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Mar 2, 2023 - by Staff

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Matt Hardy has provided an in-depth update on his brother Jeff Hardy and how he’s been since the DUI arrest last summer.

As noted, Jeff’s 2022 DUI case is now closed after he entered a plea of nolo contendere in Volusia County, FL last Thursday. Hardy’s license were suspended for 10 years, he received credit for 38 days of time served in jail, probation for 2 years, $4,586 in fines and court fees, a 90 day impoundment of his car, two years of an interlock device on his car, community service, and court-mandated DUI school or a drug rehab program.

In an update, Matt discussed Jeff’s status and future on the latest episode of his “Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast with co-host Jon Alba.

“The first thing Jeff did whenever he got the opportunity, he traveled to Florida and stayed 90 days and did an extensive rehabilitation stint,” Matt revealed. “Really intense work on himself. Even after those 90 days, he was doing outpatient, where he was going every week. He probably did 170 days altogether when it was said and done, on treatment on himself, being there and trying to rehabilitate himself and get to the bottom of this, ‘why do you have issues? What causes this? How can we correct and change this?’ It’s one of those things, my brother, obviously, he’s had so many addiction problems through the years, but he’s never been this specific and in detail to try and work through it so much, really commit himself to this.”

Matt noted that Jeff went to rehab for 30 days while he was with WWE in April 2021, but this was at the same time their father was dying, and it was tough for Jeff to focus on just rehab. He said Jeff has now had time to process their father’s passing and have closure, allowing him to focus on himself, getting better, and the rehab process.

“The reason I say it’ll be different this time is because he went into it with a different mentality and he’s never been this scared before,” Matt said. “There was a lot of talk where they wanted him to go to prison for months and do this. They ended up working this deal where it was 30 days. One of the biggest things you’re going to see with Jeff Hardy going forward is how he wants to share his story and help other people out. That’s something he’s been very adamant about already. He’s been so motivated.”

Matt also revealed how Jeff was part of an intervention for a close friend that was struggling with alcohol, and liver problems due to the drinking. The intervention was just over one month ago. Matt reiterated multiple times about how Jeff wants to give back and help other people who are battling addiction. He talked about how alcohol is the worst addiction because it’s so prominent. Matt said this is the biggest change he’s seen from his brother.

“This last time, alcohol was harder than anything else for him to kick,” Matt said. “There was a time when he first came to AEW where he would go weeks without doing anything, but once he would get that little… get a little started, it would quickly turn to an avalanche, and that’s just how he is and how his personality is. I think he understands that now more. The fact that he had so much on the line, and legitimately, this could have cost him a large chunk of his life. He was trying to do the work in treatment, he had legal people trying to help him out as much as they could. At the end of the day, he’s not someone who has done violent, bad things that come from a terrible place. He’s someone who had an addiction problem. I hate it. There is no way to justify someone being intoxicated, getting behind the wheel, and driving. It can’t be justified. In this day and age, it should never happen. The help that he went and got during this time, I’ve seen a different version of him, and it’s not one trying to play the game. Don’t take my word for it here. Follow him going forward and we’ll see what happens. Could I be wrong? Of course I could, but this is the most drastically different I’ve seen my brother.”

Matt also reiterated how Jeff driving while intoxicated could not be justified, and he did not condone what Jeff did. He added that Jeff has gone to extended lengths to reflect on things and is 100% committed.

Matt discussed at length how trauma may have affected Jeff’s decisions over the years, with a big issue being the passing of their mother when they were young. Matt said that they made a promise to their mom that they would stay away from drugs and alcohol, and they kept that promise throughout their school years.

In regards to a potential in-ring return for Jeff, Matt said this has not been discussed.

“That hasn’t been talked about. Will it happen? Maybe. Maybe not. That isn’t something that hasn’t been talked about at all at this point and it certainly wasn’t going to be like, his court case is done, he shows back up on AEW Dynamite,” Matt said.

It was also discussed how Jeff’s style of in-ring work and risk-taking may have affected his addiction, with Matt mentioning how Jeff may change his style to preserve his longevity. Matt was asked if he would talk to Jeff about changing his in-ring style.

“Yes. I already have,” Matt responded. “I’ve had it with him throughout the years. Whenever I wanted him to become Brother Nero at the beginning, I was having that conversation with him then. That’s why I said he could no longer jump off the top rope. ‘You’re Jeff Hardy, you’re a rockstar, people want to see Jeff Hardy. I know you feel so committed and passionate and you want to give them a whisper in the wind and Swanton every single night. You can do those things when the time is right. Pick and choose. Be smart. You’re not just Jeff Hardy the wrestler anymore, you’re Jeff Hardy the father, the husband, the family man. You have to think about that.'”

It was reiterated throughout the podcast how Matt was not trying to rehabilitate Jeff or speak for him, but that Jeff isn’t the type of person who will speak about things for 45 minutes in a social media video, so he was doing his best to provide as much insight into his brother as he could from his perspective.

Jeff has not issued any public comments on his case or his future as of this writing. Furthermore, there is still no word yet on if Jeff will return to AEW in the near future, but AEW President Tony Khan, after announcing Jeff’s suspension in June 2022, later noted that the suspension would stand until Jeff underwent treatment and was able to maintain sobriety.

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