Notes on Charlotte Flair and Matt Riddle

Feb 5, 2023 - by James Walsh

Charlotte Flair was away from WWE for several months in 2022 after losing the SmackDown Women’s Title to Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania Backlash before returning on the December 30th edition of SmackDown to beat Rousey for the title.

While appearing on Ryan Satin on Out of Character, Flair was asked whether she followed the product while she was gone.

“I was pretty disconnected. It’s like, what do I want? What does Manny and I want? What does the future look like? This time has gone by so fast and everyone says it does, and it has. In the same breath, I still feel like there’s all these things I want to do, but I keep getting asked all these questions like, am I supposed to want to be done? I never thought of it that way, so disconnecting for me was more like, when I joined FCW that turned into NXT and my brother died, I just never looked back and just threw myself into work. This was the first time, like, what do I like other than wrestling? You know, not worried about the pressure, the storylines, the being on, just like, none of it. I had to. Everyone always asked me, ‘What is there left to do?’ I’m like, ‘Well, am I not supposed to want that next juicy storyline or that feud that makes you not want to turn the channel?’ That’s what performing is all about?”

Matt Riddle has now been off of WWE television for two months.

Due to a failed drug test, he was written off WWE television with a storyline injury so he could go into rehab. Recently Riddle shared a photo of himself with grills courtesy of Alligator Jesus.

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