Alexa Bliss Happy Logan Paul’s Former Pet Pig Rescued

Jan 13, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss is overjoyed that Logan Paul’s former pig, Pearl, has found a new home … telling TMZ Sports all that matters now is that the animal is getting proper care.

As we previously reported, Logan took Pearl to a horse ranch in California before he moved to Puerto Rico a few years ago … but sadly, after being rehomed again, the pig was found abandoned and in grave condition.

While many were quick to blame Logan for Pearl’s state, the YouTuber made it clear he had no idea his beloved pet ever left the ranch … nor did he know she was in terrible shape until the Gentle Barn animal sanctuary posted about her on TikTok.

The former women’s champ — who had a pet pig of her own for years — spoke with us at LAX about the whole situation … and she’s not focused on who’s at fault, but rather the fact Pearl is on the mend.

“Unfortunate as it is, I’m happy his pig was rescued and is in a better situation,” Bliss says.

“As long as the animal is taken care of, that’s all that matters.”

Bliss goes on to give a bit of advice to anyone looking to get an oinker as a pet — “mini” pigs don’t exist … and she’d know, considering her pet, Larry-Steve, a Vietnamese pot-bellied breed, weighed about 150-200 pounds!!

BTW — Alexa’s pig was a social media star, racking up nearly 90,000 followers on Instagram. Unfortunately, Larry-Steve died in 2021 after battling a severe illness.

As for Pearl, Logan has vowed to help Gentle Barn in any way possible … and told TMZ he’s hoping to assist with her care moving forward.

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