MJF jumps to the defense of former NXT Tag Team champion Nash Carter

Feb 6, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

AEW World champion MJF has come to the defense of Zachary Wentz, the former NXT Tag Team champion who used the name Nash Carter, who was fired from WWE after his ex-wife and fellow pro wrestler Kimber Lee made domestic violence allegations against him.

Lee also uploaded photos of when he busted her lip when he was drunk and then uploaded a photo of Carter, sporting the Hitler mustache and doing the Nazi salute.

“Everyone’s afraid of talking honestly so I will,” MJF said. “@ZacharyWentz isn’t a antisemite. I lived with him. The fact he’s not on TV right now because a girl (who got caught lying about abuse) couldn’t handle a break up and posted a photo of him doing something in jest is wild.”

MJF then continued, “When a wrestler who shall remain nameless keyed my car and called me a kike, Zachary went out of his way when everyone else turned a blind eye to check in on me.”

The champion noted that “the court of Twitter” can sometimes get dirt bags out of the industry, “but the court isn’t always right.”

Several friends defended Carter at the time, saying that Kimber Lee was served with divorce papers when she did what she did.

Wentz, who formed part of MSK with Wes Lee, was released from WWE after the duo won the NXT Tag Team titles at NXT’s Stand & Deliver show last April.

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    Totally agree with MJF here.

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