Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Jey Uso. The Bloodline stops on the entrance-way and raises their gold as the pyro hits. They then march to the ring as Samantha Irvin does the introductions.

The Bloodline hits the ring and poses to more pyro and loud chants as Cole hypes Reigns’ WrestleMania 39 title defense against Cody Rhodes. Reigns grabs the mic but the crowd is on fire. Reigns finally calls on Washington, DC to acknowledge him. Before Reigns can say anything else, the music interrupts and out comes Rhodes to a major pop.

Rhodes heads to the ring after the pyro explodes. Fans sing his theme along as The Bloodline watches. Rhodes briefly hesitates but then enters the ring, staring down Reigns and his crew. The music stops and a “Cody!” chant starts up. Reigns says contrary to what Heyman may have told Reigns, Cody is not here to invade, or engage in reckless negations, he’s here to have a conversation with his WrestleMania opponent, one-on-one, man-to-man. Rhodes sees no reason for Reigns’ compatriots here, unless Reigns feels like he needs them. Reigns tells Heyman to leave them. Heyman says a few words to Reigns while Sikoa stares a hole through Rhodes. Reigns has Heyman take Sikoa and Jimmy with him as fans cheer.

Reigns asks Cody if that makes him feel more comfortable. Reigns says let’s get more comfortable. He says Cody might not like this but he’s going to do it anyway… Reigns lays both title belts flat on the mat between he and Rhodes, then asks Rhodes what he wants to talk about. Rhodes says fair enough. Rhodes wants to talk about Reigns. He brings up the 915-day title reign to mixed reactions. Rhodes goes on and congratulates Reigns. Rhodes says for some Reigns has become this impossible mountain to climb but that’s kind of Cody’s thing. He brings up his WWE past and “his little indie show” he did with his buddies, an AEW or All In reference that got a pop from the crowd, and says he keeps punching the goal posts when they’re moved. He says to some Reigns may be impossible, just not to Cody. Fans chant “Cody!” again.

Reigns laughs and says Cody is good, like he’s been rehearsing that all week, it was flawless. Reigns asks Cody if he’s ever won “that one” – he points at the WWE Title. Reigns asks Cody if he’s even competed for one of these titles or even been in the WrestleMania main event before. Reigns has and that makes him the most experienced WrestleMania main event of all-time. Reigns says he’s been groomed since he was a kid, not just by his own father, but by Cody’s father also.

Some chant for Reigns but he says no, he’s not done with his story. Reigns brings up WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes but says he has too much love and respect to put him down. Reigns says they spent a lot of time together, and The Dream really helped him and put him over. Reigns does a Dusty impersonation, recalling when Dusty told him he had “it.” Dusty called it and talked about how Reigns would be the face of WWE. He says Dusty was the best, he really was. Reigns asks if Cody wants to know what Dream used to say about Cody. Nothing, not at all. Reigns says Dusty may have talked about Cody to others but when Reigns was around, it was like Cody didn’t exist. Reigns wishes Dusty was here right now. He knows Cody misses him, but Reigns misses him as well. Reigns picks his title belts back up and hoists them onto his shoulder.

Reigns knows Dusty isn’t here anymore but just know this… if there’s anything Dusty didn’t teach Cody, Reigns will teach it to him. Cody laughs and says he’s not even playing on the same field, this isn’t chess, Reigns didn’t send Heyman to RAW to get into Cody’s head, he sent him to convey the real-life situation, to tell Cody the truth, but if that’s the truth, that one of Dusty’s fabled kids is better than Dusty’s actual kid, then the truth is… Reigns is the son Dusty always wanted, and that changes absolutely everything because this is not just a dream or urge or want or desire or some story that needs finished, this becomes a necessity. Cody says Reigns said he doesn’t exist but Cody has to exist and the only way he can exist is by beating Reigns at WrestleMania. Cody is fired up now. Fans pop. Cody says absolutely… Reigns, sir, champ… may the better man win. They shake hands. Reigns exits the ring as Cody’s music starts up.

– Cole says The Bloodline will be back in the spotlight tonight for their internal issues and Solo Sikoa vs. Sami Zayn in the main event.

