Seth Rollins helped away from the ring after Raw

Jan 3, 2023 - by Staff

The first RAW of 2023 was headlined by WWE United States Champion Austin Theory retaining his title over Seth Rollins. RAW went off the air shortly after the three count, with Theory clutching his title as Rollins tried to recover.

Fans in attendance at RAW noted that Rollins threw up the dreaded “X” after the match to call for help, while the referee was tending to him in the corner. Rollins clutched his knee and yelled out at others while Theory celebrated the win. Corey Graves also checked on Rollins as he limped away from the apron. An animated Graves was also seen calling for others and yelling at officials to help Rollins. Graves then assisted Rollins in walking to the back as Theory’s music continued to play inside the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. One fan in attendance noted that Rollins did not appear to be putting any weight on the leg in question while he was walking away from the ring.

It should be noted that towards the end of the RAW main event, there was a spot where Rollins appeared to have tweaked his knee. This appeared to be just a part of the match because shortly after that spot, there was a moment where Rollins failed to hit a Stomp as he had an issue with his leg. There was another spot after that where Rollins went to do a move but his knee buckled again. The finish then saw Theory hit a low blow, then a chop block to the knee to take Rollins’ leg out. This set him up for The ATL, which got Theory the pin to win and retain.

There’s no word yet on if this was some sort of post-match angle for Rollins to sell an injury, perhaps to write him out of the storylines until the Royal Rumble, or if he legitimately suffered some kind of knee injury. Rollins and WWE have not commented on a potential injury as of this writing.

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