Flair says Scott Steiner never took a drug test in WCW

Dec 24, 2022 - by James Walsh

Ric Flair recently talked about a wide range of topics on his To Be The Man podcast.

During it, the WWE Hall Of Famer knocked Eric Bischoff, Jim Ross, and Scott Steiner. Here is what he had to say

“Just to start it off, I have seen Jim Ross and I’ve seen him with you (this past summer when they had the event to help raise money for Mongo McMichael). I had to think about this afterwards and I was very cordial to him, and he still hasn’t apologized, so that’s who he is.”

“Well, let’s go right to Bischoff. We’re just gonna get this old stuff, this old news behind. He brought up his thing and he named the four or five people, Goldberg, I can’t remember, that we’re bigger stars and more successful and made more money and I absolutely agree. I mean, I’ll just go so far as to say in the 90s Ric Flair and The Horsemen were the sh*ts if that makes him feel better. My whole thing started because he’s on my documentary, and what I can’t figure out, and maybe after he watches it next Monday, which he will with the world hopefully, he can explain to me why a guy that meant nothing to the company, according to him, had no value, was replaced by so many different people, which I was, and I have no problem with that, not paid nearly as well as any, I think I was like the 18th highest paid employee in the company. I’ve heard that figure, why he chose me to make an example of rather than someone like Scott Steiner, or the guy that didn’t go to take drug tests, or why guys didn’t show up for house shows. Why pick me? And Scott Steiner is not the only one that didn’t take a drug test.

They just said, no. That was the worst wellness program ever installed in any company. I was there. I watched them walk in and out. Why would they take it? What purpose did it serve to make an example out of me and try and break me for taking my son to the AAU nationals, I mean, for a secondary show called Thunder that nobody went to. Why would you make an example of me, a guy that meant nothing to company at that point in time, according to him. Give me a slap on the finger, but not starve me for a year, take a year of my career away from me for going to the AAU Nationals with my son. My final line will be, ‘And now Eric, thank Go, for my son in-law Conrad Thompson. That is the God’s honest truth and I don’t care whether you say it. I know for a fact he’d be bankrupt again if it wasn’t for you.”

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