2/8/23 AEW Dynamite: Championship Fight Night Recap

Feb 8, 2023 - by Michael Riba

The opening credits roll. Excalibur, Taz, and Tony Schiavone are on commentary from El Paso, Texas.

Match #1 – AEW World Championship Eliminator Match: MJF vs. Konosuke Takeshita
MJF extends for a handshake, but then kicks Takeshita in the midsection. Takeshita comes back with a flying shoulder tackle, and then delivers right hands in the corner. Takeshita delivers a leaping knee strike and goes for a running knee, but MJF hides behind the referee and then takes Takeshita down. MJF works over Takeshita’s arm and slams him to the mat. MJF delivers a hammer-lock DDT and goes for the cover, but Takeshita kicks out. MJF bites Takeshita’s fingers and delivers shots in the corner. Takeshita comes back with an exploder suplex into the corner, and then delivers a few running boots in the corner. MJF dodges the last one and gets a roll-up for a two count. Takeshita kicks MJF in the face and drops him with a brain buster. Takeshita goes for the cover, but MJF kicks out. Takeshita connects with a frog splash and goes for the cover, but MJF kicks out again. Takeshita spikes MJF to the mat and then drops him with a dead-lift German suplex. MJF rolls to the floor to dodge a running knee and Takeshita goes for a dive. MJF rolls back into the ring to dodge it and Takeshita crashes to the floor.
MJF comes back to the floor and grabs Takeshita, but Takeshita slams him into the ring post. Takeshita gets MJF back into the ring and kicks him in the midsection. Takeshita goes up top, but MJF cuts him off. MJF climbs as well, but Takeshita counters with an avalanche Takeshita-line. MJF lands on his feet and comes back with a rolling elbow, but Takeshita drops him with another Takeshita-line. Takeshita rolls into the cover, but MJF counters into the Salt of the Earth. MJF bites Takeshita’s fingers again, but Takeshita counters into a roll-up for two. Takeshita takes MJF out with a dive on the outside and rolls him back into the ring. Takeshita goes for a running knee, but MJF rolls back to the floor. MJF comes right back in with a cheap shot and then drives his knee into Takeshita’s ribs repeatedly. MJF goes for a knee drop, but Takeshita dodges it and delivers a right hand. Takeshita delivers elbow strikes, but MJF pokes him in the eye. Takeshita goes for a hurricanrana, but MJF delivers a back-breaker. Takeshita comes back with a Blue Thunder Bomb and goes for the cover, but MJF kicks out.
Takeshita delivers the running knee and goes for the cover, but MJF gets his boot on the ropes. Takeshita goes for a springboard senton, but MJF dodges it and locks in the Salt of the Earth, but Takeshita gets close to the ropes. MJF pulls him back, locks it in deeper, and Takeshita taps out.
Winner: MJF
-After the match, MJF shoves the referee out of the way and knocks Takeshita down with a shot with the Dynamite diamond ring. MJF delivers more shots and Takeshita has been busted open, but Bryan Danielson rushes the ring to make the save. MJF escapes and backs up the ramp as Danielson stares him down. Danielson checks on Takeshita with the referee and doctors as MJF heads backstage.

Samoa Joe has a pre-recorded promo. He says he stands before us as the rightful AEW TNT Champion once again, and says Darby Allin was a worthy adversary. Joe says Wardlow is not worthy and asks what more he needs to take from him. Joe says he will expose all of Wardlow’s secrets and will take everything from him.

