Impact Wrestling Report, 3/2/23

Mar 2, 2023 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling.  Coverage will begin at 830pm.  The show is from Las Vegas.  Mathew Rehwoldt and Tom Hannifan are on the call.

The show opens with another video clip from the No Surrender card.  Mickie James retained over Masha Slamovich and Rich Swann was not able to wrestle the World Championship from Josh Alexander.

Chris Bey and Ace Austin (Bullet Club) enter the arena and start the show with a promo.  They are now known as ABC.  Bey starts off and talks up he and his partner.  He then brings up the fact he started his career in Las Vegas.  With Kenta they beat Time Machine.  Ace takes the mic and says he also made his Impact debut in Las Vegas.  They bring up how it important it is to beat the Motor City Machine Guns.   Just then the MCMG’s come out to the ramp.  The double champs enter the ring and grab a mic.  Sabin says he and Shelley have been teaming since 2006 since Bey and Austin were a positive pregnancy test.  The Guns make the claim they are the best tag team in the world.  The BC says that could change in one match.  Shelley tells the BC they are MCMGs ripoffs.  He calls them Ikea rip offs.  Shelley says they should do the match tonight.  The fans love it.  They all shake.

TMDK Hysterical, Shane Haste is interviewed backstage.  He has a match with Mike Bailey.

Rich Swann is interviewed backstage.  He tells Gia don’t put a band aid on him by telling him how good he did.  Shera and Raj Singh walk up.  Singh takes over the interview by tipping the camera man.  He says he hit it big in Vegas.  Swann is annoyed and challenges Singh to a match.  Ray says he needs to hit the tables.

Match 1.  Shane Haste VS  Speedball Mike Bailey

Shane tries to keep the pace grounded to take away Bailey’s speed and air attack.  Haste is a NJPW wrestler.  Bailey finally starts his speed based attack and Haste can’t keep up.  He bails to the floor and finally catches Bailey flying to the floor.  He drops him with a spine busting, side suplex on the apron.  The match direction has completely calmed down.  He ties up Bailey in the corner and just butchers him.  Bailey crawls to the center of the ring and mounts a comeback, but he has to eat some strong style chops.  After a Saito suplex, Shane gets a two count.  Speedball starts to mount a comeback after a commercial break.  Bailey and Haste throw punches on the top rope.  Bailey pushes Haste off and hits a missile dropkick.  He then hits a spin kick.  After a spinning standing moon sault, Bailey gets a two count.  Bailey is trying to bounce back after a loss to Jonathan Gresham.  Bailey hits a moon sault, double knee. Haste hits a reverse suplex, but misses on a dynamic bomb.  He rolls to the floor and Bailey goes to the top and moon saults him.  Bailey misses an ultimate weapon.  Haste hits a dynamic bomb for a two count after a beautiful dropkick.  Haste is a different level post WWE run.  Bailey hits a reverse ranna.  After a tornado kick he hits the ultimate weapon and Bailey gets the win by pinfall.

Winner.  Mike Bailey

Fantastic Match.

The Design have a backstage promo.  Angels is losing it.  Deaner calms him.  Rhino runs in and says Sami Callihan will not be screwed with like he was.  Sami says he is where he wants to be.  This sets up a match.

Match 2.  Kenny King vs Kevin Knight

King refuses a hand shake.  King is the more experienced by Knight is a insane high flyer.  Knight hits the splash in the corner.  King lariats Knight.  Kings wants to keep it slow.  He leg sweeps and then kicks Knight to the head.  King hits a swinging back breaker and moves to a camel clutch.  King is also from Vegas.  Knight rolls up King a few times and then pump kicks him.  After a upper cut, he hits a back breaker.  He lands a crossbody for a two count off the top.  King hits a spinebuster.  King deposits Knight on the top turnbuckle and kicked him.  After a royal flush, it is over.

Winner by pinfall, Kenny King

We get highlights from Kushida/Josh Alexander confrontation from NJPW.  He will face him at Multiverse United.  (NJPW)  

Steve Maclin confronts Josh Alexander, while he is talking about Kushida.  Maclin says beat Kushida, he wants him.

Bully Ray does a comedy segment about Tommy Dreamer with Santino Marella and Dango.  Bully says he can kill him.  Bhupinder Gujjar throws Bully into the wall.  He says he is there for Tommy.  Security and Bully try to call the situation.  Bully then slaps him and runs off.

