Danhausen: “no interest in signing with WWE”

Jan 13, 2023 - by James Walsh

AEW’s Danhausen was recently profiled by The New York Times. When asked about possibly signing with WWE, Danhausen noted that he “had no interest in signing with WWE.”

Danhausen already had a name when he signed with AEW in January 2022. AEW President Tony Khan spoke with The Times for the profile on Danhausen, and commented on signing wrestlers that have already established their characters and gotten over on the indies.

“I like to take people’s presentation once it’s gotten over, once it’s gotten popular and been accepted. If you find people that have gotten over with a smaller, hard-core audience, often if you give them a chance on national television, the hardcore audience will vouch for them,” Khan said.

Khan also said “a very smart person” suggested that he pair Danhausen with FTW Champion Hook last year, but he did not elaborate on who this was.

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