– We see Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio walking backstage. Back to commercial.

Liv Morgan vs. Rhea Ripley

Back from the break and out comes Rhea Ripley with Dominik Mysterio. Liv Morgan is out next as we see how she challenged Ripley to this match in a post-show interview with Megan Morant last Friday.

The bell rings and Liv unloads into the corner. Ripley grabs her but Liv nails a kick. They tangle some more and Liv hits a hip toss. Liv goes on until Ripley drops her while Dominik rallies at ringside.

Ripley stands over Liv and taunts her while talking some trash about SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. Ripley pounds on Liv but misses in the corner. Liv with a back splash and a high knee in the corner. Liv with a missile dropkick from the middle rope to send Ripley to the floor.

Liv runs the ropes for a suicide dive but Ripley is waiting on her at ringside. Ripley side-steps and swats Liv to the floor. Ripley stands tall over Liv at ringside as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Ripley continues to dominate. Liv gets a small opening and stuns Ripley. Liv with a kick and a hurricanrana from the middle rope. Liv goes on and nails Ripley with double knees. Liv mounts more offense and flies off the middle turnbuckle with a super Codebreaker to the face but Ripley kicks out just in time. Liv can’t believe it.

Ripley blocks the Ob-Livion. Liv blocks Riptide. Liv with a step-up enziguri, then a high knee in the corner to put Ripley down as a worried Dominik looks on. Liv goes to the top but Ripley catches her for a powerbomb.

Ripley keeps fighting and nails Riptide in the middle of the ring, but she’s not done yet. Ripley then applies the inverted Cloverleaf in the middle of the ring and Liv taps out for the submission win.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

– After the match, Ripley stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Dominik joins Ripley as Liv tries to recover.

– Back from the break and The Bloodline is backstage. Paul Heyman is talking about Dusty Rhodes when Roman Reigns asks Jimmy Uso if he’s talked to Jey Uso. Jimmy says he is. Reigns asks what’s going on. Jimmy says you know how Jey is, he just needs some time. Reigns asks how much time. Jimmy says he spoke with Jey this morning and he was doing better than yesterday, and the day before that, but he will let Jey know. Reigns says he’s running out of patience. Jimmy says he will let Jey know. Reigns says he’s not running out of patience with Jey, he’s losing patience with Jimmy. Jimmy nods and looks concerned as he says he will let Jey know, then he walks out.

– Tonight’s Progressive Match Flo video looks back at what Rey Mysterio went through with his son Dominik Mysterio and Karrion Kross last week.

– We see Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley walking backstage now. Santos Escobar interrupts and Dominik asks if there’s a problem. Escobar says Rey Mysterio should’ve punched Dominik in the face last week but he understands why Rey couldn’t, but Santos can. He says Adam Pearce agrees with him, so he’s going to teach Dominik a lesson in respect tonight. Escobar says he’s going to the ring right now and if Dominik is half the man he says he is, he will meet Escobar out there, hombre-to-hombre. Escobar blows a kiss at Ripley and walks off. Ripley looks concerned at Dominik as we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and Cole plugs the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin, Germany this coming June. We see a group of Special Olympics athletes in the front row now.

Santos Escobar vs. Dominik Mysterio

We go back to the ring and out comes Santos Escobar. He is wearing his lucha mask, but also carrying the mask he was recently given by Rey Mysterio. Escobar takes Rey’s mask and places it on the top turnbuckle. Out next comes Dominik Mysterio with Rhea Ripley. Cole points to how Mysterio didn’t come out by himself.

The bell rings and Escobar charges into the corner but Dominik stalls to boos. Escobar backs off and Dominik charges with a cheap shot. Dominik with a headlock now as Ripley cheers him on. Escobar turns it around in the corner, mounting Dominik from behind and making him look at the Rey mask, screaming about how this is Dominik’s legacy.

