Bianca Belair gets stitches

Jan 3, 2023 - by Staff

RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair needed multiple stitches to close a cut following the win over Alexa Bliss on last night’s RAW.

There was a moment during the bout where Bliss sent Belair face-first into the steel ring steps. She then dropped Belair with a DDT onto the bottom half of the steps. Belair started to bleed from her mouth then, but the blood continued to flow as the match went on. The match ended up stopping as Bliss walked away after another DDT into the steps. A referee checked on Bliss as medics brought a stretcher out, and RAW went to commercial. It was later said on commentary that Belair was being checked out by as doctor backstage.

Belair took to Twitter this evening and revealed that she received three stitches to close the cut. She issued a warning to Bliss.

“I am not okay… But @AlexaBliss_WWE won’t be either… Payback is a… 3 Stitch Belair,” Belair wrote.

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