12/14/22 AEW Dynamite: Winter is Coming Coverage

Dec 14, 2022 - by Michael Riba

The opening credits roll. Excalibur, Taz, and Tony Schiavone are on commentary from Garland, Texas.

Match #1 – AEW World Trios Championship – Match 4 in a Best-of-7 Series: Death Triangle (PAC, Penta El Zero, and Rey Fenix) (w/Alex Abrahantes) vs. The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, and Nick Jackson) (w/Brandon Cutler, Don Callis, and Michael Nakazawa)
Matt and Penta start the match. Penta delivers a few quick shots, but Matt comes back and takes him down. Fenix tags in, but The Bucks double-team him. PAC tags in, but The Bucks double-team him, as well, and then Omega tags in. Matt and Omega double-team PAC and Omega goes for the cover, but PAC kicks out. Omega slams PAC into the corner and tags Nick in. Nick and Omega double-team PAC, but PAC sends Nick to the apron. Omega delivers a back-breaker to PAC and The Bucks come in and take Death Triangle out with dives on the floor. Nick tweaks his ankle on the landing, but gets PAC back into the ring. Nick stomps on PAC and tags Matt in. Matt delivers a shot and tags in Omega, who delivers a double-sledge to PAC. Nick declines to tag back in, and then Matt tags in and delivers a double-sledge. Cutler checks on Nick and Nick goes down to the floor, and then Omega suplexes PAC down. Omega slams PAC into the corner and chokes him with his boot. Matt tags in as the doctor checks on Nick. Matt delivers right hands to PAC and runs the ropes, but Penta delivers a shot. PAC grabs Matt and Fenix kicks him in the face. PAC suplexes Matt and Fenix dives onto Omega. PAC slams Matt down and goes for the cover, but Matt kicks out as Nick is taken backstage. The show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Fenix and Matt are in the ring. Fenix sends Matt to the corner and delivers a few shots, but Matt comes back with the locomotion suplexes. Penta tags in as Matt goes for a roll-up, but Penta walks over to break it up. Matt gets Penta in a Northern Light suplex pin, but Penta kicks out of it. Omega tags in, as does PAC, and Omega drops him with a cross-body. PAC comes back with a kick to the midsection, but Omega takes him down with a rolling senton. Omega hits a moonsault and goes for the cover, but PAC kicks out. Omega goes for the snap-dragon, but PAC gets free. Omega delivers one to Penta, and then delivers an enzuigiri to PAC. Omega delivers snap-dragons to Fenix and PAC, and then goes for the V Trigger on PAC. Penta kicks Omega in the back to stop it, and then Omega sends The Lucha Brothers to the floor. Omega runs the ropes for a dive, but PAC trips him up. PAC delivers a cutter and then a pump kick in the corner. Omega goes back with a back elbow and follows with a brain buster. Matt goes for the tag, but Penta kicks him in the back and delivers Fear Factor on the apron.
Fenix kicks Omega in the face in the corner, and then Penta delivers an enzuigiri. Fenix slams Omega with a Spanish Fly, and then Penta delivers Made in Japan. Fenix connects with an inverted frog splash and goes for the cover, but Omega kicks out. Fenix drags Omega to the corner and tags in PAC. PAC goes for Black Arrow, but Omega rolls out of the way. Nick limps his way back to the ring and tags in. Nick delivers shots to Penta and Fenix, but PAC kicks him in the midsection. Nick drops PAC with a clothesline and drops Fenix with a cutter. Nick goes for a superkick, but Fenix blocks it and Penta hits Nick’s injured ankle with the hammer. Fenix applies an inverted knee bar and PAC holds Omega back as Nick taps out.
Winners: Death Triangle
Series: Death Triangle leads 3-1
Next Match: December 21, 2022 at Dynamite: Holiday Bash
-After the match, Omega grabs a microphone. He says a three to one deficit is pretty bad. Omega says Death Triangle has used a hammer in every match, and says they should make it legal to use in the next match. He says how about they make all weapons legal, as well, and says they are sick of playing by Death Triangle’s rules. Omega says how about they make match number five a No Disqualification Match.

Alex Marvez interviews the AEW World Champion, MJF. MJF congratulates Ricky Starks on finally realizing his potential. MJF says he was already a star before AEW and has hit home run after home run. MJF asks Starks how many at-bats it took him to hit a homer, and says Starks is welcome for the rub. MJF says he is the most talked about star in the business, and then mocks Starks upbringing. MJF says none of it matters, because the only thing that matter is if you’re the AEW World Champion or not. MJF says everyone that likes Starks because he is like them sucks, and says they all ate him because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. MJF says he isn’t under any pressure tonight, because he has the diamond ring and the title and he is the guy. MJF says he has no one to let down tonight, unlike Starks. MJF says everyone is rooting for Starks and has all the pressure in the world. MJF says we will find out what happens when the pressure is applied to the pebble tonight.

