Endeavor CEO on possibly acquiring WWE

Mar 1, 2023 - by Staff

As we’ve noted, it’s been reported that UFC parent company Endeavor Group Holdings is the likely bidder for the potential WWE sale expected to happen this year. You can click here for the latest on the sale, the asking price, and more.

In an update, Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel was asked about the company possibly purchasing WWE during today’s Q4 earnings call with investors. He gave a nod to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, and commented on their working relationship, but seemingly dismissed the idea of a sale.

“As it relates to WWE, it’s an unbelievable product,” Emanuel said. “Vince, you know, created a great business. We’ve had a longstanding relationship with them over two decades. We’re doing on location business with them, streaming business with them, his business is really valuable. But we’re not going to do anything as it relates to changing our leverage position right now.”

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