Kid Kash: “I don’t really watch too much WWE”

Jan 7, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

Via Alex Hunt:

I wanted to pass on the interview that Chris Van Vliet did with Kid Kash on INSIGHT With Chris Van Vliet. He talks about which moves he was banned from doing in WWE, whether a return match is on the cards, his opinion on today’s product and more!

On cutting back on high flying moves:

“I started [cutting back] when I was in WWE, which it wasn’t by choice, it was because they didn’t want me to do that much. They wanted me to still tell the story and still wrestle, you know, that kind of thing. And plus the matches are like anywhere from three minutes to, I mean if you got a 15 minute match you are a lucky, lucky man. Hell, after wrestling three and five minute matches, if somebody did ask me to wrestle 15 minutes, I probably could not have, probably got blown up. So you get used to wrestling such these quick matches, you know, but yeah, they would just, they came to me one night and was like, ‘try not to do the Hurricanrana.’ I’m like, why not? ‘Well, that’s Rey Mysterio’s move.’ Okay? ‘Don’t do the Moonsault off the top rope.’ Okay, why not? ‘Well, that’s Super Crazy’s move.’ Like, okay, so I couldn’t do the Moneymaker piledriver either, you know, because they had the law. So that’s when I came up with the dead level, you know, the brain buster and stuff. So everything else was just elementary sh*t, if you watched the WWE, it was just crossbody stuff, I didn’t really do any kind of the stuff that I normally would have done. But then when I left there and went to TNA, I pretty much completely quit doing it cuz I was turned to you know, back to being a heel, wrestling, Jesse Sorensen and guys like that, so I didn’t really need to do the high flying and plus, some of the stuff was hard to do anymore. Like, I used to run up the rope and do the flying Hurricanrana. But I noticed that my right knee wouldn’t jump as high as my left knee anymore, and I couldn’t do it from the other side. I had to continue to do it from that one particular side. You know, all my Hurricanranas went this way. I was never trained to go this way. So back then I just, my leg wouldn’t get up that high to hit the rope. And if it did, it just didn’t have enough in it at that point to get me up to the top rope. I think who was it? Jesse Sorensen, like we’re trying from the other side. And it was, it was a mess. I was like let’s try not to do that. My coordination is just not the same.”

On one more match:

“I do [want to have another match]. Well, I’ve actually wrestled a few just like really easy matches. The last four or five months, I wrestled Jerry Lawler there in Nashville. So we didn’t do anything. You know, I mean, nothing. I think I took two bumps. The bumps felt great, you know, felt like nothing, you know. I can tell I’m a little ring rusty, you know, my decision making is not like what it used to be, you know, so it’s like, I had to think a little harder, you know, remember stuff that I’d forgotten, you know, and hadn’t applied in such a long time. But it was easy. It was an old Memphis match, wasn’t anything good. And then the other match I had was a tag team match. Six way tag. Just took the hot tag, boom, boom, boom, drop, drop, drop. That was it. Let the other kid do the splash off the top ropes and he pinned the guy and I just cheered around with everybody else.”

On today’s product:

“I’ll still watch it. Every now and then I’ll watch the AEW, I’ll pop it in, you know. Some things I love to watch on a show. But then some things are like, I got to turn this [off], you know. I don’t really watch too much WWE. As for me, I came from the school of work, where you get out there and work, you know, but now it’s just so many promos, and just so you know, there’s no work. You know, it’s just promos all the time. You know, and I love watching women wrestle but Jesus Christ, how many women are gonna wrestle on one card? I mean, yeah, you know?”

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