William Regal says his original plan in AEW “never transpired”

Jan 20, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

In an interview with the UK-based Distraction Pieces podcast with Scroobius Pip, William Regal talked about his work in All Elite Wrestling and how his original mission never transpired.

Regal explained that he’s happy not to be in the limelight but the last few months in AEW, he felt that he was being the focus when the focus should have been the wrestlers he was managing.

“There’s a lot that happened this year, there’s also a lot of things that have made me go,” Regal said. “I’m quite happy being not in the limelight, and I have been for many years. I had my time. The last little few months in AEW was getting far too much about me and it should have been about the talent that I was with, not about me. I’m quite happy being in the background.”

Regal said he didn’t go to AEW with the intention of being an on-screen talent and the original idea was something different.

“I went there with a different plan because I was asked to go there to help out in a different capacity and that never transpired,” the in-ring veteran said.

The former NXT GM was supposed to help backstage and be hands-on with the product and the wrestlers in the company but ultimately, AEW President Tony Khan shifted him to an on-screen role.

“I couldn’t have a better last few months as far as TV and doing that but I didn’t go there with that intention. The intention was to do something different and it just never…it started off the way it did but I didn’t expect it to end up being this thing that it was for the last several months where I just became talent,” Regal added.

Regal left AEW at the end of December and now occupies a VP role in WWE.

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