Jericho says Kingston reminds him of Orton, Khan on Briscoe’s passing, and Flair on Danielson vs. Takeshita

Jan 22, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

Chris Jericho on the AEW Unrestricted Podcast:

Eddie Kingston reminds me of Randy Orton, neither one of them (have) quite realized how good they are. They think it’s kind of funny to downplay themselves but they’re both so good and Eddie quiet doesn’t get it yet and when he does he’s gonna be a world champion.”

Tony Khan (via Wrestling Observer Newsletter) on Jay Briscoe’s passing:

“It sucks. It’s absolutely terrible.

A major focus for Ring of Honor in 2023 was going to be the Briscoes. I still plan to honor the life of Jay and the legacy of the Briscoes throughout this entire year.”

Ric Flair was not impressed with Bryan Danielson vs Takeshita.

On his podcast “To Be The Man” he had this to say…

“The Japanese young man that was chopping Danielson (while he was) on his knees the other night. Come on, those chops couldn’t have broken an egg, if you’re gonna chop somebody god dammit hit em hard, it’s not gonna hurt you.

Did you watch that match? Give me a break it’s embarrassing. In Japan in the 80s that kid would’ve got the shit slapped out of him, just walking back to the locker room door.

If you’re trying to hit somebody like that and you’re trying to get the crowd to react, you’ve gotta hit them hard. I don’t even know him, I’m not knocking him I’m just telling ya that it just didn’t look good.”

Source: WrestlingNews/To Be The Man Podcast

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