William Regal update

Mar 1, 2023 - by Staff

WWE Vice President of Global Talent Development William Regal has been at every RAW and SmackDown taping as of late.

A new report from PWInsider notes that part of Regal’s duties has him watching every match at the tapings, and taking notes on them. Regal then meets with the wrestlers after the match to provide advice, and offer tips on how they can make their matches look stronger and more realistic from an in-ring perspective.

Regal also provides notes and suggestions on how the wrestlers can improve their selling, physicality during the lock-ups and reversals, among other aspects of the match.

It was noted that Regal is more or less giving advice on how to improve the finer points of the matches so that everyone can look stronger inside the ring.

Regal is only working with the main roster as of now. He is unable to appear on WWE TV until the first of 2024 due to the conditions of his AEW release. It was reported that he left AEW, in-part so that he could work with his son, WWE NXT’s Charlie Dempsey, and because he no longer wanted to be an on-air talent.

Regal previously worked as WWE’s Director of Talent Development and Head of Global Recruiting, but he was released in January 2022, ending his 20+ year career with the company. He went to work for AEW in March of last year, but asked for his release towards the end of the year, and had the request granted by AEW President Tony Khan, but with conditions.

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