Match #2 – AEW Women’s World Championship Eliminator Match: Jamie Hayter (w/Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. and Rebel) vs. The Bunny (w/Penelope Ford)
Hayter takes Bunny down with a side-headlock take down and keeps the hold applied on the mat. Hayter drops Bunny with a shoulder block and charges at her, but Bunny counters with a back elbow. Bunny chokes Hayter and uses the ropes for leverage, but Hayter suplexes her back into the ring. Hayter goes for a shot in the ropes, but Bunny delivers a neck-breaker over the middle-rope. Bunny slams Hayter into the ring steps as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Hayter drops Bunny with an exploder suplex. Hayter delivers another, but lands on Bunny’s face. Hayter delivers the Hayterade lariat and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Jamie Hayter

Renee Paquette interviews Saraya and Toni Storm. Saraya congratulates Hayter for winning, but calls her a loser. They call Leva Bates over and call her a loser, as well, and then knocks her down. They spray-paint an L on her and then Saraya says they are here to take over.

Lexy Nair interviews MJF in his locker room. MJF says everyone was talking about Takeshita like he was the next big thing. He says Takeshita was good, but he isn’t on MJF’s level. MJF talks about his high school days and how he crashed a car with a girl in it, but switched seats before the cops got there so it looked like she was driving. He says Danielson is going to fail tonight and there will not be an Iron Man Match at Revolution.

Match #3 – Garcia-Guevara Gauntlet Match: The Jericho Appreciation Society vs. Ricky Starks
Starks’ first opponent is Angelo Parker. Parker delivers a right hand and a snap suplex. Parker goes for the cover, but Starks kicks out. Parker follows with a dropkick and goes for the cover, but the referee sees his feet on the ropes. Starks comes back with a few right hands, but Parker gets a roll-up for a one count. Parker gouges Starks’ eyes to block the Rochambeau, but Starks comes back and hits a Spear for the pin fall.
Starks’ next opponent is Matt Menard. Menard goes for a right hand, but Starks dodges it and immediately rolls him up for the pin fall.
Starks’ third opponent is Daniel Garcia. Garcia attacks Starks from behind as Guevara distracts Starks. Garcia stomps Starks down in the corner, and then delivers body shots. Garcia hammer-throws Starks into the corner, but Starks comes back with a few chops. Starks goes for the Spear, but Garcia cuts him off as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Starks gets a roll-up for a two count. Starks goes for the Spear again, but Garcia counters with a front guillotine. Starks lifts Garcia up and drops him with a power bomb. Starks goes up top and comes down onto Garcia. Starks goes for Rochambeau, but Garcia gets to the apron. Garcia delivers a shot and brings Starks to the apron. They exchange shots and Starks drops Garcia with a Spear on the apron. Chris Jericho, in a mask at ringside, drops Starks with a Judas Effect from the crowd. Garcia rolls Starks back into the ring and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Daniel Garcia
-After the match, Jericho gets in the ring and takes the mask off. Jericho celebrates with Garcia and Guevara as Starks rolls to the floor.

Renee interviews The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn. Gunn says he has been pulled in two different directions and cares about all four men in the AEW World Tag Team Championship Match tonight. He says he is going to stay in the back and let them handle business tonight. Max Caster says they support the decision and will take care of it, and then he and Anthony Bowens scissor with Gunn.

Renee interviews Danielson, who is with Takeshita in the medical room. They hear a bang on the outside of the door, and then Danielson realizes they have all been locked in.

MJF comes to the ring after Rush and tells ref Aubrey that Danielson is scheduled for a match, but he’s not here. He says AEW rules say she has to ring the bell and start the count. Danielson and Takeshita are shown busting the door down and taking down Preston Vance and Jose the Assistant. Danielson sprints for the ring, and Ref Aubrey intentionally counts slow as Danielson makes it to the ring.

