Ethan Page: “I loved having the headset on”

Dec 18, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Ethan Page says he recently produced a match in AEW and he says he enjoys the process of working with talent on putting a match together. The AEW star recently spoke with Fightful for a new interview, and you can check out the highlights below:

On doing producing and commentary work in AEW:

“No. I’m sorry to the viewers, anyone that enjoys my in-ring work. It’s not a lot of you, but the ones that do, it’s not gonna happen for a very long time. Enjoy it while it’s here. I’ve been pushing more to do more commentary with AEW. I have produced one match. It was very much a happenstance, fell in my lap kind of thing. But I loved every second of it. I loved having the headset on.”

On enjoying producing:

“For real, though, I love being able to help guys piece a match together and be able to toss ideas around and to see them get excited for stuff that was being pitched. I always want my own stuff to be good, but I want AEW to do well so I’m going to give my best if I’m ever asked to put a match together or produce.”

On his YouTube vlog:

“Dude, on a personal level, for someone to say I inspired them or motivated them or helped them through a difficult time, especially like the pandemic, it means the world to me. My favorite comments though are, ‘I had no idea you were a wrestler,’ ‘I found AEW because I watched the toy videos.’ Those are literally my favorites because my least favorite thing is, ‘There’s no such thing as casual fans any more.’ Yeah. There is. For 100% is. They didn’t know I was a wrestler, they catch the toy vlogs and I’m bringing them from a completely different world. I’m drawing a different audience than people that already watch wrestling. Which makes me very happy.”

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