Escobar drops Dominik on the mat now and applies the Surfboard submission to a pop. Dominik ends up getting out of the hold as Ripley rallies for him. Dominik goes on and sends Escobar to the floor, then nails a suicide dive. Dominik and Ripley show off at ringside as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Dominik is mounting Escobar in the corner with right hands as Ripley taunts the crowd to boos. Dominik drops Escobar into position for 619, but instead he nails a knee to the back of the head. Escobar snaps and charges, taking Dominik down and unloading on him to a pop. Escobar goes on but Dominik jabs him in the eye.

Dominik with a running corner clothesline, then some trash talking in the corner while forcing Escobar to look at the Rey mask. Dominik puts Escobar back down on the mat and poses to boos. Dominik talks more trash and slaps Escobar. Escobar counters a move and runs the ropes, ducking Dominik and hitting a flying elbow. Escobar mounts offense and nails a leg drop for 2. Escobar goes on working Dominik over. They collide in mid-air with headbutts, and both go down now.

More back and forth. Dominik has brass knuckles now, which has the referee distracted with him in the corner. This allows Ripley to pull Escobar to ringside for a Riptide on the floor. She rolls Escobar back in and Dominik goes to the top for the big Frogsplash to get the pin to win.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio

– After the match, Dominik stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Dominik and Ripley exit the ring now with Dominik taunting Escobar with the stolen Rey mask. Escobar seethes from the ring as fans boo Dominik. The music interrupts and out comes Rey. Dominik taunts him with the mask, and says he will give it to his father if Rey hits him. Rey refuses but wants the mask. Dominik drops the mask and goes to walk away. Rey leans over to pick the mask up but Dominik shoves him over. The boos get louder as Dominik stands with Ripley. Rey sits up now and looks at the mask in his hands, and he’s a bit emotional.

– We see Sami Zayn’s Twitter video from earlier today, where he talked about The Bloodline and Solo Sikoa while walking through a concourse full of fans. Sami goes on about sending a message to The Bloodline tonight and how he won’t stop until The Bloodline goes down. Fans in the concourse chanted “Sami!” as a fired up Zayn continued taunting The Bloodline.

– We go back to the ring and out comes Drew McIntyre to a big pop. The announcers talk about how McIntyre has made it clear he wants a shot at at WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER. McIntyre hits the ring and poses to pyro as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and McIntyre calls GUNTHER out. The music interrupts and here comes an irate Sheamus instead. Sheamaus asks McIntyre what he’s doing. Drew says this isn’t personal. Sheamus goes on about how Drew knows what the WWE Intercontinental Title would mean to him as he’s never won it. Drew tells Sheamus to calm down but Sheamus is furious, and now in Drew’s face in the middle of the ring. Sheamus says Drew knows he wanted GUNTHER at WrestleMania, and now he’s out here calling him out here for it. Sheamus thought Drew was his brother but he’s not, he’s just a back-stabbing bastard.

Drew says OK if they’re telling the truth, the truth sometimes hurts… Sheamus had his chance and he lost, twice. The music interrupts and out comes LA Knight. Knight says if you’re talking about the Intercontinental Title you’ve got to be talking about LA Knight, yeah. He says Sheamus and Drew have been handed every opportunity but they’ve failed. LA says you can’t gave a LA WrestleMania without LA Knight. LA enters the ring but the music interrupts and out comes The New Day – Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

The New Day just wanted to apologize on behalf of LA because he’s came out here to whine about WrestleMania for the past few weeks. They say this is sad. The New Day is in the ring now. Kofi says LA wants a WrestleMania match but as of late he can’t even win a match on SmackDown. They laugh at LA. The music interrupts and out comes Karrion Kross with Scarlett.

Knight takes advantage of the distraction and attacks from behind to knock Kofi out of the ring. Woods attacks LA but LA fights him off, then knocks him to the floor as well. Sheamus knocks LA to the floor, then turns around to Drew staring him down. Sheamus and Drew have a few words and Drew backs off. Drew then runs the ring and leaps over the top rope, taking LA and The New Day down at ringside.

Kross attacks Sheamus and sends him shoulder-first into the ring post, then to the floor. Kross and Scarlett are alone in the ring now as the music starts back up. Everyone else is laid out at ringside. Kross stares ahead and taps his watch while mouthing “Tik, Tok…” to the camera.

