Impact Wrestling,1/5/23

Jan 5, 2023 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling as they gear up for the Hard to Kill PPV.  Coverage begins at 8pm.

The show starts with a recap from Fort Lauderdale’s TV tapings.    Tom Hannifan and Mathew Rehwoldt are on the call.  Deonna Purrazzo joins the announce team to start the broadcast.  Rehwoldt and Purrazzo reap the praises on each other.

Match 1.  Masha Slamovich VS Taylor Wilde

Wilde takes Slamovich down with a head scissors and then Slamovich shows a amazing scientific skills of her own.  This is the first time she has shown her skills this way.  Wilde uses her darker new character to pull off some less than honorable moves.  Slamovich grows tired of the move set and uses some more of her traditional kicks and punches.  She then connects with a series of snap suplexes.  Slamovich eventually snaps her into the bottom turnbuckle for a long two count.  Wilde gets to her feet and the two trade punches and chops.  Wilde wins the exchange and she takes her down with a violent collision off the ropes.  Back to their feet, they trade strong style blows and Wilde again wins the exchange.  She hits a double knee to the face on Masha.  Masha reverses a go behind and kicks Wilde in the face.  She then starts arguing with Purrazzo, giving Wilde a chance to roll her up for the pin.

Winner by pinfall, Taylor Wilde

Slamovich goes bezerk and starts beating up David Penzer and security.

Sami Callihan has a vignette saying he still wants to join The Design even though they told him no and beat him up last week.  He wants to know tonight.

Rich Swann challenges Steve Maclin to a NO DQ, Falls Count Anywhere Match at Hard to Kill.

Match 2.  Black Taurus (with Crazzy Steve) BS Anthony Green

Taurus scores with a powerslam in the first significant move of the match.  He gets a two count.  Green recovers and lands a few stiff chops on the ropes and then backdrops Taurus to the floor, hurting his knee.  Taurus sweeps the leg of Green from the apron, but whips Taurus into the corner post on the floor.  We return from break and the action goes back and forth.  Taurus hits a series of sling blades and a pop up Samoan drop for a two count.  Taurus then connects with a Destination Hell Hole (piledriver) for the win.

Winner by pinfall, Black Taurus

Green is helped to the back, but Trey Miguel knocks him down and paints on his back, glaring at Taurus and Steve in the ring.

Kenny King is shown taunting some enhancement talent backstage in Quebec in Mike Bailey’s dojo.  He beats up 5 wrestlers, calling out Speedball Mike Bailey.

Match 3.  Ernest R Anthony VS Jonathan Gresham

This looks to be almost an enhancement match as Anthony seems outmatched.  Gresham is manipulating Anthony’s body in every direction.  Anthony’s knee is being targeted now and Anthony can barely walk.  Gresham then ties up Anthony’s arms from behind and then twists the ankle at the same time.  He looks like a pretzel.  Gresham rolls him on his back and mercifully pins Anthony.

Winner by pinfall, Jonathan Gresham

Tasha Steelz and Savanah Evans are approached by Gisele Shaw and says she wants to work with them against the Death Dolls.  Jay is will Gisele.  Steelz says no but Savanah cuts her off and the segment ends with them huddled in conversation.

Deaner and The Design have a vignette and tell Sami Callihan he needs to cut off all his hair and join them in the ring next week.  He promises Sami nothing, but says he better not try anything.  Deaner says The Design will let him know his future then.

Moose cuts an in ring promo on his upcoming match with Joe Hendry for the Digitial Media Champion.  He calls out Hendry and he comes out to the ramp.  Joe says he wrote Moose and it is hilarious.  Moose loses it and starts losing it on the set.  He call for his music to be be played and they replay Hendry’s new song with a great video.

We get a Mickie James tribute video next.  It shows her career beginnings until now.  This is a very complete retrospective of every run of her career.

We next get a very heartfelt tribute to Don West.  Very cool, but sad video.  RIP Don.  It says a lot about a man that every major promotion on TV in the US paid tribute to an announcer.

Match 4.  Chris Sabin (with Alex Shelley) VS Matt Cardona (with Brian Myers)

This match is the first one on one confrontation between the two.  Sabin hip tosses and arm drags Cardona a few times to start the match.  Matt slows the match down with a few clubbing blows and a lariat to the floor.  Cardona dives to the floor, but after landing, is backdropped on the ramp.  We go to break.

Cardona is in control as we return.  He hits a neck breaker and then another another.  He can only muster a long two count.  Cardona then starts wrenching Sabin’s neck from a kneeling position behind.  Sabin stands out and monkey flips Matt for a quick count, but then eats a clothesline.  Cardona starts taunting Shelley on the outside.  Sabin knocks Cardona off the ropes and backslides him.  After a kickout, Cardona is in the tree of woe.  He eats a dropkick.  Cardona rakes the eyes and rams his shoulder in the post.  Cardona goes for the reboot and gets backdropped to the floor.  We go to another break.

Sabin hits a knee strike as we return.  Myers distracts the official.  The match breaks down and Sabin takes out both the Major Players.  Sabin mounts the turnbuckle for a splash.  Cardona kicks out at two.  Cardona suplexes Sabin into the turnbuckle after using the ref to deflect Sabin.  Cardona hits a reboot for a two count. Cardona and Sabin trade blows.  Sabin hits a cradle shock and gets the pin.

Winner by pinfall, Chris Sabin

The Motor City Machine Guns celebrate in the ring post match.

Bully Ray enters the arena and grabs a chair.  Fans scream at him as he threatens Tom Hannifan and demands a mic.  He calls out World Champion, Josh Alexander.  He says he is going to crack skulls if he doesn’t get what he wants.  Scott D’Amore enters the arena and we go to break.

Bully drops a mic at D’Amore’s feet, which Scott refuses to use.  He gets his own and calls Bully a tough guy (sheepishly.)  He says Josh was told to stay home and he did.  Bully says he won’t’ listen to D’Amore when he tells him to stay home.  Scott says he brought Bully back because he wanted to, even though he figured he was still a dirtbag.  He says he held out hope Bully could rewrite his story and become a good person.  Bully listens to D’Amore absolutely undress him on the mic.  Bully glares down on him speechless.  Scott finishes saying Josh will beat him and have the adoration of the fans, locker room and family.  He then questions Bully what will happen to him after the match, even if he wins the title.  He says one thing is, he will be alone.  Nobody will be there to share that moment with him.  Bully then says you’re wrong.  He says he doesn’t need his respect.  All he wants to be is a 3 time Impact World Champion.  Bully then pushes D’Amore.  He dares Scott to punch him in the face.  Scott ponders the thought and then punches Bully to his knees.  John Sklyer and Jason Hotch jump Scott from behind and Bully attacks him and piledrives him.  They get a table next.  Bully powerbombs him threw the table and then asks Scott if he knows who he is… The next Impact World Champion, Bully Ray.

The show ends.



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