3/3/23 AEW Rampage Recap

Mar 3, 2023 - by Michael Riba

The opening credits roll. Chris Jericho, Excalibur, Jim Ross, and Tony Schiavone are on commentary from San Francisco, California.

Match #1 – Four-Way Tag Team Match: Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis) vs. Dark Order (Alex Reynolds and John Silver) vs. The Blackpool Combat Club (Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta) vs. Top Flight (Dante Martin and Darius Martin)
Dark Order attacks Castagnoli and Yuta during their entrance, and then Top Flight dives onto all four men. Aussie Open attack Top Flight and ram them into each other on the outside. Davis gets Darius into the ring and the bell rings. Fletcher tags in and Aussie Open double-teams Darius for a bit. Dante comes back in and evens the numbers by sending Davis to the floor. Reynolds tags in and takes Fletcher down with a flying back elbow. Davis comes back and knocks Top Flight to the floor, but Castagnoli guillotines Fletcher on the top rope. Reynolds knocks Yuta to the floor and tags in Silver. Silver takes Castagnoli down and then delivers right hands. Castagnoli comes back with a shot to Silver’s back, and then tosses him to the apron. Silver gets free and delivers shots to everyone on the floor, and then goes for a cross-body on Castagnoli. Castagnoli catches him and delivers a back-breaker. Castagnoli goes for the cover, but Silver kicks out. Yuta tags in, but Silver gets free and tags in Reynolds. Reynolds drops Castagnoli to the floor, but Yuta delivers an elbow to Reynolds. Reynolds sends Davis and Yuta to the floor, but Castagnoli drops him with a shot. Castagnoli and Yuta double-team Reynolds as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Castagnoli has Reynolds in a headlock on the mat. Reynolds gets to his feet, but Castagnoli slams him down and tags in Yuta. Yuta knocks Silver to the floor, but Reynolds stomps on his back. Fletcher and Dante tag in, and Dante delivers kicks to Aussie Open. Dante drops them with a cross-body and then dives onto Davis and The Blackpool Combat Club on the outside. Top Flight double-team Fletcher and Darius goes for the cover, but Silver breaks it up. Davis comes in with shots to Dark Order, and then Aussie Open double-super kick Darius. Aussie Open drops Darius with the pendulum power bomb and Fletcher goes for the cover, but it is broken up. Aussie Open and The Blackpool Combat Club exchange shots and then send Castagnoli to the floor. Reynolds tags in as Davis accidentally takes Fletcher out. Darius comes in and delivers shots to Dark Order, but then Dark Order come back and double-team him. Yuta makes a blind tag and sends Dark Order out and gets a quick pin fall on Darius.
Winners: The Blackpool Combat Club
-After the match, Dark Order attack Castagnoli and Yuta and they all brawl on the floor.

The video preview for the Texas Death Match between Adam Page and Jon Moxley at Revolution airs.

Footage of The Jericho Appreciation Society beating down Ricky Starks on this past Wednesday’s Dynamite airs. The JAS will be barred from ringside in the match between Chris Jericho and Starks at Revolution.

Jack Perry’s response to Christian Cage from this past Wednesday’s Dynamite airs. Their match at Revolution is now being billed as “The Final Burial.”

Match #2 – Singles Match: Emi Sakura vs. Riho
They lock up, and then Sakura kicks Riho in the midsection. Sakura tosses Riho across the ring and chokes her with her boot in the corner. Riho comes back and goes for a cross-body, but Sakura catches her and takes her down. Riho escapes and delivers a shot to Sakuta, and then follows with a running knee strike in the corner. Riho delivers a suplex and goes for the cover, but Sakura kicks out. Riho delivers a forearm in the corner, but Sakura counters back and slams Riho into the corner. Riho comes back with a kick to the face, and then sends Sakura to the outside with a hurricanrana. Riho goes up top, but Sakura quickly backs away. Riho drops and charges, but Sakura catches her and delivers a back-breaker. Sakura throws Riho into the barricade and delivers a cross-body against it as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Riho counters Sakura and sends her into the ropes. Riho delivers the Tiger Feint Kick and follows with a cross-body. Riho goes for the cover, but Sakura kicks out. Sakura comes back and takes Riho down and delivers a cross-body in the corner. Sakura takes Riho down and goes for the cover, but Riho kicks out. Riho comes back with a couple roll-ups for two counts, and then Sakura gets a two count of her own. Sakura delivers a shot to Riho and goes for another cover, but Riho kicks out again. Sakura goes for a moonsault, but Riho rolls out of the way and goes up top. Riho goes for the double stomp, but Sakura dodges it and delivers a back elbow. Riho comes back with a quick roll-up and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Riho

