Notes from post-Royal Rumble press conference

Jan 29, 2023 - by Staff

Byron Saxton hosted the WWE Royal Rumble post-show press conference from last night at The Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. The presser featured Rhea Ripley, Bray Wyatt, Cody Rhodes, and WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H.

Full video for the post-show press conference can be seen below, along with a few highlights:

* Ripley was asked about possibly tweaking her knee in the Women’s Royal Rumble. She said she’s obviously beat up but in general her knee is good. She mentioned smelling blood in her nose, but said her knee is good

* Wyatt was asked about the teasers with Alexa Bliss. Wyatt said he thinks he will always be connected to Bliss. He’s not sure where all this is going, but there will be a moment and it will be something memorable

* Rhodes tasted the Mountain Dew Pitch Black soda and said it was outstanding and damn good, but the first sugar he’s had in three months. Rhodes got emotional when talking about the reaction he received. He mentioned talking to Randy Orton the night before and recalled the 2009 Royal Rumble, which Orton won. Cody watched Orton celebrate his Rumble win that night and said he wanted to be that guy. Rhodes figured he’d be there the next year or so, but that was more than 10 years ago. He said the thing he was missing was the connection with the fans and somewhere along the way he picked that up, maybe in 2015 when he took time away and bettered himself. He said you can hit clotheslines, Cody Cutters and CrossRhodes until you’re blue in the face, but connecting with people is where it’s at. Cody says he has the privilege, honor and burden of being himself, not playing anybody. He said last night he was good enough and it feels good to have that

Rhodes gave major praise to WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER, calling him a stud, a special and unbelievable Superstar

Rhodes was asked about coming back with Chairman Vince McMahon in control of creative and now returning from injury with Triple H in control. He said it was easy when he came back and Vince was in charge, and it’s easy now. He talked about how Triple H has no reason to be a fan of his because he smashed the throne and took a lot of shots, which were always light-hearted. Rhodes said he thinks Triple H knew where that was coming from, the fact that he was hungry. He recalled being frustrated as Stardust one night when he walked out of the Gorilla Position, and Triple H told him to go rattle the cages. He said that could’ve meant anything, such as going to talk to creative. Cody said he really went and shook the cages. He’s so glad the relationship developed, and said he’s clearly a massive Triple H fan, which we can see based on how he models his performance. Cody is glad Triple H is coach and he gets to play, and he wants to play quarterback. Cody reiterated that he owes Triple H for a lot, including how he handled his dad, WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. Cody said he doesn’t want Triple H to look at him and see his dad, he wants Triple H to look at him and see Cody, and today he feels like Triple H saw Cody and that’s very important. He said his last name has done a lot for him but he’s at the point of his career where his first name has to do the same, and he feels like he’s off to a great start and we will see where he goes from here

Cody asked how it felt to point at the WrestleMania 39 sign. He said when you don’t work in WWE, pointing at the sign is a meme and it didn’t really register until he had the chance to point. He said you’re not just pointing at a sign, you’re saying in 60 days you have the chance to potentially go on last at the biggest WrestleMania ever, and he punched a ticket that no one else in his family has punched

Cody said he has nothing but respect and reverence for Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. He said no one can tell you they’re the best wrestler in the world unless their name is Roman Reigns. Cody would like to think he’s #2, and if the match happens, it will take everything he can muster up. He said Reigns’ glow-up continues and he saw him on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and thought Reigns is a great Ambassador for the sport. Cody said Reigns is the only man who can call himself the best wrestler in the world

Cody said he’s never re-watched the Hell In a Cell win over Seth Rollins and never will. He indicated there will be lots of merchandise to come out based on the torn pec, including action figures. He said if you thought his AEW action figures were bad, just wait until you see these new figures

* Triple H praised and congratulated Rhodes for coming back from where he was at. He also had major praise for Ripley. He thanked the greatest roster of talent in the world, and the WWE Universe, and said none of this happens without them. Triple H called this the greatest form of entertainment in the world

Triple H praised GUNTHER as a special talent. He said GUNTHER had a big night and he’s excited to see where he takes it next

Triple H was asked how it felt with this being his first Rumble in charge of creative. He said pressure and exciting, and the pressure makes it exciting. He gave praise to set designer Jason Robinson and his team, and to Executive Producer & Chief of Global Television Distribution Kevin Dunn and his team

Triple H was asked about The Rock. He joked about the reports on Rock not having time to get into ring shape, and said “that’s what you guys” or the media are telling him. He said Rock is incredibly busy. Triple H said there’s nothing like WWE and if Rock could be at WrestleMania in Hollywood, he’s turn over every stone or walk through fire to be able to do it. Triple H doesn’t think it’s in the cards, but he’s not sure, and there’s always next year. He said this is Rock’s home, he has an open invitation, WWE never closes the door and Rock can always walk through at any time he wants. He reiterated how Rock is incredibly busy, and said Rock wouldn’t want to return unless he could do it all the way. He said Rock would never sow up and half-ass it, and he’d never not want to put everything he had into it to make it the best. He said unless Rock can do that, the return won’t happen. He said Rock knows the door is open and when he has the time and availability, he can come in and electrify everybody

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