The AEW World Tag Team Champions, The Acclaimed, and Billy Gunn make their way to the ring. Before they get to the ring. Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh, and Sonjay Dutt attack them. They beat The Acclaimed and Gunn down around ringside. Bowens gets tossed over the barricade as Caster gets tosses into the ring. Caster tries to fight back, but the numbers advantage takes over. Jarrett busts a guitar over Caster’s head and grabs a microphone. Jarrett asks The Acclaimed if they have their attention now, and then tells Caster, “Scissor this, Slapnut.”

Footage of Claudio Castagnoli winning the ROH World Championship from Chris Jericho at this past Saturday’s ROH Final Battle airs. Tony Schiavone interviews The Jericho Appreciation Society backstage. Jericho says the Giant Swing should be banned, and now he has a tune-up match against some jobber to gear up for his rematch. Schiavone says Daniel Garcia also lost the ROH Pure Championship, but Jericho cuts him off and says he shouldn’t have lost. Jericho says he wants Garcia to follow Sammy Guevara and do whatever he does. Guevara says he can start Friday and watch him kick Jon Moxley’s ass just like his wife, Tay Melo, is going to kick Ruby Soho’s ass later tonight. Jake Hager says he loves his hat as the interview ends.

Match #2 – Singles Match: Brian Cage (w/Prince Nana) vs. Jack Perry
Cage goes for a few shots, but Perry dodges them all and comes off the ropes. Cage drops him with a shoulder tackle and goes for a power bomb, but Perry sends him into the corner with a hurricanrana. Perry delivers an enzuigiri and drops Cage with another hurricanrana. Perry charges, but Cage catches him and slams him into the corner. Cage delivers a chop and sends Perry across. Perry dodges him, but Cage delivers an elbow and suplexes Perry back into the ring. Cage does a few bicep curls with Perry and tosses him down to the mat as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Perry kicks Cage in the face. Cage hits the turnbuckle as Perry dodges him, and Perry delivers a back elbow and follows with a few elbow strikes and chops. Perry delivers a few flying shoulder tackles, and then hits a comeback lariat. Perry drops Cage with a DDT and sends him to the corner. Perry charges, but Cage dodges and drops him with a release German suplex. Cage delivers a Full Nelson driver and goes for the cover, but Perry kicks out. Cage sets up for the Drill Claw, but Perry counters with a roll-up for a two count. Perry delivers a kick to the head and runs the ropes, but Cage drops him with a clothesline. Cage goes for the Drill Claw again, but Perry counters with a Canadian Destroyer. Perry locks in the Snare Trap, but Nana gets on the apron and distracts the referee as Cage taps out. Perry dodges a discus lariat and Cage knocks Nana off the apron. Perry grabs Cage and rolls through for the pin fall.
Winner: Jack Perry
-After the match, Perry grabs a microphone. Perry says he beat Luchasaurus at Full Gear and he just beat Brian Cage, so he wants the biggest bitch of them all right now. He calls out Big Bill, but Stokely Hathaway comes out instead. Hathaway says if Perry keeps messing around, he will meet two things: Big Bill’s boot and Hathaway’s hand. Perry goes after Hathaway, but Bill and Lee Moriarty rush out and beat Perry down. Moriarty slams Perry into the ring steps and Bill tosses Perry into the ring. Moriarty delivers a forearm shot in the corner, and Bill follows with a splash. Bill delivers a choke slam to Perry, but Hook’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Hook gets into the ring, but Bill, Moriarty, and Hathaway all bail out. Hook stares them down as they back up the ramp, and then helps Perry to his feet. Perry stares The Firm down as well.

The Blackpool Combat Club cut a promo. Jon Moxley says he told everyone they were going to make a statement, and they did just that. Moxley says they made just a small statement, and Claudio Castagnoli says they are putting everyone on notice in 2023. Wheeler Yuta says he is ready to fight and says people know where to find them. Moxley says Sammy Guevara is a gutsy kid, but he is going to stomp his face into a bloody mess on Rampage this Friday. Moxley says Adam Page knows where to find him, and he can bring his Dark Order buddies with him.

Swerve Strickland cuts a promo. He says he has given everything to Keith Lee, but Lee has thrown it all in his face. He says he wants to meet Lee face-to-face next week in San Antonio.

