Tiffany Stratton returns

Jan 10, 2023 - by Marc Middleton

Tiffany Stratton has returned to WWE NXT.

Tonight’s NXT New Year’s Evil special saw the reveal of the mystery person behind the recent “Countdown To New Year’s” teaser vignettes. Stratton made her return to a pop from the crowd, then she took the mic from the ring.

Stratton said she knows everyone really missed her, so much that it’s not even funny. She said all the women in the NXT locker room are sweating like disgusting pigs because NXT’s biggest Superstar is back, and she can’t blame them for feeling so inferior because she’s a revelation. Stratton then bragged about learning the business in her first 9 months, better than anyone else, and said she’s watched others fail to replace her in recent months.

It was reported back in mid-October that Stratton was out of action with a head injury. She reportedly suffered the injury during the Lights Out Match loss Wendy Choo on the August 23 NXT show, which was the main event that night. Stratton has not wrestled since that night.

Stratton then said no one has her shine, skill or style. She ended the promo by declaring that 2023 can now officially begin because she is back.

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