Mickie James cuts a promo about her win at No Surrender.  She gloats over beating Masha Slamovich and then turns the coversation to Jordynne Grace.  Just then Jay, Giselle Shaw and Savanah Evans walk out.  Shaw says James is dodging her.  Shaw says she is this Giselle Shaw destroys everything on her way to the championship.  She says she is next in line behind Grace.  James says they don’t need to wait.  Mickie says just ask for a match.  James says she is formally challenging Shaw right now.  Gail Kim walks out and makes the match official.

We get a backstage piece with Brian Myers belittling a truck driver.  Moose walks up.  Moose brings up Joe Hendry and a problem with it.  Moose says he will help him regain the belt.

Jordynne Grace confronts Santino Marella and says at Sacrifice, she will face whomever is the champion.  Santino agrees.  Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice walk up to finish the set as a comedy segment with Dango using yellow tape to make Bhupinder’s actions a crime scene.

Match 3.  Trey Miguel (X Division Champion) VS PCO

Miguel spends the first moments of the ring back away and bailing to the outside.  PCO catches him and face plants Trey.  PCO throws Trey to the corner and he bails to the floor.  PCO dives to the floor, but misses.  We come back from break and Eddie Edwards tries to interfere with a shovel.  PCO stops him and dumps Eddie to the floor.   Trey bails and PCO chokeslams Eddie.  Security enters to try and pull everyone apart.  PCO then saults security from the top to the floor.  Eddie bails threw the crowd.

Match 4.  MCMGs (Impact World Tag Team Champions) VS Bullet Club

Sabin and Ace start the match.  They have quite the history.  Ace gets a side headlock.  Sabin shoots him to the ropes and Ace out Sabins Sabin, taking him out with a leg sweep.   Shelley and Bey tag in and Bey locks on a headlock.  Shelley gets free and shoulders him.  Bey and Shelley trade blows in the ring and Sabin tags in off Shelley’s back and lariats Bey for a two count.  The Guns make a few tags, but Bey makes the Guns miscue.  Ace and Bey fly to the floor on the Guns.  The crowd seemingly are behind the BC.  Back in the ring, Ace covers Shelley for a two count and then goes on the ground and pound.  Bey hits a running chop on Alex.  After a uppercut, he gets a 2 count.  Shelley hits a high knee.  Sabin tags in and the Guns go on the double team.  They get a smattering of cheers.  Shelley tags in and mocks the people not behind them.  He throws Bey to the floor.  Sabin throws him in the barricade.  Shelley then sweeps the leg of Austin off the ropes.  He falls face first.  Shelley locks on a crossface.  Bey gets to the ropes.  Sabin kicks Bey in the face.  After a break, Alex is working over Bey on the floor.  Alex misses a chop to Bey and hits the post.  Sabin then does the same thing.  Bey then fights them both off, but runs head first into the post himself.  Shelly stomps Bey on the apron after sticking his boot to Bey’s throat.  Back in the ring, Bey tries to comeback, but Shelley is too much with chops.  Bey hits a spin kick and this is his shot to make the tag.. He does.  Austin and Sabin are now in off the hot tag.  Ace uses his feet with amazing kicks and a double stomp.  Shelley breaks up a pin attempt.  Bey hits a Too Sweet on the Guns on the floor.  BC htis the click click boom for a two count.  Ace lays Sabin on the top rope and Bey joins him.  Sabin throws them both off and cross bodies them.  Sabin hits a kick and DDT.  Bey tags in and Alex dragon screws Ace on the apron.   Shelley and Sabin double team Bey.  Alex tags in.  Bey hits a cutter on Sabin and Shelley.  Great match…  Shelley blocks a art of finesse.  Dropkick Doomsday Device by the Guns next.  Shelley hits the shell shock for a two count.  He then locks on the Border City Stretch.  Sabin stops Bey from getting to the ropes.  Sabin stops Ace with a craddle shock.  Bey rolls up Shelley for a two count.  The Guns then double kick Bey in the head.  Ace makes a save.  They then kick Sabin.  After a art of the finesse and a fold… We have new champions.

Winners and NEW Impact World Tag Team Champions, Bullet Club, ABC, Ace Austin and Chris Bey

They stand tall as the show ends.  Incredible match.

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