Match #4 – Singles Match: Bryan Danielson vs. Rush
Rush beats down Danielson and clotheslines him in the corner a few times. Rush chops Danielson and follows with a few kicks. Danielson comes back and they exchange chops. Danielson follows with headbutts, but Rush drops him with a German suplex. Rush delivers a running knee strike and slams Danielson into the barricade a few times. Rush slams Danielson’s face into a chair and rolls back into the ring. Rush goes right back out and delivers a dropkick to Danielson. Danielson has been busted open and Rush licks his blood off of his hand. Rush chops Danielson and breaks the count again. Rush comes back out and delivers headbutts. Rush slams Danielson into the barricade a few more times and follows with knee strikes. Rush chops Danielson and gets him back into the ring. Danielson comes back with elbow strikes, and then they exchange chops on the apron. Danielson chops and slaps Rush repeatedly, but Rush throws Danielson down to the floor as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Rush delivers a few shots to Danielson, but Danielson counters and takes Rush to the mat. Danielson goes for the LeBell Lock, but Rush makes it to the ropes. Rush rolls to the floor, but Danielson takes him out with a dive. Danielson slams Rush into the barricade, and then sets Rush in a chair and delivers a kick to the face. Danielson gets Rush back into the ring and slams him down. Danielson delivers kicks to Rush’s chest, but Rush dodges the last one. They exchange chops and Danielson takes advantage with leg kicks. Rush chops Danielson in the corner a few times, but Danielson turns it around with kicks to the chest. Rush counters back with more chops, but Danielson comes back with a few corner dropkicks. Rush drops Danielson with an elbow strike and follows with a straitjacket pile-driver. Rush goes for the cover, but Danielson kicks out. Rush delivers elbow strikes in the corner and goes for Bull’s Horns, but Danielson counters with the running knee strike. Danielson goes for the cover, but Rush kicks out. Danielson and Rush exchange shots and headbutts They exchange slaps now and Rush goes for a suplex, but Danielson lands on his feet and delivers the running knee strike for the pin fall.
Winner: Bryan Danielson
-After the match, MJF comes to the ring and lays Danielson out with a shot with the Dynamite diamond ring. MJF delivers more shots to Danielson with the ring, and then locks in the Salt of the Earth. MJF punches the security guys and locks in the hold again. More security guys come to the ring and try to break the hold as the show heads to a commercial.

Tony Schiavone interviews Q and Murr from Impractical Jokers. Murr has Chris Jericho’s baseball bat and they say Jericho was a bit of a diva when he was on their show. They say they stole his bat to loosen him up a bit, and he isn’t getting it back until they say so. They say they will give him some time on their show tomorrow to figure out what he is going to do.

Match #5 – AEW World Trios Championship Match: The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, and Nick Jackson) (w/Brandon Cutler, Don Callis, and Michael Nakazawa) (c) vs. AR Fox and Top Flight (Dante Martin and Darius Martin)
Nick and Dante lock up. They exchange quick moves, but Dante gains the advantage. Fox tags in and they all send Matt into Nick, and then Fox sends Omega to the outside. Fox slams Nick into the corner and tags in Darius. Matt makes a blind tag and The Bucks double-team Darius for a bit. The Bucks double dropkick Dante and Omega slams Fox to the mat. Omega tags in and delivers a couple elbow strikes to Darius. Omega follows with a few chops and right hands, but Darius comes back with body shots. Omega chops Darius down and sends him to the corner. The Elite triple-teams Darius and Omega delivers a back-breaker. Omega goes for the cover, but Darius kicks out as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Matt superkicks Dante to the floor and drops Fox with a right hand. Darius dodges a superkick and drops Matt with a Spanish Fly, but Nick tagged in. Nick goes for a senton, but Fox gets his knees up. Fox hits a senton on Nick, but Omega tags in. Fox drops Omega with a cutter and delivers shots to The Bucks. Fox drops The Bucks with cutters and takes them out with a dive to the outside. Fox takes Omega out with a dive as well, and then gets him back into the ring. Fox takes The Bucks out with another dive and comes down with a senton on Omega. Fox goes for the cover, but Omega kicks out. Omega comes back with a kick to the face, but Fox drops him with a Spanish Fly out of the corner. Nick and Dante tag in, and Dante delivers a dropkick. Nick comes back with a jaw-breaker, and Matt tags in. Dante sends Nick to the floor and drops Matt with a hurricanrana. Dante kicks Matt in the face and comes off the ropes, but Matt catches him and delivers the locomotion Northern Lights suplexes. Darius tags in and Matt drops he and Fox with a double suplex and tries to pin all three of them at once.
Darius causes Nick to kick Matt in the face and tags Dante back in. Darius drops Nick with a DDT and Dante goes for the cover, but Matt breaks it up. Fox takes out Matt, Omega, Cutler, and Nakazawa with a dive, and then Top Flight drop Nick with the Nose Dive/power bomb combination. Fox hits the 450 splash and goes for the cover, but Omega breaks it up. Fox puts Nick up top, but Omega cuts him off and drops him with a snap-dragon . Dante drops Omega with a flying lariat, Nick takes out Dante, Darius takes out Nick, and the Matt comes back and takes out Top Flight. Fox delivers an enzuigiri to Matt, but The Elite deliver a triple-team pile-driver. Nick goes for the cover, but Top Flight breaks it up. Nick takes out Top Flight with a dive on the floor, and then Omega goes for the V Trigger on Fox. Fox counters with a roll-up, and then Omega delivers a knee strike and a gut-wrench Doctor Bomb. Omega goes for the cover, but Fox kicks out. Omega delivers the V Trigger and goes for the One Winged Angel, but Fox rolls him up for a two count. They exchange roll-ups for two counts now, and then Omega gets a crucifix pin and gets the three count.
Winners and still AEW World Trios Champions: The Elite