– Still to come, Sami Zayn vs. Solo Sikoa. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Cole says we were supposed to have Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler vs. Tegan Nox and Natalya, but an earlier backstage fight prevented that from happening. We see footage from earlier today with a camera man rushing through the backstage area to find Baszler pounding on Nox while Rousey and Natalya are down. Rousey is clutching her arm. Officials yell at Baszler to back off, then they pull Nox away. Rousey, still clutching her arm, says something about it’s time to start breaking people’s arms. Cole says Rousey suffered an arm injury and is unable to compete.

Shayna Baszler vs. Tegan Nox

We go back to the ring and out comes Shayna Baszler with Ronda Rousey. They are not in a good mood. Out next comes Tegan Nox with Natalya, to Natalya’s theme song.

The bell rings and Nox ducks Baszler, then dropkicks her. Nox with a kick and a corner cannonball as Natalya and Rousey look on from ringside. Baszler turns it around with ease, then goes to stomp on the limbs, but Nox sends her flying with a scissors.

They tangle and Baszler drops Nox on her face. Baszler focuses on the arm now as Nox screams out. Nox dodges a high knee in the corner, then unloads with jabs. Baszler drops the arm back as Rousey taunts Nox. Nox gets up and nails a headbutt but Baszler easily drops her again.

Baszler talks some trash to Natalya as she rallies for Nox. Nox rolls Baszler for 2 but Baszler comes right back with a knee to the face. Baszler goes on and applies the armbar in the middle of the ring for the submission win.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

– After the match, Baszler stands tall as the music hits. Natalya helps Nox from the ring as Nox screams out about her arm.

– Kayla Braxton is backstage with Imperium now. WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER says it’s an absolute disgrace that a man like him has been kept waiting by so-called leadership Adam Pearce, with just one month out and he still has not identified the man to challenge GUNTHER at WrestleMania. Braxton asks GUNTHER if he’s concerned based on what happened earlier. GUNTHER says the only thing he’s concerned about is not having a worthy opponent at WrestleMania to do battle for this title, for this precious sport, for the legacy of The Ring General at the Greatest Stage of Them All.

– The music interrupts and out comes RAW Superstar Bobby Lashley, surprising Cole and Barrett. Lashley hits the ring to pose for the crowd as we see Bray Wyatt’s logo flash on the screen. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Lashley is in the ring as we see recent happenings between he and Wyatt. Lashley says for the past two weeks Wyatt has been telling him to run, but he runs from no one, and when that didn’t work, Wyatt started playing little kid games like “Muscle Man,” which he thought was comical but it just looked like a sign of weakness. Lashley says where he’s from you go talk to someone in their face when you have problems, but since Wyatt isn’t man enough, he decided to come to Wyatt’s show to see him.

Lashley says if Wyatt is man enough, he’s here, so come see him in the ring. The music hits and the lights go low as Wyatt’s entrance starts up. Lashley is looking for Wyatt to come out, but Uncle Howdy suddenly attacks Lashley from behind and beats him down. There’s no sign of Wyatt. Howdy grabs Lashley’s face and laughs. Howdy charges again but Lashley counters and spikes him into the mat. Lashley throws his jacket away, then readies in the corner for a Spear as Howdy slowly gets back up. Before Lashley can hit the Spear, the lights go out. The lights come back up and Howdy is gone. Lashley looks around until the Wyatt logo flashes back on the screen to end the segment.

– Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso and Paul Heyman are backstage. Jimmy talked to Jey Uso but Jey said he needs more time. Reigns asks if Jey really said that? Jimmy says no, he really said for Reigns to leave him the hell alone. Reigns says he doesn’t understand how Jey could do this to Jimmy after everything Reigns has… after everything they have done for Jey. Right? Reigns says he’s always been there for Jey and had his back, but none of this started until Sami Zayn came around. Maybe that’s where the greed comes from, Reigns says. Reigns says they will fix this problem once and for all… he wants Jimmy to go out with Solo Sikoa for the main event, and get rid of Zayn. Reigns says if Jimmy gets rid of Sami, then Jey will come home. Reigns asks Jimmy if he can do that. Jimmy says he’s got Reigns. Reigns tells him to do it for The Bloodline, for the family. Jimmy nods and walks off as Reigns pats him on the back. Heyman leans over and tells Reigns that was wonderful, but Reigns shakes his head. Reigns thinks it over and says Jey’s got one week. Do you understand, Wise Man? Yes, my Tribal Chief. Reigns says if Jey isn’t back in The Bloodline in one week, he’s not going to blame Jey, he’s going to blame Jimmy. Heyman looks worried.