Match #3 – Trios Tag Team Match: The House of Black (Brody King, Buddy Matthews, and Malakai Black) (w/Julia Hart) vs. The Factory (Aaron Solo, Cole Karter, and QT Marshall) (w/Lee Johnson and Nick Comoroto)
Before the match, Hart spits the black mist into Comoroto’s face and the House attacks. The House beats down The Factory on the outside as Black sits in the corner in the ring. King puts Solo on a chair and takes him out with a cross-body. Matthews slams Carter on the timekeeper’s table and the bell rings as Marshall and Black are in the ring. Marshall charges, but Black lays him out with the spinning back kick and gets the pin fall.
Winners: The House of Black

Footage for the upcoming AEW Women’s Championship Match between the champion, Jamie Hayter, and the challenger, Hikaru Shida, airs. The match will take place on next week’s Dynamite Holiday Bash. Renee Paquette interviews Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. and Rebel backstage. Baker says Shida won’t beat Hayter and goes on a rant, but Skye Blue interrupts her. Blue says Baker is good at talking, but wonders if Baker can wrestle as good as she talks. Blue challenges Baker to a match on Rampage, and Baker accepts.

Match #4 – Singles Match: Chris Jericho vs. Action Andretti
Jericho slaps Andretti in the face a few times and beats him into the corner. Jericho stomps him down and then delivers a chop. Jericho delivers a corner clothesline and gouges his eyes. Jericho delivers a right hand, but Andretti comes back with a few chops. Jericho drops Andretti with a kick and sends him to the corner. Jericho delivers a series of short-arm clotheslines, and then chops him against the ropes. Jericho delivers more chops, but Andretti comes back with a hurricanrana. Andretti connects with a springboard splash and goes for the cover, but Jericho kicks out. Jericho delivers a shot and then delivers a Death Valley Driver. Jericho delivers the Codebreaker and goes for the cover, but Andretti kicks out as the show heads to a break.
Back from the break, Jericho delivers a few shots and takes Andretti to the corner. Jericho delivers a series of chops and sends Andretti across. Andretti kicks Jericho in the face and delivers a few shots, but Jericho pokes him in the eye. Jericho delivers an elbow strike and sends Andretti off the ropes, but Andretti drops Jericho with a flying shoulder tackle. Andretti delivers a few more shots and delivers a back-breaker and a neck-breaker. Andretti goes up top for a moonsault, but Jericho gets his knees up. Jericho goes for the Judas Effect, but Andretti rolls through and gets a two count. Andretti delivers an enzuigiri and clotheslines Jericho to the floor. Andretti drops Jericho with a springboard moonsault and gets him back into the ring. Andretti goes for a springboard dropkick, but Jericho counters and goes for the Walls of Jericho. Andretti counters with a roll-up for two and then delivers a dropkick. Andretti counters Jericho with a DDT and hits a Shooting Star Press and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Action Andretti

Ricky Starks cuts a promo. He says when he broke his neck, he fought back to be the guy to win the AEW World Championship, and he grinded his way back. He says nothing is new to him and has been letting people know who he is since day one. Starks says nobody gives a damn about MJF being a draw, but they do care about him stomping MJF’s ass tonight. Starks says he has a lot of people looking up to him tonight and says he is a reflection of what MJF wants to be. Starks says he is going to prove to everyone tonight why he is absolute.

FTR cut a promo about their match with The Briscoes from ROH Final Battle. He says a lot of people called it the greatest trilogy ever, and then bring up The Gunns. They say The Gunns want to kill FTR’s legacy and say The Gunns have their attention. FTR says The Gunns have nothing they want, but if building their legacy means going through The Gunns, then that’s what they have to do.

Chris Jericho is going crazy backstage and his throwing things around and yellow. Jericho storms into the locker room screaming that he is The Ocho.

Ricky Starks is shown warming up for the main event, while MJF is shown getting a massage.

Match #5 – Singles Match: Ruby Soho vs. Tay Melo
Melo kicks Soho off the apron during her entrance, and they brawl on the floor. Soho slams Melo into the apron and the barricade, and then stomps on her on the floor. Soho delivers a forearm shot, but Melo comes back with a few of her own and slams Soho into the barricade a few times. Melo slams Soho into the ring steps and gets her into the ring, and the bell rings. Soho dodges a lariat and drops Melo with a series of back suplexes. Soho goes for the cover, but Melo kicks out. Soho delivers right hands on the mat, but Melo comes back with a back elbow. Soho comes back with the No Future, but Melo gets her hand up to block some of it and rolls to the floor. Melo tries to walk up the ramp, but Soho goes after her and tries to slam her on the ramp with Destination Unknown. Melo counters with a gouge of the eyes, and then slams Roho on the ramp as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Soho is beating Melo down in the ring. Soho delivers a forearm shot and slams Melo into the corner. Soho delivers a few kicks in the corner, and then drives her face into the middle turnbuckle repeatedly. Soho slams Melo down and goes for the cover, but Melo kicks out. Soho goes up, but Melo dodges her and delivers a pump kick. Melo goes for the cover, but Soho kicks out. Melo and Soho exchange chops and Melo drops her with a Judo throw. Melo delivers a Gotch-style pile-driver and goes for the cover, but Soho kicks out. Melo goes for the Tay-KO, but Soho counters with a knee strike. Soho delivers Destination Unknown and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Ruby Soho
-After the match, Anna Jay comes to the ring and attacks Soho. Jay beats Soho down and slams her to the mat.

