Cody Rhodes: “wrestling fan has evolved so much”

Feb 3, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

While Cody Rhodes was on Logan Paul’s podcast, Cody talked about Legends and people who look down on modern wrestling:

“There’s some guys in the industry, legends, who are so judgmental on how we do wrestling because they made money. They did it. They were right. They drew interest. They got heat. They did it all right. They’re committed to the idea that there’s only one way to do it. What I found out is that however you do it, if the people are up, if they’re reacting, if they’re popping, or if they’re on their feet, don’t judge this. This is done right if they’re entertained. Plus the wrestling fan has evolved so much. Most of them are longtime fans.

They’ve been sitting watching the same stuff. We’ve got to change. The NFL has changed. Sports have all changed. The game is fast. Then you hear these dudes, you’ll hear people, ‘Oh, I’m old school, man. I’m meat and potatoes.’ Nine times out of 10 that means you’re lazy. Like, buddy, can you do something? I’m all about the moments too. I believe it, but the moments and the moves, it’s both.”


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