The video preview for the Three-Way Match for the AEW Women’s World Championship, in which Jamie Hayter defends against Ruby Soho and Saraya, at Revolution airs.

Match #3 – Singles Match: Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Serpentico
Serpentico delivers a shot, but Hobbs throws him into the ropes. Hobbs delivers the spine-buster, and then delivers the Torture Rack Slam for the pin fall.
Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs
-After the match, Hobbs says it doesn’t matter if Samoa Joe or Wardlow wins on Sunday, because the next chapter in the Book of Hobbs is the TNT Championship.

Renee Paqeuette interviews Konosuke Takeshita. Takeshita says he has had many great moments in AEW, but not too many big wins. He says maybe he needs to go back to Japan, but Don Callis interrupts. Callis says Takeshita needs something and asks Takeshita to give him some time to show what he can do for him.

Mark Briscoe cuts a promo. He says he is feeling good and strong, but then he found himself backstage at a show. He saw a tag team battle royale going on and ran down to help his brother, but then remembered his brother is upstairs now. He talks about Smart Mark Sterling and The Varsity Athletes, and then Alex Abrahantes and The Lucha Brothers walk in to have his back. A Trios Match is made official for the Revolution preshow this Sunday, with Briscoe and The Lucha Brothers vs. The Varsity Athletes and Ari Daivari.

Match #4 – Tag Team Match: Dustin Rhodes and Keith Lee vs. Mogul Affiliates (Parker Boudreaux and Swerve Strickland)
Boudreaux backs Lee into the corner, but Lee counters back with body shots. Boudreaux comes back with right hands and rakes Lee’s eyes against the ropes. Lee takes Boudreaux to the corner and delivers more body shots, and then tags in Rhodes. Rhodes delivers an uppercut and takes Boudreaux to the corner. Rhodes delivers right hands, but Boudreaux comes back with a few shots. Rhodes comes back with a kick to the midsection, but Boudreaux drops him with a short-arm lariat as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Strickland slams Rhodes to the mat. Strickland knocks Lee to the floor, but Rhodes drops him with a back-body drop. Rhodes follows with a power slam, and then Lee and Boudreaux tag in. Lee backs Boudreaux into the corner and delivers shots, but Boudreaux comes back with right hands. Lee comes back with the Pounce and then brings Strickland into the ring. Strickland kicks Lee in the face, but Lee comes back with a back elbow. Lee delivers chops, but Strickland comes back with an enzuigiri. Lee slams Strickland down and then set up for a superplex. Boudreaux cuts Lee off, but Rhodes comes back in with a shot. Boudreaux sends Rhodes to the floor and holds Lee against the ropes, and then Strickland moonsault off of Lee’s chest onto Rhodes. Bourdreaux kicks Lee in the head and Strickland hits the Swerve Stomp from the top. Boudreaux goes for the cover, but Lee kicks out. Lee delivers a headbutt to Boudreaux and Rhodes takes Boudreaux down. Strickland drops Rhodes with a shot, and then Boudreaux delivers a shot to Lee. Lee slams Boudreaux down, and then Rhodes delivers a Canadian Destroyer to Strickland. Lee slams Boudreaux with the Spirit Bomb and gets the pin fall.
Winners: Dustin Rhodes and Keith Lee

As Excalibur is running down the Revolution card, Ricky Starks appears behind Chris Jericho and attacks him. They brawl on the stage as referees and security rush out to separate them as the show comes to a close.

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