Alex Marvez interviews Adam Page. The doctor is checking on him, and Evil Uno is with him. Page says it doesn’t look like he is going to be cleared anytime soon, and Marvez says Moxley has challenged him and Dark Order to show up on Rampage. Page says he was able to answer all the questions they were asking him when he suffered his concussion, but he couldn’t remember his son’s name for over an hour. Page says he has been to Hell because of that, but he will fight Moxley and take him to Hell with him.

Best Friends, Danhausen, Dustin Rhodes, and Orange Cassidy are backstage. Rhodes challenges, Kip Sabian, The Butcher and The Blade, and Trent Seven to an Eight-Man Tag Team Match on Rampage.

Announced for this Friday’s Rampage:
-Eight-Man Tag Team Match: Best Friends, Dustin Rhodes, and Orange Cassidy vs. Kip Sabian, The Butcher and The Blade, and Trent Seven
-Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. vs. Skye Blue
-Jon Moxley vs. Sammy Guevara
-Wardlow in action

Announced for next Wednesday’s Dynamite Holiday Bash:
-AEW Women’s World Championship Match: Jamie Hayter (c) vs. Hikaru Shida
-AEW World Trios Championship – No Disqualification Match 5 in a Best-of-7 Series: Death Triangle vs. The Elite (Death Triangle leads the series 3-1)
-FTR vs. The Gunns

It is announced that if match 6 and match 7 in the AEW World Trios Championship Series take place, Match 6 will be a Falls Count Anywhere Match and Match 7 will be Escalera de la Muerte.

Match #6 – AEW World Championship/AEW Dynamite Diamond Ring – Winner Takes All Match: MJF (champion and ring holder) vs. Ricky Starks
They get face-to-face and neither man gains an advantage. MJF turns to a side-headlock and drops Starks with a shoulder tackle. Starks runs the ropes and drops down, but MJF stops and steps over him, and then does a Ric Flair strut. Starks comes back with a running shoulder tackle that sends MJF to the floor. MJF makes his way over the barricade and gets into the crowd. MJF comes back to the ring, but Starks slams him down a few times. Starks gets a sunset flip for a two count, and then gets another quick roll-up for a two count. Starks gets a couple more roll-ups for two counts, and then delivers a clothesline. Starks charges, but MJF gets into the ropes and pokes him in the eye. MJF drives his shoulder into Starks in the corner and sends him across the ring. MJF applies a waist-lock on the mat, but Starks comes back with elbow strikes. Starks charges, but MJF drapes him over the top rope and Starks falls to the floor as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, MJF has Starks in an abdominal stretch and uses the ropes for extra leverage. Starks counters with a hip toss, but MJF sends him into the corner. Starks comes back with a clothesline, but both men get to their feet at the eight count. Starks delivers a diving back elbow in the corner and follows with a flying lariat. Starks slams MJF down and goes for the Rochambeau. MJF tries to counter out, but Starks turns it into a Liger Bomb. Starks goes for the cover, but MJF kicks out. Starks charges, but MJF sends him head-first into the turnbuckle. MJF delivers a shot to Starks’ arm, but Starks comes back for the Rochambeau. MJF counters out, but Starks gets a roll-up for a two count. MJF gets a two count with a handful of trunks, and then delivers a power bomb back-breaker over his knee. MJF goes for the cover, but Starks kicks out. MJF kicks Starks in the ribs and then stomps on his arm. MJF slaps Starks in the face a few times, but Starks comes back with a slap of his own. They exchange shots and MJF delivers a thumb to the eye. Starks comes back with an elbow strike and a Spear. Starks rolls into a cover at the nine count, but MJF kicks out at two and immediately locks in the Salt of the Earth.
MJF bites Starks’ hand in the hold, and transitions to keep Starks away from the ropes. MJF grabs Starks’ leg to keep him away from the ropes again, but Starks gets his under boot on the bottom rope. Starks gets a quick roll-up for a two count, and then Starks takes MJF down with a few side-headlock take overs. Starks gets a few more two counts and delivers a thrust kick. Starks goes for Rochambeau, but MJF lands on his feet and gets behind the referee. MJF delivers a low-blow after he moves the referee and gets a roll-up for the pin fall.
Winner and still AEW World Champion and AEW Dynamite Diamond Ring Holder: MJF
-After the match, MJF immediately walks up the ramp, but Bryan Danielson makes his return and chases MJF down the ramp. MJF escapes through the crowd as Danielson gets into the ring and stares him down. Danielson points at MJF as MJF raises the title in the air in the crowd. Danielson pulls Starks to his feet and raises his arm in the air. They shake hands and hug as the show comes to a close.

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