Adam Bomb Speaks Out About McMahon, His Time in WWE and Royal Rumble Appearance, Undertaker

Jan 25, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck


Former WWE and WCW star Adam Bomb (Bryan Clark) joined for an exclusive in-depth interview. During the conversation, Bomb opened up about his time in WWE and Vince McMahon, his Royal Rumble appearance in 1994, The Undertaker, and more. Here are some highlights:

His WWE Royal Rumble appearance in 1994:

“It was great. I remember it took like, 8 of us to throw Taker in the casket, although Yoko was a pretty strong guy, he could’ve probably done it himself. I really enjoyed being involved in it. I still think it is the match fans get most excited about all year and from my point of view, there was a great atmosphere behind the curtain on Royal Rumble days.

“There was also more of a relaxed vibe backstage those days, but it all depended on where you were on the draw and what you had mapped out for you.”

His time in WWE and Vince McMahon:

“At first, I really enjoyed it, but the schedule is brutal and I picked up a series of injuries which begun to take their toll. Then certain aspects weren’t working out the way I hoped they would and I had an opportunity to go to work for WCW, which was a great opportunity as Wrath, and what was really good was the money. The money was really good and I couldn’t pass that down.

“People in the WWE were great and I learned so much in terms of working a crowd and building a match. Getting experience from a great mind like Vince was great, going up and down the road was a real experience, it definitely helped me progress in my career but I still felt the WCW offer was too good to pass down.”

Feuding with The Undertaker and Kane:

“To be honest, it wasn’t great. We had been away for a while as our contracts for WCW were paying us out and then we were asked to go to have a feud with Taker and Kane. I felt we needed more time to get tuned up because there’s being in shape and being ready for a big match, but Brian and Taker felt we could do this, so we went with it and didn’t really have much time in between our debut and the match at the PPV.

“A huge issue was also the fact we were all carrying injuries. I had neck and back issues, I think Taker had the same while Kane was dealing with a staph infection on his elbow, which is quite evident if you look back. So the match didn’t go to how we would’ve wanted and we didn’t really hang around much after.

“I was hoping to go to Japan and when me and Brian went, I felt we were back to our best and I really enjoyed that, winning the titles and being handed them by one of my heroes, Stan Hansen. it meant everything and I felt we did a great job out there.”

Bomb also revealed who he thinks will win this year’s Royal Rumble, talked about his time in WCW, his upcoming UK event, and much more. You can read the complete interview at this link.

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