Lita & Becky Lynch vs. Damage CTRL announced for next week

Feb 20, 2023 - by Staff

Becky Lynch and WWE Hall of Famer Lita are set to challenge for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles.

The recent RAW 30th Anniversary show saw Lita return to fight off Damage CTRL and help Lynch win her Steel Cage main event over Bayley. Fast forward to tonight’s post-Elimination Chamber edition of RAW, which featured Bayley hosting a special edition of her “Ding Dong, Hello!” segment with WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Dakota Kai and IYO SKY as her guests. Bayley praised SKY and Kai for their title reign until Lynch interrupted. Lynch knocked Kai and SKY for rarely defending their titles, and promised that they won’t get to just sit on them because she wants to take the straps to WrestleMania 39. Bayley laughed at this and said Lynch has no friends. Lynch then brought out Lita, who said she and Lynch have put their 2022 issues behind them, and now she likes the idea of taking the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles to WrestleMania.

Lita then officially issued a challenge to Kai and SKY, but Bayley said they haven’t earned a title shot. Lynch recalled all of their solo accomplishments and said that’s more than enough. Lita and Lynch proceeded to taunt Damage CTRL about being scared, until Bayley accepted the challenge for Kai and SKY, who seemed unsure about the match. Lita and Lynch snatched the titles and posed with them, then tossed them back at Damage CTRL to end the segment.

WWE later announced Lita and Lynch vs. SKY and Kai for the titles on next week’s RAW from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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