Eddie Edwards re-signs with Impact

Mar 3, 2023 - by Staff

Veteran pro wrestler Eddie Edwards has signed a new contract with Impact Wrestling.

A new report from PWInsider notes that Edwards just signed a new contract with the company, believed to be for multiple years, which will put him past one decade with the company.

Edwards, who just turned 39 on December 30, commented on the new contract and the working relationship he has with Impact, noting that this is the best relationship he’s had with any front office.

“I’m doing good. I am happy that it’s, you know, we’re at the point where I got to sign a new deal,” he said. “Clearly, Impact and myself, we have a pretty good relationship. It’s been, what, nine years at this point? Basically, we’ve been together and obviously, you know, the front office has changed time and time again, but I can comfortably say that right now is the best relationship I have had with the front office and I think that it’s that way for a lot of people in the locker room.”

Edwards continued and talked about the open door policy in Impact, and how he and his wife Alisha Edwards want to remain with the company forever.

“There’s a very open door policy, and I think that shows in the locker room that we have, and it shows,” he said. “It shows a lot of faith in our locker room and in the front office that we can go back and forth to things. I think I’ve made it pretty clear to a lot of people that myself and, you know, my wife Alisha, we are Impact Wrestling. We want to be in Impact Wrestling. We want to stay in Impact Wrestling, you know, forever. That is my goal. Luckily, Impact has always treated me well, and I’m just glad that I got to sign on the dotted line and, and continue going for them. I’m just excited for the future at this point.”

Edwards was also asked why Impact remains the right fit for him personally, after nine years with the company.

“Man. That’s….that is wild. When you say that, it gets real at that point,” he said, laughing. “For me, it’s just, since day one, even though, I had a different boss [in charge of Impact] at that time, but since day one, they’ve always treated me with respect. Speaking specifically about now, they’ve always treated me with great respect. I feel very valued in the company where..you know, I don’t want, nobody wants to work in a place where you’re overlooked or you’re taken for granted. That’s what, that has been a thought of mine, because I do like to make it known that I love working for Impact Wrestling, and I don’t want to go anywhere. So a fear could be, I just don’t want to get taken for granted, but I’ve never, you know, I’ve never had that thought here. It’s never even come to that, which, you know, is a good feeling to have.”

Edwards’ new contract comes after Impact has also signed the following names to contracts in recent months – Kenny King, Dirty Dango, Big Kon, Frankie Kazarian, Brian Myers, Rich Swann, Mike Bailey, Alan Angels, Tasha Steelz, John Skyler, Jai Vidal, Johnny Swinger, PCO, and Jonathan Gresham. Deonna Purrazzo also had her contract extended for one year as well.

Edwards debuted with Impact in January 2014, with his partner Davey Richards, as The Wolves. He has been with the company ever since, and is a two-time Impact World Champion, a two-time Impact X-Division Champion, and a five-time Impact World Tag Team Champion. He was the eighth Triple Crown Champion for the company.

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