A video package airs for the FTW Champion, Hook. Lexy Nair interviews Stokely Hathaway. Hathaway says there are no cracks in The Firm, but he has a problem with Hook. He says everyone in The Firm has a problem with Hook, and then Hook walks up. Hathaway changes his tune, and then puts his hand on Hook’s shoulder. Hook puts him in a shoulder bar and tells him to watch his words.

Announced for this Friday’s Rampage:
-Trios Tag Team Match: Kip Sabian and The Butcher and The Blade vs. The Blackpool Combat Club
-Marina Shafir vs. Ruby Soho
-Jack Perry in action
-We will hear from Mark Briscoe

Match #6 – AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens and Max Caster) (c) vs. The Gunns (Austin Gunn and Colten Gunn)
Colten and Caster start the match. Colten drops Caster with a shoulder tackle, but Caster comes back with an arm-drag and tags in Bowens. Bowens delivers a few chops in the corner and Caster tags back in, but Austin tags in as well. Caster takes Austin down and The Acclaimed deliver Scissor Me Timbers to Austin. Bowens and Caster scissor as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Colten and Caster exchange shots. Austin tags in and The Gunns double-team Caster. Austin goes for the cover, but Caster kicks out. Austin charges, but Caster low-bridges him and sends him to the floor. Caster sends Colten to the floor as well, but Austin comes back in as Caster tags Bowens. Bowens delivers shots to The Gunns and drops Austin with a face-buster. Bowens goes for the cover, but Colten breaks it up. The Gunns take advantage for a second after some miscommunication from The Acclaimed, but then Caster drops them with a double clothesline. Bowens goes for a rolling elbow on Austin, but he dodges it and Bowens hits the referee. Austin drops Bowens with the Quick Draw and grabs one of the title belts. Billy Gunn comes to the ring and picks Bowens up. Billy shoves Bowens out of the way as Austin tries to hit him with the title belt. Colten then lays Billy out with the other title, and then The Acclaimed beat down The Gunns. Bowens drops Austin with The Arrival and Caster hits the Mic Drop. Caster gets the referee back into the ring, but Colten slams Caster into the barricade.
The referee makes the count, but Colten pulls Bowens off of Austin. Bowens gets another roll-up for two, but Austin shoves him away and Colten hits him with the title belt. Austin gets another roll-up, and this one is for the three count.
Winners and new AEW World Tag Team Champions: The Gunns
-After the match, Billy checks on Bowens and he and The Acclaimed stare down The Gunns as they back up the ramp as the show comes to a close.

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