– The announcers hype next week’s SmackDown with Kofi Kingston vs. Karrion Kross vs. Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre to determine the next challenger to WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER.

Sami Zayn vs. Solo Sikoa

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event and out first comes Solo Sikoa with Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso. Sami Zayn is out next to a big pop as we see Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman watching from their locker room suite in the back.

Zayn rushes the ring and unloads on Sikoa. Jimmy quickly gets involved but Sami dumps him over the top rope to the floor, then does the same to Sikoa. Zayn runs the ring and leaps over the top rope, taking Jimmy and Solo down on the floor. Sami returns to the ring and poses for a big pop as we see Reigns and Heyman watching from the back.

Sikoa returns to the ring and the bell officially rings now to start the match. Sikoa beats Zayn down and works him over. Sami ducks a clothesline and then clotheslines Sikoa to the floor.

Jimmy yells at Zayn at ringside as the referee warns him. Sami turns back to Sikoa but he gets dropped. Sikoa slams Sami face-first into the ring post several times. Sikoa then launches Zayn over the barrier into the timekeeper’s area as fans boo. We go to commercial with Heyman and Reigns watching backstage.

Back from the break and Sikoa has been dominating Zayn while Jimmy talks trash from ringside. We see Heyman and Reigns watching again. Zayn tries to mount a comeback but Sikoa decks him again. Sami dodges a clothesline and nails one of his own. They both go down.

Fans rally for Zayn as Reigns looks on from the back. Sami and Sikoa trade punches now. Sami runs the ropes but Sikoa catches him in a big Samoan Drop in the middle of the ring. Sikoa yells out to mostly boos. Barrett points to how Sikoa is not trying to pin or submit Zayn as this is all about punishment. Sikoa with the running Rikishi splash in the corner now.

Sikoa works Zayn in the corner but Zayn fights back. Zayn with a big tornado DDT for a pin attempt. Zayn goes to the top and hits a crossbody but Sikoa kicks out at 2 again as a concerned Jimmy looks on. Sikoa fights off a Blue Thunderbomb attempt. Sikoa looks for a corner splash but he hits the top turnbuckle with his face as Sami moves.

Sami with a Blue Thunderbomb for a close 2 count. Sami goes for a Helluva Kick but Jimmy saves Sikoa by pulling him out of the way. Sikoa then comes right back with the Samoan Spike for the pin to win.

Winner: Solo Sikoa

– After the match, the music hits as Sikoa stands tall. The attack continues but Jimmy rushes in and he wants to take over. Jimmy mounts Sami with right hands. Jimmy tells Sikoa to bring a steel chair in as he continues to pound on Zayn in the corner to boos while talking trash. Jimmy places the chair around the neck of a dazed Zayn. Sikoa prepares to charge in with the Rikishi splash but Jimmy wants to do the honors. Sami jumps up and throws the chair in Solo’s face, then dodges a big splash from Jimmy in the corner. Sami then comes right back with a Helluva Kick to Jimmy. Sami stumbles around now but he’s on his feet as fans pop. Sami grabs the chair now and he goes to smash it over Jimmy’s back but here comes Sikoa. Sami throws the chair at Sikoa and he catches it, but Sami takes advantage to retreat from the ring to the crowd. Jimmy and Solo seethe in the ring as Sami stands with fans in the crowd. Sami’s music starts up and fans sing along as Reigns and Heyman watch from backstage. Sami poses with the crowd as a “Sami!” chant starts up. Jimmy is angry and disappointed in the ring, Reigns is angry and disappointed backstage. SmackDown goes off the air.

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