Jim Cornette not a fan of the Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match

Feb 3, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

On his Podcast, Jim Cornette buried The Bray Wyatt vs. LA Knight Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match

“Bray Wyatt throws a toolbox into the ring, and normally I’m thinking now it’s a garbage match, but I would have loved it if he’d ever used it, but he didn’t. I didn’t see him take anything out of the tool box. He sold almost nothing, he didn’t take any bumps, none of his work stands out. Then LA Knight gets a glowing fluorescent Kendo Stick and hits him two or three times with it. Wyatt responds to that by just grabbing him and hitting his finish 123. And that was it, that was the match. Then when LA Knight is selling Bray Wyatt goes in the corner and puts another horror mask on and starts menacing LA Knight. You can’t call it chasing because there was not a lot of running, just menacing. LA Knight keeps backing up and out of the ring and down the aisle at the same time. He’s hitting this goofy f–ker with this glowing Kendo Stick and Bray Wyatt is not selling any of them, he just keeps progressing forward, and finally they get to the back of the arena”

“Bray Wyatt puts the mandible claw on LA Knight, and puts him out and rolls him off the stage or whatever they’re on. He’s on a crash pad which they’re trying not to shoot because it’s a f–king crash pad. And I’m saying my god I’ve just thought they might as well piss in his mouth while he’s down there. They beat him. And then this goofy f–ker sells nothing when he’s hit over the head with a stick. And then there’s Captain Howdy on the top 20 feet in the air. And he does an Elbow Drop off this thing out of camera view supposedly onto LA Knight, but obviously not only nowhere near but onto a crash pad that actually goes poof when they land on it. And you see that the guys feet kind of fly up like he’s bounced on a bouncy castle. He’s at a kids birthday party in the bouncy house. And then pyro shoots off when they missed the elbow, and then at the top of where he jumped off the puppets they all appear for some reason. I never thought I’d say this. LA Knight was better off as Max Dupri”

4 Responses

  1. art123guy says:

    Was anybody?

  2. Luke says:

    That’s the exact question I came here to ask.

  3. James from the Sewer says:

    He’s not wrong…

  4. dooman says:

    6 months of hype for that…..can wyatt still preform or just talk in riddles?

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