Triple H says Cody is a “special talent” and “special human being”

Jan 29, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes said that he’s ready to play quarterback for Triple H when asked about the change in creative from last time he was around during the post-RR press conference.

Acknowledging that Triple H has “no reason” to be a fan of his considering what he’s done and said in the past about him, Cody said he’s glad that they can now develop a relationship and that he’s a big Triple H fan.

Getting emotional, Cody said that he owes Triple H a lot for how he handled his father, but he doesn’t want Triple H to look at him and see his father.

“I want him to look at me and see me. And today, I felt like he saw me, and that’s very important. My last name’s done a lot of things for me, but we’re at a point in my career where my first name has to do some things as well. And it’s off to a great start, so let’s see where we go from here,” Cody said.

Triple H joined the press conference after Cody and said that he can’t help it that he sees Dusty when he looks at Cody.

“I look in his eyes, and I see his dad’s eyes. I see Dusty. But I see all the best things of Dusty, and then I see something more in Cody,” the WWE COO said. “So it’s not about comparing him. I just see the greatness of his dad amplified in his dad’s son. And that’s something special. He’s a special talent. A special human being. And I’m very proud of him for that.”

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