Taya Valkyrie comments on the Knockouts division

Jan 2, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

Taya Valkyrie knows what makes the Knockouts roster special.

During a recent interview Taya Valkyrie was asked what she believes makes the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts roster stand out most. Valkyrie compared the roster to a group of outcasts, noting that they work extremely hard for opportunities but they also have the trust of IMPACT’s office.

“I definitely think that we are just overall as a roster, and I’m going to say this for all of IMPACT — we are a bunch of misfit toys and we all just have to work a lot harder sometimes to get the recognition when we’re putting out a lot of work. And so I just think that sets us apart, to be completely honest, and for the women, we are given time.”Valkyrie said.

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